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Revolutionary War Soldiers
Buried in Oneida County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Oneida County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Abbott, William10-7-17457-25-1832Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYCpl. & Ensign NY-
Austin, Silas--Old Burying Ground, Saquoit, NYNot marked.-
Babbitt, William-1831Sequoit Burying Ground, Sequoit, NYGrave marked. Member Boston Tea Party.-
Babcock, David5-17-176011-17-1831Cleaver Cemetery, Marcy, NYSol. NY-
Bailey, John--Paris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Baker, Levi *3-11-17616-19-1835Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. NY-
Baldwin, Samuel W.17461-27-1828Cleaver Cemetery, Marcy, NYSol. NY-
Barker, Levi--Clinton, NYEarly settler of Marshall. Grave marked.-
Barnes, Timothy4-8-1749Nov. 1825Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Bartholomew, Charles6/1/17593/16/1848Prospect Hill Cemetery, Kirkland, NYPrivate, Soldier in Connecticut Militia 1776 - 1778.-
Beardsley, Dr. Gershom17531826Whitesboro, NYBorn Fairfield, CT., died Whitesboro, NY. Surgeon in Revolution. Grave not marked.-
Bell, Phineas-5/13/1845Blackmar Cemetery, Lairdsville, NYCaptured by British 1779, In Old Sugar House Prison. Grave marked.-
Bellinger, Major John176010/9/1815Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NYBorn Mohawk Valley, died Utica, NY. Grave marked.-
Bingham, Samuel *17529-8-1845Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYCt. Mil.-
Bishop, David17571833Hillcrest Cemetery, Paris Hill, NY--
Blackmer, Ephraim17562/27/1796Blackmer Cemetery, Lairdsville, NYGrave marked. Came from Marlborough, Mass. Settled in Westmoreland 1787/9?.-
Blackmer, Joseph-1795Lairdsville, NYGrave marked. Came from Marlboro, Mass. 1789.-
Blanchard, Andrew--Brinfield Street Cemetery, Clinton, NYGrave marked. Fought at Lexington and Bunker Hill.-
Bliss, Reuben8-8-17561-1-1832Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. Mass.-
Bogue, Publius (Virgilius) *3-30-17648-28-1836Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Bradish, James10-21-17529-18-1813Townsend Cemetery, Stittville, NYDoctor, Mass.-
Brigham, Capt. Stephen5/13/175410/11/1849Family Buring Groung, Vernon, NYBorn Shewsbury, died Vernon. Grave marked. Fought at Bunker Hill. Came to Westmoreland 1790.-
Bristol, Moses2-11-1716May 1802Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT Mil.-
Bronson, Roswell9-9-1751March 1836Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Burch, Robert--Private Ground in Schuyler, Deerfield, NYGrave marked.-
Butler, Nathanielabout 17609-29-1829Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. RI-
Butler, Salmon3-5-17618-15-1836Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. Mass.-
Butritt, Charles--Paris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Butler, Eli17401802Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NYBorn Middleton, CT. died Hartford, NY. Grave marked. Sheldons Dragoons. Capt. Col. Seymours Light Horse.-
Camp Talcott3/4/17629/25/1832Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NYBorn Durham, CT. died Utica, NY. Grave marked. Comissary Dept. Rev. Army.-
Cary, Jabez--Carr Cemetery, Marcy, NYGrave marked.-
Cary, Phineas10-7-174710-29-1824Olden (Wolcott) Cemetery, Barneveld, NYMarine CT-
Cary, Capt. Phineas--On a farm near Trenton, NYGrave marked.-
Church, Samuel10-27-17593-30-1842Holland Patent Cemetery, Holland Patent, NYSgt. CT-
Clark, Noah4/14/17647/28/1851Kirkland and Clark Mills Cemetery, Oneida County, NYPrivate in New York-
Comstock, David17614-23-1844Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYCoast Guard, CT Mil.-
Cochrane, Dr. Johnage 774/1807Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NYGrave marked. Surgeon French and Indian Wars. Director General of Hospitals in U.S. during Rev. Son-in-law of General Schuyler. His wife Gertrude died 1813 in her 89th year.-
Collins, General Oliver1762 Ct.8/17/1838Middletown Settlement, Clinton, NYGrave marked. Officer War of 1812. Came to New Hartford 1798.-
Colson, Abijah--Terrytown, NYGrave marked.-
Comstock, David--Old Burying Ground, Clinton, NYGrave marked.-
Cowler, Samuel--Terrytown, NYGrave marked.-
Curry, John--South Trenton, NYGrave marked. Private 10th Albany County Militia.-
Curtis, Joshua10-30-17428-2-1795Fort Stanwick Cemetery, Oneida County, NYPrivate, 4th Regt. Orange County Militia, Col. John Hathorn. Also, mentioned in Orange County Militia, 1st Regt. Major Jackariah DuBois Commandary.
