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Revolutionary War Soldiers
Buried in Ontario County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Ontario County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
ABBOTT, Joshua17461812Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
ADAMS, John17571811Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
ADAMS, John17601849Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
ADAMS, Sr. Lieut. John9/29/17368/30/1793Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NYLieut. in Col. John Ashley's Regt. Berkshire County, Mass. and on Committee to raise troops.
ALLEN, Chauncey17631837Bristol Center Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
ALLEN, Jonathan1760?1853Abandoned Brown Stand Cemetery, South Bristol, NY-
ALLEN, Nathan17651847Allen Cemetery, South Bristol, NY-
ALLEN, Theophilus17581828Wilder Cemetery, South Bristol, NY-
ALLEN, Titus17201816Wilder Cemetery, South Bristol, NY-
ANDREWS, Samuel17531845Dillon Cemetery, Hopewell, NY-
ANTIS, William17331810Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
ANTISDALE, Perez17521816Village Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
ARMSDEN, Isaac17551841Sand Hill Cemetery, Seneca, NY
ATWATER, Freeman17661841West Avenue Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
ATWELL, Peter17661841Woolhouse Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
AUSTIN, John--Baptist Hill Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
AVERILL, Elisha17561821Village Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
BABCOCK, George17491816Pioneer Cemetery, Hopewell, NY-
BAGGERLY, Henry17461/21/1831Rice Cemetery, Phelps, NYPrivate
BALL, Joseph17501817Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
BANNISTER, Lemuel17481821Joslyn Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
BANTA, John--Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
BARLOW, Abner17521846Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
BATES, Phineas17481829Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
BEACH, Ashael17691825Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
BEEMAN, Josiah17561831?Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
BELDING, Selah17581838Rev. Danan Butcher Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
BENNETT, George--Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
BENNETT, Mathew--Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
BETTS, ---------Washington Street Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
BIRD, Ebenezer17611845Purdy Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
BISSELL, Daniel17541824Allen's Hill Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
BLACK, Hugh17591849Number Nine Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
BLODGET, Ludim17641849Baldwin's Corners Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
BLOGET, Solomon17561844Baldwin's Corners Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
BLOOD, Israel17631843Village Cemetery, Victor, NY-
BOUGHTON, David17571834Village Cemetery, Victor, NY-
BOUGHTON, Eleazor1764?1843Village Cemetery, Victor, NY-
BOUGHTON, Enos17541827Boughton Hill Cemetery, Victor, NY-
BOUGHTON, Hezekiah17251798Boughton Hill Cemetery, Victor, NY-
BOUGHTON, Hezekiah, Jr.17531793Boughton Hill Cemetery, Victor, NY-
BOUGHTON, Samuel17591814Village Cemetery, Victor, NY-
BRINK, John17461821Farm opposite Westfall Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
BRIZEE, Benjamin--Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
BROWN, Thomas17611855Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
BRUSON, Amos17601853Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
BUELL, Timothy17571849Rice Cemetery, East Bloomfield, NY-
BURNETT, John17391824Burnett Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
CASTLE, Lemuel17401802Remington Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
CHAPIN, Charles17201812Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
CHAPIN, Israel17411795Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
CHAPIN, Israel, Jr.17631833Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
CHAPMAN, Benjamin17641849Gunn Cemetery, East Bloomfield, NY-
CHAPMAN, Jedediah17411813Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
CHAPMAN, John17521832Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
CHASE, Steven--Reed Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
CHASS, Steven, Capt.--Reed Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
CHIPMAN, Lemuel17541831West Avenue Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
CLARK, Benjamin17581827?Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
CLARK, William17421825Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
CLEAVELAND, Ephraim17401820Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
CLEAVELAND, Joseph17481844Reed Cemetery?, Richmond, NY-
COBB, George1756-Westfall Cemetery, Phelps, NYListed on veteran compilations but not on cemetery readings and no visable stone.
