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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Oswego County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Oswego County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Allen, Ebenezer --HannibalCorporal, D.A.R. Records.-
Allen, S. A., Deacon age 811852New Haven, NY-Catherine
Bakeman, Henry 17651835Barnes Cemetery, Fulton, NY-Jane
Baker, Joel -11/5/1839Battle Island, Van Beuren, NYRevolutionary Soldier-
Baldwin, Theophilus Feb. 1751Mar. 1776Baldwin-Elsitha Morris, born 1753.
Barns, Timothy, Deacon age 761825New Haven, NY--
Bates, Ephraim Age 7610/14/1840Scriba-Lucina
Beardsley, Obediah age 829/25/1848Mt. Pleasant-Chloe, died 1846, age 82.
Beebe, Alexander--Primitive Cemetery, Mexico, NY--
Bishop, Sylvanus 4/16/17656/1/1860Rural Cemetery, Oswego County, NYPensionerRachel Spicer, born 1775, died Nov. 10, 1860.
Bradley, Elihue --16th Cemetery-Sybil Grannis
Bradley, Isaac, Father 11/30/1717Volney, NY16th Cemetery-Hannah Hemmingway
Bragdon, Samuel 8/3/176211/22/1852PulaskiSoldier of the Revolution, Family Record.Mehitable Hanscomb, died 1828.
Brockway, Russell age 702/9/1830Mt. Pleasant-Mary, died 1845, age 83.
Buel, Jonathan age 687/18/1834Lewis-Sarah, died Mar. 5, 1829, age 63.
Burt, Daniel 10/20/17401801Riverside Cemetery, Oswego, NY-Martha Bradner, 1770 - 1823
Carpenter, Rogers age 734/2/1840Worden Sweet Cemetery, Scriba, NY-Mary
Cary, Levi 1759-Mapleview Cemetery, Mexico, NY"Revolutionary Soldier", Pensioner-
Cheever, William age 691843New Haven, NY--
Clark, Abram age 679/9/1820Rural Cemetery, Oswego County, NY"A Soldier of the Revolution" Marker and D.A.R. Record.Jeanette Pratt, died Feb. 1834, age 69.
Colby, William 17608/5/1847LewisPensionerEleno, born 1762.
Cooke, William--Primitive Cemetery, Mexico, NYEnlisted at Windsor, CT. Served from July 1778 - June 17683.-
Drake, Otis age 903/22/1858Mt. Pleasant-Sarah Story, died 1860, age 86.
Dunham, Daniel 1765-HannibalPensioner-
Evarts, Samuel 1/29/1748
Guilford, CT
-Primitive Cemetery, Mexico, NYMember of Coast Guard, and served at Sachems Head in 7th Regiment.Married Sarah Fuller, Sept. 10, 1776.
Fikes, George 177611/30/1782Fort Ontario Cemetery, Oswego, NYCaptain Gumer Falls Co.-
Foster, Samuel --Rural Cemetery, Oswego County, NYRevolutionary Soldier Marker.-
Greene, Silas 17631853Hannibal-Deborah Brown, 1771 - 1853.
Goodsell, Jesse age 861857New Haven, NY-Sophia
Hall, John age 642/26/1827Hall Road Cemetery, Scriba, NY-Margaret, died 1846, age 84.
Halladay, John age 865/16/1838New Haven, NY-Patience, died 1853, age 88.
Haver, Aberaham age 7512/29/1849Scriba--
Haver, Abram age 7911/2/1849Scriba--
Himes, James age 699/18/1827Hall Road Cemetery, Scriba, NY-Sally, died Feb. 4, 1833, age 72.
Holly, Henry age 517/20/1815New Haven, NY-Lucy, died 1830, age 59
Howard, Benjamin --Colosse Cemetery, Mexico, NYAlbany County Militia under Col. Kilian Van Rensellaer-
Jerrett, James age 823/25/1850New Haven, NY-Ruth, died 1827, age 64.
Kellogg, Benjamin --Mapleview Cemetery, Mexico, NY"Revolutionary Soldier"-
Kellogg, Erastus age 808/30/1850Hall Road Cemetery, Scriba, NY-Rhoda, died June 26, 1846, age 69.
Kellogg, Nathaniel --Jacksonville--
Kenyon, John age 891849New Haven, NYPensionerHannah
King, Daniel age 713/10/1830Hall Road Cemetery, Scriba, NY-Eunice
Lamb, David --Colosse Cemetery, Mexico, NYPensioner of the Revolution. Wife Amy Wightman was of Revolutionary descent.-
Lee, Ebenezer 175710/29/1837Bowens Corners-Martha Parsons, died 1828.
