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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers and Patroits
Buried in Monroe County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Monroe County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Allen, Philip *7-9-1757
Brookfield, MA
7-1-1845 Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYPvt. Mass-
Angevine, Anthony17341828Baptist Hill Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Anthony, Jacob *10-30-17597-18-1844 River View Cemetery, Henrietta, NYPvt. Mass-
Armstrong, John17601812Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Atkins, Amos--Pickett Cemetery, Charlotte, NYInscription on Gravestone says he was a Revolutionary War Soldier.-
Babcock, Timothy17691831Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Baldwin, Ashbel, Rev.3-7-1757
Litchfield, MA
Rochester, NY
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYQuartermaster Conn. Militia-
Barker, Jared17561826Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Barnard, Timothy17561847Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Beardlsey, Squire17491829Greenvale Cemetery, Perinton, NY--
Billings, James *10-11-1751Nov. 1829Knapp Cemetery, Parma, NYPvt. CT-
Bingham, Elisha7-13-174012-21-1821Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NYCpl. N.H.-
Bingham, William--Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NYNo record.-
Bishop, Samuel1765Dec. 1850Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYPvt. CT-
Bloss, Joseph, Deacon *9-29-17592-15-1838 Brighton Cemetery, Brighton, NYSgt. CT.Amy W. Kenneday
Blosson, Ezra, Capt.5-10-1759
Cape Cod, Mass.
Brighton, NY
Brighton Cemetery, Brighton, NYMass. Militia, Winslows Regiment. Marched on the Alarm. Bedford and Falmouth Sept. 7, 1778.-
Bond, Josiah, Jr.17671850Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Brooks, Samuel1750
Milford, CT
Penfield, NY
Penfield, NYServed under Washington, West Point. Under La Fayette at Yorktown. Was in Conn. Line.-
Brown, Daniel *17594-4-1842Fairfield Cemetery, Ogden, NYPvt. CT-
Brown, Solomon, Rev.1-24-1757
Amenia, NY
7-2-1815Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NYN.Y.S. Minute Man, Westchester, NY1. Hannah Olmstead, Married May 1, 1781, Rowlett, Vt. 2. Sally Nash, Married Oct. 25, 1791, died July 20, 1848, Wheatland, NY
Buck, Francis17581829Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Burr, Asa11-2-17539-22-1836River View Cemetery, Henrietta, NYCpl. CT.-
Bushnell, John Handley12-2-17442-5-1828Garland Cemetery, Clarkson, NYPvt. CT-
Cady, David17641844Ayrault Road Cemetery, Perinton, NY--
Campbell, Isaac *3-2-17633-31-1841Pine Hill Cemetery, Rush, NYPvt. CT-
Campbell, Samuel1760
Lenox, Mass.
Rochester, NY
Monroe County, NYEnlisted Oct. 14, 1781, Discharged Oct. 19, 1781. Berkshire Mass. Militia-
Carpenter, Increase17361807 {1817?]Mendon Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Carter, Elias11/24/1737-Charlotte Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Enlisted at Leoministen, Mass. with his son.-
Carter, Elijah1/16/17621833Charlotte Cemetery, Charlotte, NYEnlisted at the age of 14 in Mass Troops, going with his father.-
Caulkins, Jonathan17621833Ayrault Road Cemetery, Perinton, NY--
Chamberlain, John *11-9-17644-11-1843 Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYPvt. VT-
Chubb, Alexander17611812Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Claflin, John4-8-17543-17-1822Tomlinson Corners Cemetery, Mendon, NYPvt. Mass-
Cleland, Thomas17621840Pittsford Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Collins, John17541847?Rochester Junction Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Couter, [Courter]Henry *17531838Sawmill Road Cemetery, Mendon, NYSgt. NY-
Coy, (Edward) *10-14-17608-21-1830Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYCpl. CT.-
Cummings, Nathaniel 17631844Brighton Cemetery, Brighton, NYPvt. VT. Mil.-
Curtiss, Ebenezer6-9-1760
W. Amherst, N.H.
Webster, NY
Monroe County, NYMuster Roll, Johnson's Regiment. Answered Lexington Alarm /75. Continuous service 9 yrs. 2 1/2 mos.-
Dixon, John17621850Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Dowd, Elihu17571836Pittsford Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Dunn, Alexander17611818Pittsford Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Eaton, Abijah * 8-16-175912-23-1833Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY Pvt. Mass-
Eaton, Stephen17591819Ayrault Road Cemetery, Perinton, NY--
Ellis, William17583-1-1837West Henrietta Cemetery, West Henrietta, NY Sgt. CT.-
Fellows, Lewis--Rochester Junction Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Foote, Charles-1833Mendon Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Gale, Henry, Capt.3-22-1750
Sutton, Mass.