CODDING, George17341816Codding Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
CODDING, George17641827Codding Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
COLE, Southworth17621825Front lawn of 4631 East Lake Road, just south of Chrystal Beach, Gorham, NY-
COWING, James17401829Sand Hill Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
COX, William17501844West Avenue Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
CRAIN, Elisha17541748Rice Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
CRITTENDEN, Ebenezer17571846West Avenue Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
CRITTENDEN, Osee17601843Rice Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
CRITTENDEN, Samuel, Capt.17331816Crittenden Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
CRONK, John17471810Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
CROSBY, Samuel17501824Bristol Center Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
CROSS, Robert17541801Armstrong Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
CULVER, Jonathan17581808Boughton Hill Cemetery, Victor, NY-
DANIELSON, Daniel--Ganyard Hill Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
DAVIS, Sylvester17641813Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
DEANE, Seth17441808Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
DeBOW, John17641843Sand Hill Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
DOBBIN, Lodowick17391/1781Wooden Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
DOWN, John17391824Rice Cemetery, East Bloomfield, NY-
DRYER, Samuel17651837Boughton Hill Cemetery, Victor, NY-
DUNHAM, Hezekiah17381823Aldrich Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
ELLIS, Asa6/24/174412/25/1840Westmoreland Cemetery - Ontario County, NY-
ELLIS, Samuel17621832Boughton Hill Cemetery, Victor, NY-
ENSIGN, Daniel-1844Pine Bank Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
FAIRCHILD, John17651814Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
FAUROT, John-1842Dillon Cemetery, Hopewell, NY-
FIELD, Nathaniel17271803Rice Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
FISHER, Adam5/21/17491848Geneva Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
FISHER, Peter--Unmarked Cemetery, Victor, NYUnmarked Cemetery, corner of Main St. (Fishers) and Wangum Rd.
FITCH, Elisha17651846Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
FLINT, Davis17481836Pioneer Cemetery, Hopewell, NY-
FRANCIS, William17371808Baptist Hill Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
FRANCISCO, John17481832Hawley Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
FRENCH, Ebenezer17601848Dibble Cemetery, East Bloomfield, NY-
FRESHOUR, John-1859?Chapman Cemetery, Hopewell, NYRevolutionary veteran status questionable.
GARDNER, Peregrine17651838Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
GARLINGHOUSE, Benjamin17611850Hunt's Hollow Cemetery, Naples, NY-
GARLINGHOUSE, John17591810Allen's Hill Cemetery, Richmond, NYActual remains may be in Clay Road Cemetery, Town of Hemlock, Livingston County, NY.
GATES, Aaron, Capt.Rev. Danan Butcher Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
GATES, Daniel, Sr.17451832Pioneer Cemetery, Hopewell, NY-
GATES, Josiah17231807North Bloomfield Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
GATES, Marvin17571836North Bloomfield Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
GATES, William17291808Butcher Cemetery, Seneca, NYCited DAR Magazine, Mar. 1978, p. 170.
GAUSS, Benjamin17651854Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
GILLETT, Joab17471824Village Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
GILLIS, Robert17441836Village Cemetery, Victor, NY-
GLADDING, James17621840Baptist Hill Cemetery (Evergreen Cemetery), Bristol, NY-
GOODING, Job17391808Vincent Cemetery, Bristol, NYStatus questionable.
GOODING, William, Jr.17611803Vincent Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
GORDON, Peter, Maj.17461835Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
GRANGER, Elisha17431821Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
GREEN, Henry6/8/17632/19/1849Baldwin's Corners or Gorham Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
GREGG, John17551812Baptist Hill Cemetery (Evergreen Cemetery), Bristol, NY-
GRIEVE, Walter, Gen.--Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
GRIFFITH, Joseph17491839Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NYNo visible stone.