Legg, Jeremiah age 932/12/1879New Haven, NY-Chloe, died Mar. 1861, age 81
Lewis, Daniel --Hannibal--
Lewis, John age 743/8/1842Lewis-Huldah, died June 2, 1848, age 74.
Loomis, Epaphious 1756-HannibalPensioner-
Mattison, Caleb age 678/17/1830Mattison Cemetery, Scriba County, NY--
Mc Chesney, John --PulaskiPensionerAbigail, born 1764, died Feb. 24, 1841.
Mc Even, George age 597/1728Mt. Pleasant--
Mead, Nathaniel, Deacon age 836/18/1854Minetto-Sophia, died 1868, age 87.
Mooney, Barnett 2/16/17601831Granby, NY-Charlotte Broadwell
Ormsbee, Elisha --Colosse Cemetery, Mexico, NYEnlisted at Situate R.I. Fought at Bunker Hill. In skirmish with Hessians. At the surrender of Burgoyne. Enlisted three times. Enlisted 3 times, one period of 8 days, one of 8 months, one of 39 days. Unmarried.Unmarried
Ormsby, Ebenezer --Greenville Cemetery, near ArthurPensioner-
Perrigo, Joseph Hughes 17638/1843Mt. Aduah Cemetery, Fulton, NY-Miriam Maxwell, 1765 - 1848.
Peterson, Zacheryah age 87Apr. 13, 1844Worden Sweet Cemetery, Scriba, NY-Mary
Pitcher, Getlieb --Saylers CornersRevolutionary Holder-
Place, John A. age 861832New Haven, NY-Charity, died 1831, age 79.
Reynolds, Eli age 796/21/1845Lewis-Hester, died 1864, age 91.
Rice, Asa age 698/22/1823Unionville Cemetery, Oswego, NY-Elizabeth Merriam, died Aug. 11, 1819, age 56.
Risley, Richard 175412/29/1848New Haven, NY"Patriot and Soldier" Pensioner, Marker.Deborah Cook, born Feb. 12, 1759, E. Hartford, CT; died June 5, 1840.
E. Hartford, CT
Robinson, Daniel --HannibalOswego County History-
Salmon, George --Granby Center--
Savage, Joel --Primitive Cemetery, Mexico, NYCaptured by Indians, Compelled to run the Gauntlet.-
Stacey, John age 745/4/1835New Haven, NY--
Stone, Hiel, Major age 757/1/1859Scriba-Ruth, died Dec. 10, 1846, age 81.
Stowell, Samuel 17631866OrwellPensioner-
Sweet, Joseph F. age 609/9/1834Worden Sweet Cemetery, Scriba, NY--
Taylor, George A. age 702/18/1838Mt. Pleasant-Hannah, died 1849, age 74.
Towne, Silas 3/1806-Spy IslandIn 1871 a monument was raised on Spy Island by the people of Mexico in his memory. He was a famous spy in the Revolution. The chapter at Mexico was named in his honor. The state granted to the Chapter the care of the spot.-
Tucker, Josiah 8/5/176711/9/1845LewisD.A.R. RecordsLucy Daugherty
Van Beuren, Peter --Battle Island, Van Beuren, NYRevolutionary Soldier-
Van Valkenburgh, Lawrence -1828Oswego Falls-Gertrude Sharp
Vrooman, Simon J. 17601/3/1844Rural Cemetery, Oswego County, NYOfficer in the Revolution.Sarah Clark, born Oct. 15, 1765 at Rutland Mass., died Sept. 30, 1848, age 85.
Schenectady, NY
Vrooman, Teunie, Captain 17258/9/1780ParishHeld Prisoner in Revolutionary War, Marker and Family Record.Anna
Waite, Thaddeus --PulaskiD.A.R. Records-
Wells, Simeon 17631821New Haven, NY-Abigail
Wheeler, Thomas, Captain May 1749-Primitive Cemetery, Mexico, NYServed 10 days as a minute man at Lexington Alarm in 1775. Enlisted April 29 in Capt. Fletchers Company. Was at the Seige of Boston. June 2, 1791 was Comm. Captain of the 5th Regiment, 7th Division of Mass. Militia by Gov. John Hancock.-
Whipple, Caleb 1762
Coventry, CT
-Village Cemetery, Mexico, NYEnlisted at age of 15 in Ct. and served as private for 9 mos. Afterward served another year. Pensioner.-
Wood, Peleg age 761/22/1843Mt. Pleasant-Sarah, died 1851, age 76.
Worden, Joseph age 793/14/1852Worden Sweet Cemetery, Scriba, NY-Ruth, died 1868.
Wright, Josiah 11/17727/27/1869Worden Sweet Cemetery, Scriba, NY-Hester, died May 26, 1822; Altana, died Apr. 19, 1855

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