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Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patroits
Buried in Livingston County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Livingston County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
Adams, Aaronage 827/24/1843Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NYEnlisted 3/22/1780, Discharged 3/29/1780
Alger, Johnage 901829Alger Cemetery, Conesus, NYEnlisted from Brookline Mass. Private in Thomas Whites Company, Order for bounty Dec. 30, 1775. Stone not marked Revolutionary Soldier.
Amsden, Noah6/19/175812/11/1843Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYPrivate under Capt. Thomas Barnes, Col. Thos. Nixon Body Guard of Washington.
Baker, Timothyage 854/9/1844Oak Ridge Cemetery, South Livonia, NYHas stone marked "Revolutionary Soldier".
Blake, Richard--Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYEnlisted from Conn. Buried with wife Damaris.
Blakesley, Col. Samuel-7/12/1834Avon Cemetery, Avon, NYEnlisted 7/1/1766, at the age of 16 years. Discharged 12/1776. Sent to Waterbury under command of General Waterbury. Re-enlisted 1/1/1777 for 2 months. Later in 1777 was drafted in the militia. Later enlisted for 3 years and served. Joined the Army at Peekskill. Was at Valley Forge, Monmouth N. J., White Plains. Sent to Groton Fort and placed in Brigade of infantry commanded by Col. Megs under General Wayne. Honorably discharged 1780. Then applied to the Commandment of Regiment of Militia, took upon himself the adjutancy for two years. Appointed First Major, served 2 years. Then Co and served two years. Removed to Avon, Feb. 1808.
Brown, Austin17621837Presbyterian Cemetery, Lima, NYOn patriot list.
Carr, Williamage 918/19/1837Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NY-
Chamberlin, Charlesage 761835Oak Ridge Cemetery, South Livonia, NYEnlisted from Vermont in Capt. Heatons Company.
Chamberlin, Elias17501835Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYEnlisted from Vermont, Rank, Ensign. Grave stone marked, Revolutionary Soldier.
Day, Adonijah17331799Presbyterian Cemetery, Lima, NYOn patriot list.
Deming, Andrus or Andrewage 6711/15/1827South Avon Cemetery, Avon, NYEnlisted in Captain Burpees Company, Col. Johnsons Regiment.
Finley, Samuelage 5710/6/1806Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NYEnlisted 8/25/1777, Discharged 11/8/1777
Fuller, Elijahage 851/18/1835South Avon Cemetery, Avon, NYEnlisted from Vermont, Captain Gideon Brownsons Company. In Montreal Feb. 1776.
Gates, Joshua17401829Arnold Cemetery, Conesus, NYEnlisted from Preston Conn. Served for three days.
Gibbs, Remembrance2/4/1734-Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYEnlisted July 10, 1775, Discharged Dec. 18, 1775, Rank, Segreant, Has stone.
Horth, Francis17568/6/1844Arnold Cemetery, Conesus, NYHe enlisted at 19 and served nearly 5 years. Was at the Battle of Stillwater, and was present when Burgoyne surrendered his sward to Gates. Has stone marked Revolutionary Soldier.
Hosmer, Graves--Avon Cemetery, Avon, NYNative of Middleton Ct. Enlisted 5/6/1775 in 4th Company, Captain Meigs. Discharged 10/22/1775. Enlisted 8/14/1776 in Captain Johnsons Company. Discharged 12/28/1776.Enlisted 1779 as midshipman on the Continental Frigate, Trumbull, and served one year. Came to Avon, N.Y. in 1801.
Hosmer, Timothy, M.D.age 7011/1815Avon Cemetery, Avon, NYEnlisted as private in 1st Company, Captain Spencer 5/12/1775. Discharged 12/17/1775. Re-enlisted as surgeon 3/1/1777 in 6th Regiment Connecticut Line. Served the remainder of the War. Removed to Avon, N.Y.
Hutchinson, Abijah7/4/17562/11/1845Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NY-
Johnston, James17401805Lakeville Cemetery, Livonia, NYOn patriot list.
Jones, Horatioage 728/18/1836Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NYEnlisted 1780 in the Bedford Rangers Pa., Captain Dunlap
Lewis, Jabezage 83March 11, 1836Oak Ridge Cemetery, South Livonia, NYEnlisted from Woodbridge Conn. Was in Capt. John Stevens Company.
McNeal, Robert17381818Lakeville Cemetery, Livonia, NYOn patriot list.
Morgan, John--Oak Ridge Cemetery, South Livonia, NYOn patriot list.
Moses, Zebulon17541808Oak Ridge Cemetery, South Livonia, NYOn patriot list.
Philips, Abrahamage 776/5/1829Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NY-
Powell, Elishaage 80July 21, 1835Oak Ridge Cemetery, South Livonia, NYEnlisted from Vermont. Stone marked.
Pratt, Peabody-Oct. 7, 1834Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYEnlisted April 1, 1777, Discharged Apr. 1, 1780, Has a stone.
Richardson, Lemuel-1847Arnold Cemetery, Conesus, NYHad stone marked Revolutionary Soldier, now down.
Riggs, JeremiahJuly 1, 1749May 1829Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYCorporal, Has a stone.
Risden, Onesinus17601848Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYEnlisted in Vermont, Was at Ticonderoga, Has stone suitably marked.
Sanborn, Paul1760Aug. 7, 1846Union Cemetery, Scottsburg, NYServed under General Sullivan in Campaign of Genesee Valley in 1779. Stone records this fact.
Shay, Daniel-9/29/1825Union Cemetery, Scottsburg, N YServed in Capt. Bells Company. Discharged Sept. 2, 1776. Leader in Shay's Rebellion.
Sinclair, Duncan17531833Lakeville Cemetery, Livonia, NYOn patriot list.
Skinner, David, Daeconage 712/3/1814Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NYEnlisted 8/3/1778, Captain Abbotts Company, Connecticut
Smith, Oziel--Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYEnlisted in Vermont, Rank at Lieut. in 1780, Has a stone.
Soper, Davidage 901841Arnold Cemetery, Conesus, NYEnlisted from Conn. in Capt. Seymour's Co. Service, Nov. 1 to Dec. 29, 1776.
Teeple, Andrewage 824/20/1841Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NY-
Tyler, Williamage 7912/31/1843Temple Hill Cemetery, Geneseo, NYWas at West Point when Arnold escaped.
Watkins, Jedediah17401833Oak Ridge Cemetery, South Livonia, NYOn patriot list.
Woodruff, OliverApril 17551845Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYDischarged Oct. 10, 1775, North Department. Re-enlisted and was taken prisoner at Fort Lee and marched to New York where he was a prisoner in the Bridewell until exchanged Dec. 26, 1776. Has a stone. Buried with wife.
Woodruff, SolomonOct. 1759Jan. 1811Union Cemetery, Livonia, NYEnlisted from Litchfield Conn. Arrived in Camp April 12, 1775. Discharged May 20, 1775. Re-enlisted, Recieved pay from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1781. Captain Barnes Company. Has stone. Buried with wife Susannah.

* pensioner

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