HALL, Amos17611827Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
HALL, Jacob17541816Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
HALL, Stephen17611813Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
HALSTEAD, Josiah17551835Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
HANDY, Samuel17561838Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
HARMON, Nathaniel17601814Richmond Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
HART, John17471830Pioneer Cemetery, Hopewell, NY-
HATCH, Nathan, Jr.17401828Wilder Cemetery, South Bristol, NY-
HATHAWAY, Isaac17551823Hathaway Cemetery, Farmington, NY-
HAYS, Elisha17581813Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
HAYWARD, Stephen17591839Hathaway Cemetery, Farmington, NY-
HICOX, Levi17571811Woolhouse Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
HINKLEY, John17611846Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
HOLCOMB, Seth17551810Woolhouse Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
HOPKINS, Ehud17411809Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
HUBBELL, Abijah17611843Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
HUIE, John, Maj.--Slate Rock Cemetery-
HULSE, Jacob17551833Remington Cemetery, Canandaigua, NYStone says War of 1812. Also a Revolutionary veteran.
HUMPHREY, Georgeage 76 yrs. 2 mos. 22 days.Aug. 22, 1833Humphrey Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
HUMPHREY, Oliver17581843Humphrey Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
HUTCHINSON, John H.17521825Rice Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
HUTCHINSON, William17581832Rice Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
JOHNSON, Johnage 87185_West Hollow Cemetery, Naples, NYEvidence of veteran status weak. Apears on local 1930 DAR list. Age 87
JOHNSON, John17601832Richmond Center Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
JONES, Ezra17621842Whitney Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
JONES, Ezra H.-1831Whitney Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
KIBBE, Edward I.17501827Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
LANE, John17291811Lane Cemetery, Victor, NY (Cemetery obliterated)-
LANE, William17631833Bray-Hamilton Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
LEE, Jonathan17521812Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
LEMUNYON, Philip17561850Pioneer Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
LOOMIS, Jerome17571840Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
LOW, Hooker17561834Vincent Cemetery, Bristol, NYNo visible stone.
LUCAS, Samuel17551819Old Number Nine Church Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
MARCY, Stephen17571843Pickett Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
MARTIN, John17611840North Bloomfield Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
MARTIN, Stephen17611834North Bloomfield Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
McLEOD, Murdock17531843Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NYEvidence suggests he was a British soldier.
McLOUTH, Lawrence17571810Village Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
McMILLAN, James17641840Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
MEAD, Truman-1822Dennison Corners Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
MELVIN, Jonathan, Sr.17511841Melvin Hill Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
METCALF, Jabez17471813Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
MIDDAUGH, Jasper17571813Pioneer Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
MILLER, Samuel17461801Ionia Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY (Miller's Corners Cemetery)-
MOORE, Caleb17581830Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
MORRISON, William17451845Pickett Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
MORSE, Elihu17591845Baptist Hill Cemetery, Bristol, NY (Evergreen Cemetery)-
MORSE, Isaac17571849Woolhouse Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
Morse, Zebediah17481817Baldwin's Corners Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
MURRAY, Elijah17561816Pioneer Cemetery, Hopewell, NY-
NIMS, Israel17511828Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
NOBLE, Meded17621817Lakeview Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
NORRIS, Samuel17581825Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
NORTON, Aaron17431828Rice Cemetery, East Bloomfield, NY-
NORTON, Eber17531824Rice Cemetery, East Bloomfield, NY-
NORTON, Medad17591837Rice Cemetery, East Bloomfield, NY-
NOTT, Epaphras17541843Pine Bank Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
ORCUTT, Moses17371827Allen's Hill Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
PALMES, Andrew17551846Richmond Center Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
PARDEE, Silas17541833Boughton Hill Cemetery, Victor, NY-
PARISH, Samuel17281807Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
PARMELEE, Reuben17411810Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
PARMELEY, James17571842Burby Hollow Cemetery, South Bristol, NY-
PAUL, Lemuel17611815Baptist Hill Cemetery, Bristol, NY (Evergreen Cemetery)-
PAUL, William17531818Baptist Hill Cemetery, Bristol, NY (Evergreen Cemetery)-
PECK, Elisha17621829Village Cemetery, Victor, NY-
PECK, Matthew17561809Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
PECK, Reynold17421814Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
PERRY, Ichabod17531832Allen's Hill Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
PHELPS, Oliver17491809Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
PHELPS, Silas1759Feb. 23, 1855Port Gibson Cemetery, Manchester, NYEnlisted Oct. 1775; Capt. to Apr. 1777; at Lynn, Mass. Sgt. to July 10, 1780; discharged Jan. 5, 1783 at West Point. Received pension in 1818.