Curtis, Samuel2-1-17475-16-1833Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. Marine on ship-
Curtiss, Asabel17651852Sequoit Valley Cemetery, Clayville, NYBorn Canaan, CT. died Sequoit, NY. Grave marked.-
Daniels, William175611-4-1829Cleaver Cemetery, Marcy, NYSol. NY-
DeAngelis, Pascal Charles Joseph *1-14-17639-8-1839Holland Patent Cemetery, Holland Patent, NYSeaman & Pvt. CT-
Dickenson, Ebenezer-1824South Street Cemetery, New Hartford, NYDied New Hartford. Enlisted from Wethersfield, CT. 1775.-
Dodge, Amos17581-11-1852Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYNY & Mass.-
Doolittle, General George12/3/17592/21/1825Whitesboro, NYBorn Middletown, Ct. Enlisted from Middletown. Member of New York State Legislature.Grace Wetmore, born 13/3/1766, died 8/27/1836.
Doolittle, Uri--St. Pauls Cemetery, Paris Hill, NYGrave marked. Enlisted at Waterbury, Ct. Served under Col. Baldwin, Col. Taylor Richards. Member New York State Assembly 1806.-
Downer, Zacheus--Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NYGrave marked.-
Draper, John--St. Pauls Cemetery, Paris Hill, N.Y.Grave marked.-
Foote, Bronson *9-5-17578-30-1836Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. Mass.-
Foote, Captain Moses8-4-17342-9-1819/36Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYBorn Waterbury, Ct., died Clinton, Ct. Settled in Clinton 1787. Grave marked.-
Ford, Abijah10-22-17442-22-1809Wolcott Cemetery, Barneveld, NYPvt. R.-
Fuller, Simeon *10-21-176212-7-1852Private Cemetery near Remsen, NYPvt. Mass.-
Gardinier, Jacob--Name on Oriskany Monument, Oneida County, New YorkCapt. 3rd Battalion, 1st Co., N.Y., Tryon County Militia-
Gardinier, Samuel--Name on Oriskany Monument, Oneida County, New YorkLieut. under Colonel Frederick Fisher, 3rd Regt., Tryon County, New York Militia-
Garrett, John8-4-17381-28-1825South Trenton Cemetery, Trenton, NYPvt. CT-
Goodsell, Thomas *11-30-17461840Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYSgt. CT-
Graham, Adj. John-1832Private Burying Ground, Deerfield, NYGrave marked. Member of Cincinnatti.-
Graham, Col. Morris-1806Private Burying Ground, Deerfield, NYGrave marked.-
Graham, Lieut. Augustin--Deerfield, NYGrave marked.-
Gray, Moses Wiley--Sequoit Valley Cemetery, Clayville, NYGrave marked. Minute maa from Kembleton. Fought at Lexington.-
Green, Ezra1-30-17549-25-1824Fairfield Cemetery, Remsen, NYPvt. CT-
Green, James--Terrytown, NYGrave marked.-
Gridley, Abraham5-16-17423-12-1827Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. & Ensign CT-
Gridley, Hezekiah, Jr.1-3-17322-18-1816Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYCapt. CT-
Gridley, Theodore17592-26-1826Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Griffin, Kirkland17521830Sequoit Valley Cemetery, Clayville, NYBorn in Guilford, CT., Grave marked, Confined in Mill prison, Settled in Sequoit 1791.-
Halstead, Josiah or Joseph--Holland Land Patent Cemetery, Holland Patent, NYGrave marked. Enlisted from Harwinton, Ct. Valley Forge, Monmouth W. Plains.-
Hancock, Jabez17301815Waterville, NYGrave marked.-
Hart, Amasa6-19-1754after 1794Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Hart, Thomas, Jr.9-10-17492-9-1811Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Hastings, Elihu *about 17522-23-1837Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. Mass.-
Hastings, Seth12-6-17454-29-1830Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYCt. Mil.-
Haven, Peleg--Blackmer Cemetery, Lairdsville, NYGrave marked.-
Hawley, Abel, Jr.10-5-17554-4-1836Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Higbee (Higby), Amos17536-14-1848Holland Patent Cemetery, Holland Patent, NYCapt. NY-
