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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Otsego County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Otsego County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Ackerley, Elihue--Otsego County, NY--
Addison, Samuel--Otsego County, NY--
Austin, Levi--Otego, NYFrom Stockbridge Mass. Lived with his commander Philip Merithew.-
Baker, Daniel1760
Florida, Mont. Co. (?)
Laurens, NY
Philip Niles Farm, Laurens, NY--
Baker, George17301818Milford Center, NYPrivate Capt. Briggs Company Militia. Served from Oct. 1 - Nov. 14, 1878. Stone now lost, and spot not now identified.-
Baldwin, Aaron 17611835Westford Cemetery, Westford, NYPvt. CT, Cont. Line-
Baldwin, Abner, Jr. * 11-16-175612-2-1834Old Chapel Buring Ground, Fly Creek, NYSgt. CT-
Bartholomew, Samuel17631840Unadilla Center Cemetery, Unadilla, NY--
Batterson, Josephage 851841Unadilla Center Cemetery, Unadilla, NY--
Bennett, David17621848Otsego County, NY--
Bennett, Ezekial1762-Otsego County, NYServed 3 yrs., Capt. Stanton's Company, Col. Shelling.-
Bennett, Micajah 17623/8/1829West Burlington Cemetery, Burlington, NYPrivate Rhode Island Line.-
Birdsall, Squire 10/21/176110/7/1831Birdsall Cemetery, Otego, NYDutchess County New York Militia-
Bissell, Isaac--Otsego County, NYSergeant-
Boss, Edwin--Otsego County, NY--
Bostwick, Capt. Amosage 8611/19/1829St. Matthews Cemetery, Unadilla, NY--
Bow, Edwin17671842Bow Hill Cemetery, Milford, NY--
Bradley, Asel--Otsego County, NY--
Brewer, Jacob--RiversideHired by several classes under Land Bounty Rights.-
Brewer, Peter--Riverside Cemetery--
Brown, Williamage 831845Pumpkinhook Cemetery, Stark, NYDrummer Boy. Some of the time with Washington. Present at Boston Tea Party Dec. 16, 1771-
Brownson, Ichabod--Otsego County, NY--
Bryce, Andrew--Otsego County, NY--
Bullock, William 10/22/17606/28/1837Family Plot, East Worcester, NYEnlisted in Stonington and was in Battles of Lundy Lane and Valley Forge.-
Burlingame, Hopkins--Hinman Hollow, near Milford, NY--
Burlingham, Hopkins 17598/31/1833Old Maples Farm, Hartwick, NYPrivate, Rhode Island Militia.-
Camp, Benjamin--Otsego County, NY--
Campbell, John17441833Milford, NY--
Chappell, William 176312/21/1850Old Hartwick Cemetery, Hartwick, NYCol. Starr 1st Regt.-
Chastin, John--Otsego County, NY--
Coleman, Noah * 17351801Old Chapel Buring Ground, Fly Creek, NYPvt. MD-
Collins, Chedorlomarage 66-Private ground Sand Hill, (near) Unadilla, NY--
Cook, Johnage 851841Cooke Cemetery, West Oneonta, NY--
Cornelius, Brewer, Jr. --RiversideEnlisted under Abrm Ten Eyck-
Cunningham, W.--Otsego County, NYOne of Murphys Band. Said to be Murphy trail on the Earl Root place.-
Davey, Thomas--Otsego County, NY--
De Forest, Abel-----
Dibble, Henry17265/21/1804Otsego County, NY--
Dibble, Henry, Jr.17502/10/1804Otsego County, NY--
Dollivar, J.age 821837Buried old cemetery near Otego Creek, 2 miles from W. Oneonta, NY--
Dow, Nathan--Presbyterian Yard, Richfield Springs, NYGrave Marked-