Brighton, NY
Pittsford Cemetery, Pittsford, NYLong service on Mass. Lexington Alarm, Surrender of Burgoyne.Elizabeth Drury, married Jan. 16, 1772, Worcester, Mass.
Gay, James * 17501841Riga Center Cemetery, Riga, NYPvt. Mass.-
Goodman, Titus, Capt.10-23-1763
S. Hadley, Mass.
E. Brighton, NY
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYCapt. S. Hadley's Co., Lexington Alarm.-
Gould, Daniel17471829Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Graves, Ebenezer--Pittsford Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Harmon, Ransom, Deacon2-16-1764
Marlboro, Mass.
Wheatland, NY
Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NYPrivate, Berkshire County Mass. Militia.Lydia Murdock, born 1768 Lebanon, Ct., married Feb. 4, 1790, died Mar. 13, 1843 Wheatland, NY.
Heath, Reuben 9-9-1754 6-15-1818Oatka Cemetery, Wheatland, NYPvt. N.H.-
Hibbard, Rufus *11-19-1758
Canterbury, CT
Rige, NY
Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NYEnlisted 1776 Canterbury, CT. Taken prisoner at Fort Washington Nov. 26, 1776.-
Hill, Moses Ensign *1760
Lenox, Mass.
Mar. 6
Rochester, NY
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYServed in Conn. Troops 75-83. Oct. 1840 was Pensioner.-
Hill, Thomas17621-1-1853 Riga Center Cemetery, Riga, NYPvt. CT-
Hilton, David4-27-175510-9-1822North Chili Cemetery, Chili, NYPvt. Mass-
Hodge, Israel17671838Mendon Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Hunter, John7-6-1754Aug. 1828Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY Pvt. N.H.-
Huntington, Andrew17541845Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Huston, William *12-29-1756
Voluntown, CT
Henrietta, NY
Monroe County, NY--
Hyde, Caleb7-29-1739 12-25-1820 Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY Lt. Col. & Patriot Ma.-
Jones, Seth17551835Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Joslin, John11-21-1753
Killingly, CT
Wheatland, NY
Monroe County, NYServed under Washington at Valley Forge. Also in War of 1812.Sarah Hale, Married 1784 in Tyringham, Mass. Died Sept. 16, 1830, Wheatland, NY, Buried in Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NY
Milton, Mass.
Brighton, N.Y.
Monroe County, NYApr. 9, 1775 Answered Lexington Alarm. Father and four brothers answered the call. -
King, ThomasNov. 1764 April 1863 Adams Basin Cemetery, Ogden, NYPvt. NY.-
Leonard, Silas17541798Atkinson Cemetery, Parma, NYCpl. Mass.-
Linnell, Uriah17561836Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Lusk, John 2-10-17485-6-1813 Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NYPvt. Mass.-
Luther, Hezekiah2-16-17636-10-1850 East Sweden Cemetery, East Sweeden, NY Pvt. Mass.-
Mansfield, Calvin17621832Mendon Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
McCay, John S.17611819Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Merriman, Israel--Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NYNo record given-
Millard, Samuel * Oct. 1761 8-7-1843 Union Hill Cemetery, Webster, NYPvt. RI.-
Millener, Alexander Hamilton3-14-1762
Quebec P.Q.
-Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYDrummer Boy in New York Line. Discharged 1783. Snake Hill, N.Y.-
Mores, John, Capt.17343-7-1824
East Brighton
Monroe County, NYMass. Men of Rev. Vol. XX p. 102.-
Morgan, Amos 11-9-1750 7-27-1839East Sweden Cemetery, East Sweeden, NYPvt. CT.-
Morgan, Joseph10-13-1754
2-6-1829Field across the Penn. Railroad near Scollville(?)Capt. Lee's Company. Served from 1770 - 1781. Sergeant. Enlisted for the war.Hannah Stowell, Conn. Pensioner.
Munger, Lyman1757
Guilford, CT
Rochester, NY
Monroe County, NY2nd Ct. Regt. Guilford Volunteers. Col. Tatsells Regt. 1776. Conn. Militia.-
Northrup, Isiah17461817Fairport Road Cemetery, Perinton, NY--
Norton, Charles 12-19-1748 1837Falls Cemetery, Greece, NYCapt. CT.-
Norton, Zebulon17401814Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Nye, Silas, Capt.12-27-1744
Barnstable, Mass.
Pittsford, NY
Northfield Cemetery, Pittsford, NYAug. 1, 1775 Corp Capt. John Black's Co. Col. Brewers Regt. 1777 Sergt. Col. Cushings Co,pany. Enlisted 1775 from Barre Mass. In Battle of Bunker Hill and Battle of Bennington.Married Nov. 27, 1766 in Hardwick, Mass. Died Nov. 16, 1806 in 59th yr.
Ogden, Jonathan17661852Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Park, Amaziah17311824Tomlinson Corners Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Parker, William17461818Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Patterson, Ezra17681829Pittsford Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Peck, Jesse3-3-1754
Berlin, Ct.