Hopkins, Roderick *175611-3-1841Holland Patent Cemetery, Holland Patent, NYCpl. CT-
House, Eleazer8-25-176010-27-1833Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Howe, Abner-->Middle Settlement Cemetery, Clinton, NYGrave marked.-
Jones, Capt. Nehemiah-12/19/1838Lairdsville, NYGrave marked. Born in New Marlborough, Mass. Came to Westmoreland 1787. Died in Westmoreland.-
Kellogg, Aaron7-19-17625-7-1835Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYSol. Mass.-
Kellogg, Amos9-27-17601-28-1806Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. Mass.-
Kellogg, Joseph17671839Holland Patent Cemetery, Holland Patent, NYSol. NY-
Kellog, Levi17601848Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NYGrave marked. Born Hadley mass. Died in Utica, NY. Served under Cols. Tupper, King, and Fairchild.-
Kirkland, Rev. Samuel17411808College Hill Cemetery, Clinton, NYBorn Norwich, Ct. Died Clinton, NY. Graduate of Princeton 1765. Missionary to Oneida Indians. Chaplin Ft. Stanwix and other. Grave marked.-
Knowlton, Robert2-10-175912-10-1851Holland Patent Cemetery, Holland Patent, NYPvt. NY-
Laird, Samuel--Blackmer Cemetery, Lairdsville, NYGrave marked.-
Lee, Elisha3-18-176312-17-1847Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Lock, Capt.--Brinfield St. Burying Ground, Clinton, NYGrave marked.-
Loomis, Zadock2-23-17416-7-1808Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYCpl. Mass.-
Manross, Theodore1-6-17607-22-1825Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Markham, Stephen8-15-17636-21-1829Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. Mass.-
Marvin, Ozias, Jr.2-10-17634-9-1848Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
McNeil, Henry17635-16-1844Paris Hill, NYAlso was a Brigadier General in War of 1812.-
Merritt, Isaac7-4-17601-28-1834Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. Mass.-
Morrison, Roderick12/30/17638/17/1843Blackmer Cemetery, Lairdsville, NYBorn in Hebron, Ct. Member N.Y. State Assembly 1816. Grave marked.-
Morse, Joshua3-5-17512-6-1829Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYCpl. Mass.-
Moshier, Lieut. John17451817Sauquoit Valley Cemetery, Clayville, NYBorn Pepperville, Mass. Died New Hartford, NY. Grave markedBattles of Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill, White Plains, Oriskany, Saratoga, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth. War Council with General Stack.-
Mosheir, Lieut. Josia(h)17571847Sauquoit Valley Cemetery, Clayville, NYBorn Groton, Mass. Died Sauquoit, N.Y. Grave marked.-
Mounton, Salmon9-6-1750(1758)6-22-1852Private Cemetery on Terra Dolce Estate, Floyd, NYMajor. Grave marked. Born in Stafford, Ct. Settled in Floyd 1758. Prisoner in Old Sugar House.-
Mounton, Stephen, Sr.3-30-1735March 1818Private Cemetery on Terra Dolce Estate, Floyd, NYLt. Col. CT-
Moulton, Stephen17602/1/1851Carrs Cemetery, Marcy, NYBorn in Stafford, Ct. Prisoner L.I. Served under Timothy Olmstead. Grave marked.-
Newberry, Amasa--Sangerfield, NYGrave marked.-
Nichols, Capt. Martin17501854Clayville, NYGrave marked.-
Osgood, Capt. Josiah--Verona, NYGrave marked.-
Parkhurst, Simeon--Near Oriskany Monument, Oriskany, NYGrave marked.-
Pierce, Ezekial17601838Hillcrest Cemetery, Paris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Pond, Barnabas10-29-17555-9-1841Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Pond, Timothy17315-22-1801Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Porter, John--Paris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Potter, Capt. Stephen17391810Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NYGrave marked. wife Lindsley died 1812. Member of Cincinnatti. In Battle of Long Island.-