Eddy, Noah--Buring ground near Hartwick Sem. Hartwick, NY--
Franklin, Moses, Deaconage 902/4/1854Springfield Centre Cemetery, Springfield Centre, NY--
Fuller, Dr. Daniel--Otsego County, NY--
Hale, Reuben17601828North Franklin, NY--
Hall, Annanage 8311/29/1840Springfield Centre, NYServed during the entire war.-
Harper, Col. Wm.age 871817Milford Centre, NYMember of Congress, Associate Judge.-
Hayden, Samuel 7-1-17481-26-1834Middlefield Cemetery, Middlefield, NYCapt. Mass.-
Henry, Adam * 4-27-17416-16-1838Old Chapel Buring Ground, Fly Creek, NYCapt. Mass.-
Herkimer, Georgeage 661829Richfield, NYPrivate Tryon County Militia. In Battle of Oriskany-
Hicks, Benjamin, Majorage 864/6/1833Springfield, NYName found in New York in the Revolution Roberts-
Hicks, Thomas B.age 893/2/1834Pumpkinhook Cemetery, Stark, NYCaptain of Connecticut State Troops sent to guard the frontier. In command of the company sent to convoy the battles to Fort Schuyler at time Brants raid on Fort Plain Aug. 2-
Hoff, Johnage 75-Foster Cemetery, Unadilla, NY--
Hough, John-----
Howe, Atmer--Otsego County, NY--
Howe, Jonah--Otsego County, NY--
Hubbell, Jabez * 17581836Old Chapel Buring Ground, Fly Creek, NYPvt.-
Hughes, George Toweler--Presbyterian Yard, Richfield Springs, NYGrave marked-
Hurd, John--Hartwick Seminary--
Hyatt, Samuel--Otsego County, NYServed 32 years. Captured by Indians. Escaped after many hardships.-
Jenks, Major Leroy--Cook--
Johnson, William17521837---
Jones, Thomas 17501832Old Middlefield Center Cemetery, Cooperstown, NYSgt. CT, Cont. Line-
Kellogg, J.age 711812Otsego County, NY--
Kellogg, Silasage 841824---
Keyes, John--Blood Mills Cemetery, Laurens, NY--
Luther, Alishaage 91-Foster Cemetery, Unadilla, NY--
Marble, Sampson--Otsego County, NY--
Marble, Sampson--Otsego County, NY2nd Regt. Col. Philip Van Cortlandt-
Mareness, Thomasage 691826-Captured by Bennett, imprisoned in Fort Niagara. Planned escape with three other prisoners. Betrayed and received 100 lashes on bare back. Marreness alone survived. Spent his life hunting for his betrayer.-
Marreness, William17551816Riverside CemeteryGrave marked.-
Martin, Solomon-----
Mc Killip, John, Deaconage 879/13/1836East Springfield, NY--
Mead, Ezekial--Mount Vision--
Merithew, Philip--Otego, NYRevolutionary Soldier from Rhode Island with father Richard, One son William. All buried under one stone. Refused pension when 90. Said "I fought for liberty not money"-
Miles, Levi--Treadwell, NY--
Miller, Benjamin17641863Laurens Cemetery--
Moore, Andrewage 731852Pumpkinhook Cemetery, Stark, NYPrivate Ulster County Militia, 6th Regiment-
Morgan, Jonathan--Presbyterian Yard, Richfield Springs, NY--
Morris, Joseph17461825Milford, NY--
Morris, Josiah17461825Otsego County, NY--
Murdock, Daniel1733, CT1813
Hartwick, NY
Otsego County, NYPrivate, Captain Matermare Cliffes Company. Enlisted May 8, 1775. Discharged Dec. 15, 1775. 6th Regt. Samuel Parson.Widow granted a pension Nov. 22, 1845, she was then 76.