PHILLIPS, Caleb17611829Joslyn Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
PHILLIPS, Zebulum17561825Baptist Hill Cemetery, Bristol, NY (Evergreen Cemetery)-
PIERCE, Jonathan17511809Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
PIERSON, Henry17601841Village Cemetery, Victor, NY-
PITTS, Peter17561812Lakeview Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
POLHEMUS, Daniel17611822Reed's Corners Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
PRATT, Ebenezer17431813Village Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
PRESCOTT, Joel17591811Joslyn Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
PURCHASE, Robert17621859Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
QUACKENBUSH, David17561830Egypt Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
RANDALL, Nathaniel17431831Standish Cemetery, South Bristol, NY-
RAWSON, Jonathan17511828Village Cemetery, Victor, NY-
RAY, Timothy17571852Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
REDFIELD, Peleg17621852Pioneer Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
REED, John17581850Sand Hill Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
REED, Josiah--Reed Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
REED, Nathan--Reed Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
REED, Philip17561828Richmond Center Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
REED, Samuel17601813Reed's Corners Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
REES, James17631851Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
REID, John17551833Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
RICE, Caleb17531836Rice Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
RICE, James17581822Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
RICE, James, Capt.17601827Old Number Nine Church Cemetery-
RICHARDS, Edmund17571843Baptist Hill Cemetery, Bristol, NY (Evergreen Cemetery)-
RINGER, John--Ringer Cemetery, Geneva, NYNo stone visable. 1893 county history (p. 148) casts doubt on veteran status of this John Ringer. On DAR list.
RIPPEY, John17491826Number Nine Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
ROBERTS, Cornelius17581853Slate Rock Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
Robinson, John Decker17421826Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
ROOT, Abraham17331819Remington Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
ROOT, Roswell17631843Remington Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
RUSH, Samuel17511835Village Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
SAEGER, Darius17511845Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
SALISBURY, William17311821Joslyn Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
SALMON, Gershom-1843Rice Cemetery, East Bloomfield, NY-
SALPAUGH, Philipae. 74 yrs.May 2, 1849Pleasant View Cemetery, Port Gibson, Town of Manchester, NY-
SANBORN, Nathaniel17571814Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
SAWYER, Thomas17401796Pioneer Cemetery, Manchester, NY-
SEAGER, Micah17591842Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
SEARS, Alden17381803Vincent Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
SEYMOUR, Ira17481837Boughton Hill Cemetery, Victor, NY-
SEYMOUR, Zachariah17591822Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
SHEKELL, John, Sr.17421823Clifton Springs Cemetery, Clifton Springs, NY-
SHEPARD, William17591821Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
SHETHER, John, Capt.17511835Pulteney Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
SNYDER, George17491837Old Gorham Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
SPENCER, Aaron17611826Remington Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
SPRAGUE, Ebenezer17531838Wheat Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
SQUIRE, Jesse17261804Squire Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
STANDISH, Hadley17591813Standish Cemetery, South Bristol, NY-
STEVENS, Jesse-1844Lakeview Cemetery, Richmond, NY-
STEWART, John17521809Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NYNo stone found. On old cemetery reading.