Powell, Jeremiah--Middle Settlement Cemetery, Clinton, NYGrave marked.-
Pratt, William17571847Prospect Cemetery, Prospect, NYCpl. NY Mil.-
Preston, Calvin4-11-176511-29-1849North Gage Cemetery, Deerfield, NYPvt. CT-
Rice (Royce), Samuel *4-20-17571-26-1847Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYSgt. CT-
Schoolcraft, Lawrence--Vernon, NYGrave marked. Born in Watervliet, Albany County, NY. Died at Vernon. Lead a party to the relief of General Herkimer at Battle of Oriskany.-
Selleck, Peter--St. Pauls Cemetery, Paris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Seymour, Gideon--St. Pauls Cemetery, Paris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Sherman, Jedidiah176111-7-1834Cleaver Cemetery, Marcy, NYSol. NY-
Sherman, Levi17521-11-1829Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. Hampshire Co. Mil.-
Simmons, Aaron17361811Hillcrest Cemetery, Paris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Smith, George17483-15-1816Steubens Corners Cemetery, Steubens Corners, NYSgt. NY-
Steadman, Isaac-1839Sauquoit Buring Ground, Sauquoit, NYGrave marked.-
Stebbins, Judah, Sr.4-22-17456-21-1825Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYCpl. Mass.-
Stiles, Samuel17361819Hillcrest Cemetery, Parris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Strong, John--Paris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Sweet, Jonathan5/17572/11/1836Cleaver Cemetery, Marcy, NYNot marked. Boorn Greenwich, R.I. Died Marcy, NY. Battle of L.I. under Sullivan.1st wife Elizabeth Jones. 2nd wife Mary Drimmer, buried beside him.
Swetland, Benjamin17561756?Waterville, NYGrave marked.-
Terry, Leno--Terryville, NYGrave marked.-
Townsend, Nathan17641854Townsend Cemetery, Stittville, NYCapt. Mass.-
Trobridge, Philemon1-13-17513-9-1812Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPatroit CT-
Tuttle, Timothy5-17-17461820Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYSgt. CT-
Von Steuben, Baron Frederick173011-28-1794Sacred Grove Cemetery, Steuben, NYMaj. Gen. & Insp. Gen.-
Wager, Henry, Sr.1/30/17648/9/1840Westernville Cemetery, Westernville, NYBorn in Ghent, NY. Died in Westernville, NY. 8th Albany County Militia. Grave not marked.-
Walker, Col. Benjaminage 651/13/1818Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NYGrave marked. Born in England. Capt. 2nd New York Regiment. Aide-de-camp to Baron Steuben Washingtons Stall 1782. Portrait found in Trumbells picture Washington resigning Comm. (the Capitol).-
Weaver, Johan Nicholas George--Family Buring Ground, Deerfield, NYGrave marked. Taken to Quebec as prisoner, then to England. 1773 came to Deerfield.-
Wells, Elisha3-12-17585-18-1843Holland Patent Cemetery, Holland Patent, NYSol. CT-
White, Hugh2/5/17334/16/1812Whitesboro, NYGrave marked. Born Middleton, CT. Died Whitesboro, NY. First white inhabitant in N.Y.S. State west of German settlements on Mohawk. Came to Whitesboro 1784.-
Wicks, Capt. John17641836Hillcrest Cemetery, Paris Hill, NYGrave marked.-
Wilber, Aaron7-22-17537-20-1831Wolcott Cemetery, Barneveld, NYPvt. RI-
Willard, Simeon1-25-174511-13-1829Holland Patent Cemetery, Holland Patent, NYPvt. CT-
Williams, Andrew17482-3-1816Kirkland Avenue Cemetery, Clinton, NYPvt. CT-
Woolsey, Lloyd5-8-17586-9-181Wolcott Cemetery, Barneveld, NYMaj. Gen. NY-
Younglove, Colonel Lucas17651-17-1849Wolcott Cemetery, Barneveld, NYGrave marked.-

* Known pensioner

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