Rochester, NY
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYServed in Connecticut Militia. Rank of Lieut. Served to end of yr. 1781.-
Perrin, Jesse17561838Ayrault Road Cemetery, Perinton, NY--
Perry, Jeremiahage 898-6-1843Parma Corners Cemetery Parma, NYA soldier of the Revolution.-
Pierce, Adam17651850Rochester Junction Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Porter, John, Jr.17601820Rush Cemetery, Rush, NYPvt. NY.-
Potter, Lemuel- Feb. 26, 1836Chili, NYLemuel Potter was a soldier of the Revolution and as a corporal engaged in securing provisions for Washington's destitute soldiers--met Lydia Barnes who later became his wife". Lydia was a Revolutionary Soldier and is buried in Michigan.-
Ray, John17511821Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NYPvt. Mass.-
Reed, Ketchel3-8-17549-11-1842West Greece Cemetery, Parma, NY Pvt. NY.-
Reynolds, Gamalial *5-20-1754
Norwich, Ct.
6-7-1836Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYIn 6th Regt. Raised 1st call for troops 1775, Apr. 19, at Lexington. Pensioner 1840.
Richardson, Thomas9-3-17471813South Perington Cemetery, Perinton, NYSgt. CT.-
Riley, Ashbel5-3-1760 3-5-1797 Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYSgt. Major Mass.-
Rochester, Nathaniel, Col.1752
Westminster County, Va.
5-17-1831Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYSee various histories of Rochester, N.Y.-
Roots, Peter--Mendon Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Rose, Elijah17431823Rochester Junction Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Schofield, Elijah17661829Rochester Junction Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Scramlin, John-1831Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Sen, A. Hunting17601844Pittsford Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Shaw, Daniel-1830Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Sheldon, Abner17521832Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Shoecraft, John12-13-1755
Ulster County, NY
Penfield, NY
Monroe County, NYGeneral Sullivans Expedition 1779. Commanded Picket Guard Cherry Valley. Served in War of 1812.-
Shumway, Isaac Whitney17611849Fairport Cemetery, Perrinton, NY--
Sibley, Asa3-29-1764
Sutton, Mass.
Rochester, NY
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYEnlisted Oct. 10, 1780 for 3 mo. Col. Rands Regt. Sutton, Mass.-
Sibley, Timothy11-2-172712-6-1818Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY Patriot Mass.-
Smith, Comfort11-22-1766
Sangesfield, Mass.
12-29-1853Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NYServed 7 mo. In Revolutionary War.Sarah Dodge, married Jan. 16, 1792.
Smith, Ephraim17691855Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Southworth, John1-4-1743 11-30-1832Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYPvt. NY.-
Stanhope, Samuel--Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NYNo record given. Grave marked.-
Stocking, Moses17621829Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Stone, Enos, Capt.8-25-1744
Litchfield, CT
Brighton, NY
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NYMoved to Lenox, Mass. 1771. Capt. 12th Mass. Regt. Mass. Soldiers Vol. XV p. 93-
Stone, Samuel17601836Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Stone, Simon17641832Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Swift, Philetus6-26-17637-24-1828Webster Rural Cemetery, Webster, NY Sgt. CT.-
Taft, Caleb17481840Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Mendon, NY --
Toms, John *--Belcoda Cemetery, Wheatland, NYAlbany County Militia, 13th Regiment, 2nd Company. New York Line. Berkshire Mass. Monroe County Pension list 1832.-
Torrence, Thomas *Jan. 1751 5-14-1842Sibleyville Cemetery, Rush, NY Pvt. CT.-
Treat, Cornelius17651847Mendon Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Van Ness, John17601838Bushnell's Basin Cemetery, Perinton, NY--
Webster, Aaron, Sergt.Aug. 17536-4-1843
Henrietta, NY
Patterson Cemetery, W. Henrietta, NYServed three enlistments. Conn. Militia for 4 yrs. See Websters Genealogy, Andrews Pub. Co. Rochester, NYMary Shephard, born Feb. 18, 1759, married July 1, 1778, Bloomfield, CT, died July 26, 1833, Henrietta, NY.
Webster, Micah-6-30-1829
Henrietta, NY
Patterson Cemetery, W. Henrietta, NYEnlisted for 8 mos. 1777 May 25. Conn. Foot. Brig-Gen-Huntington. Name on all Muster rolls from enlistment to discharge Jan. 8, 1778. Never married.
Whitney, John, Sr.5-5-17519-19-1828Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY Pvt. Mass.-
Wilson, Zachariah--Pioneer Cemetery, Pittsford, NY--
Woodbury, Knowlton--Mendon Cemetery, Mendon, NY--
Woodlin, Amos17531843Bushnell's Basin Cemetery, Perinton, NY--

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