STOCKWELL, Luther--Washington Street Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
STODDARD, Luther, Maj.17431806Washington Street Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
STRONG, Josiah17581841Washington Street Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
SWIFT, Philetus17631828Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
TAFT, Robert17491821Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
TAYLOR, Joseph17281810Bristol Center Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
TAYLOR, Othniel--Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
TAYLOR, Othniel, Jr.17531819Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
TEALL, Nathan17651840Washington Street Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
TIFFANY, Zachariah17561821Sand Hill Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
TREADWELL, Benjamin--Salisbury Cemetery?, Phelps, NYNo visable stone.
TUTTLE, Jared17601837Wilder Cemetery, South Bristol, NY-
UNKNOWN--Canadice Corners Cemetery, Canadice, NY-
UNKNOWN--Melvin Hill Cemetery, Phelps, NYOn Salisbury lot.
VAN NORMAN, Joseph17411824Woolhouse Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
VANDENBERGH, Winnant C.17601845Village Cemetery, Victor, NY-
VANDERMARK, Joseph17651844Vandermark Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
VANDERMARK, Lodewick17611813Vandermark Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
WAITE, Ezra17631838Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
WALES, Eleazor17551842Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
WALKER, Caleb17531790Pioneer Cemetery, Canandaigua, NYNo visable stone.
WARNER, Jesse, Jr.17471834Rice Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
WARNER, Solomon, Maj.17611813Rev. Danan Butcher Cemetery, Seneca, NY-
WARNER, William II17401795Pioneer Cemetery, West Bloomfield, NY-
WEBSTER, Israel17531835Sand Hill Cemetery, Seneca, NYNo visable stone.
WETMORE, Bela17641831Joslyn Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
WHEDON, Marcissa17691855Slate Rock Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
WHEELER, Benjamin17641836Wheeler Cemetery, East Bloomfield, NYGrave not found in 1991, cleanup of small family cemetery. Wife and children are buried there. Family papers indicate he is buried there.
WHITEMARSH, John17561823Bristol Center Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
WHITNEY, Joel, Capt.17661826Whitney - Crittenden Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
WHITNEY, Jonathan, Capt. 17361792Whitney - Crittenden Cemetery, Geneva, NYOldest marked grave in Geneva
WHITNEY, Nathan--Whitney - Crittenden Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
WHITNEY, Samuel17611844Allen's Hill Cemetery, Richmond, NYSee: Whitney Family of Connecticut, P. 110. Dates in that book do not agree with the cemetery reading.
WILDER, Ephraim17491823Bristol Center Cemetery, Bristol, NY-
WILDER, Gamaliel17431817 (1823?)Wilder Cemetery, South Bristol, NYStump of stone visable next to wife. Photographs of stone is in possession of County Historian.
WILKINS, Nathan17361814Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NY-
WILKINS, William17421810+Fairview Cemetery, Naples, NYNo visable stone. On local DAR list.
WILLIAMS, Abijah--Village Cemetery, Victor, NYStone possibly defaced. Old map in minutes of Victor Veterans Club, collection of Town Historian, shows grave at #38 near Jared Boughton in Boughton Hill Cemetery.
WILLIAMS, Ebenezer17551835Remington Cemetery, Canandaigua, NY-
WILLIAMS, Sanford, Maj.17551821Pulteney Street Cemetery, Geneva, NYNo stone visable.
WINFIELD, Simeon17601823Riverview Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
WITTER, Elijah17341807Witter Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
WITTER, William17591845Old Cemetery, Gorham, NY-
WOODEN, James17371822Wooden Cemetery, Geneva, NY-
WOODWARD, Ebenezer17491832Pioneer Cemetery, Phelps, NY-
WOODWORTH, William17531813Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
WRIGHT, Elisha17601841Village Cemetery, Bloomfield, NY-
WYCKOFF, William17371817Pioneer Cemetery, Hopewell, NY-
WYNKOOP, Peter17601828Sand Hill Cemetery, Seneca, NY-

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