Murphy, Timothy1751-MiddleburghEnlisted 17_6. Chief Commander of Scouts. Opposed the advance of Sir John Johnson on Middleburg. Monument erected in 1910. Blazed the trail from Fort Schohariet_o Chenango Forks.-
Neargrave, Jonathan--Otsego County, NY--
Newton, Ithamage 771838Laurens--
Ogden, Capt. David1764
Fishkill, NY
-Treadwell, NYEnlisted at 14 for 9 mo. Re-enlisted at 15 for good or ill, come death of life, victory or liberty. Captured by Indians and had marvelous escape. -
Packard, Aselage 83-St. Matthews Cemetery, Unadilla, NY--
Palmer, Humphrey-----
Parker, Captain-----
Parshall, John 5-5-17579-10-1838Old Middlefield Center Cemetery, Cooperstown, NYPvt. NY Militia-
Patchen, Daniel--Presbyterian Yard, Richfield Springs, NY--
Peaselee, Thomas--Elk Creek--
Pierce, Abner17561855Hartwick, NY--
Pierce, Levi---4th Albany County Militia-
Quackenbush, Corn'l--Riverside Cemetery--
Quackenbush, Jacob--Riverside Cemetery--
Rathbern, Benjaminage 757/21/1819East Springfield, NY--
Reed, Josiahage 86Aug. 28Unadilla Center Cemetery, Unadilla, NY--
Richardson, JonathanAug. 1745
Laurens, NY
Friends Buring Ground, Laurens, NYEthan Allens Company, Major Brewers Detachment, Several Engagements. Settled in Laurens 1793.-
Rockwell, John 17571827Old Chapel Buring Ground, Fly Creek, NYPvt.-
Rogers, John Adj.age 816/9/1839Unadilla Center Cemetery, Unadilla, NY--
Rowley, Amos-----
Rowley, George S.-----
Rowley, Major Sethage 911/26/1851Unadilla Center Cemetery, Unadilla, NYEnlisted when 16 and served through the Revolution. Present at execution of Andre. Orderly Sergeant. Father of 15 children.-
Salisbury, Bernard 17461828Westville Baptist Church Cemetery, Westville, NYPvt. Mass.-
Saunders, Jonathan17431827Unadilla, NY--
Saxton, William17561832Westville, NY--
Sayer, David-1819Milford Centre, NY--
Scrambling, David--Parish FarmGrave marked-
Scrambling, Henry--N. Parish Farm--
Schofield, Peterage 841833Cooke Cemetery, West Oneonta, NY--
Seager, Ezekial--Milford Centre, NY--
Shelling, Captainage 851846Bennetts Cemetery, 4 miles west of West Laurens, NYDischarge granted by General Knox.-
Shoales, Ulner--Edmeston, NY--
Short, Samuelage 82Cooperstown, NYBaptist Buring Ground, Cooperstown, NYPage to General Manning. Close of war, came to Hartwick. -
Sisson, Johnage 70-Private Burial Ground, Sisson Hill, NY--
Spencer, Amos17591843Cooperstown Junction Son of Itham-
Spencer, Itham17334/1/1825
Colliers JunctionCaptain, 9th Albany County Regiment called Claverack Battalion, Name Ishamer in record.-
Stillson, Charles--Otsego County, NY--
Temple, William 17461-29-1825Private Plot on Renwick Farm, Cooperstown, NYPvt. NH-
Thatcher, Capt. Josiahage 86-St. Matthews Cemetery, Unadilla, NY--
Thompson, James--Parish FarmGrave markedUnmarried
Tucker, John--Otsego County, NY--
Van Cortlandt, Col. Pierre--Cooke Cemetery, West Oneonta, NY--
Van Ness--Otsego County, NY--
Vanders, Jonat5han17431827Wilber Buring Ground, Unadilla, NY--
Walling, Simeonage 721828-Grave marked-
Ward, Richardage 811833Springfield, NYName found in New York in the Revolution Roberts-
Washburn, Bezaleelabt. 17401805 or 1806West Laurens, NYPrivate Capt. Cooks 16th Regt., Sea Captain.-
Wendall, John--Richfield Springs, NY--
Wheeler, Capt. Henry17461832Fields Buring Ground, Hartwick, NYGrave marked.-
White, Daniel--Otsego County, NY--
White, Uriahage 851846Otsego County, NY--
Wilber, John--Otsego County, NY--
Williams, Ashael-----
Wilson, Andrew 17571833Old Middlefield Center Cemetery, Cooperstown, NYPvt. Mass. Mil.-
Winchel, William 11-3-176210-9-1839Middlefield Village Cemetery, Middlefield, NYPvt. CT-
Wood, Robertage 8711/3/1840Springfield Centre, NY--

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