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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Saratoga County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Saratoga County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Austin, Phineas * 7-12-174711-21-1828Wesley Denton Cemetery - Day, NYPvt NY & CT-
Aylsworth (Aylworth), Abraham 8-10-17555-8-1825Baptist Church Cemetery - Ballston, NYPvt. NY-
Bacon, Ebenezer 9-2-17593-13-1817Bacon Hill Cemetery - Northumberland, NYPvt. CT-
Bacon, Samuel17469/22/1797Stillwater Union Cemetery - Stillwater, NY1st Lieut. in Albany County Militia. Minute man under Captain Alexander Baldwin.-
Bailey, Samuel 17605-25-1821Bailey Cemetery - Greenfield, NYPvt. NY-
Baker, Daniel--Stillwater Burying Ground, Stillwater, NY--
Baker, Edey 17364-9-1814Malta Ridge Cemetery - Malta, NYPvt. NY-
Baker, Henry 17474-24-1834Prospect Hill Cemetery, Schuylerville, NYPvt. NY-
Baker, James--Baker Cemetery, Stillwater, NY--
Beardsley, William--Clark Cemetery, Providence, NY--
Benedict, Uriah--East Line Union Cemetery, Malta, NY--
Bentley, Tillinghast17348/3/1820North Milton Cemetery - Milton, NY--
Berry, Col. Sidney17448/1824Nevins Cemetery, Northumberland, NYServed as Col. assist deputy quartermaster in N.J. 1779-1780-1781. E.F. Conley, Maj. Gen. War Dept.-
Betts, Isaiah (Isiah) 1-17-17286-30-1813West Galway Cemetery - Galway, NYPvt. CT-
Betts, Jeremiah 17462-4-1798Dunning Street Cemetery - Malta, NYPvt. CT-
Bidwell, David, Jr.17554/6/1829Salisbury Cemetery, Maltaville, NYPrivate 13th Regt., Albany County Militia as Batteauman.-
Billings, Benjamin 11-5-17443-11-1829Factory Village Cemetery - Milton, NYPvt. CT-
Billings, Jess 17372-12-1820Baptist Church Cemetery - Wilton, NYSOL. CT-
Bishop, Jeremiah--Stillwater Buring Ground, Stillwater, NY--
Bitely, Henry *17551827Bitely Cemetery, Moreau, NYNY LineElizabeth, 1765-1853
Blair, John 17352-22-1821Blair Cemetery - Galway, NYPvt. NY-
Blixen, Capt. Arnold--Putnam Cemetery, Saratoga Sprinds, NY--
Blood, David--Old Presbyterian Yard, Stillwater, NY--
Boler, Simon17461/24/1809Stillwater Union Cemetery. Stillwater, NYPrivate, 13th Regiment Albany County Militia. Military Land Bounty Rights.-
Booth, David 17544-24-1805Briggs Cemetery - Malta, NYPvt. NY-
Bowne, Henry * 174912-25-1829Sweetman Cemetery - Ballston, NYCpl. NJ-
Boyce (Boice), John 17672-18-1857Boice Cemetery - Wilton, NYPvt. NY-
Breadsley, William -Nov. 1842Clark Cemetery - Providence, NYPvt. CT-
Brewster, Joseph * 17598-26-1850Galway Village Cemetery - Galway, NYPvt. & Artificer RI-
Brewster, Samuel * 17535-10-1848Jonesville Cemetery - Jonesville, NYPvt. NY-
Brisbane (Brisbin), William -7-23-1834Schuylerville Cemetery - Schuylerville, NYAlbany Co., NY Militia-
Brown, Ezekiel -6-22-1831St. John's Church Cemetery - Greenfield, NYPvt. CT-
Brown, Humphry--Cemetery at Greenfield Centre--
Brown, Ruhamah17932/22/1840Greenfield Center , St. John's Cemetery, Greenfield, NY--
Browne, Capt. Henry--Sweetman Cemetery, Charlton, NY--
Bryans, Alexander--Greenridge Cemetery, Saratoga Springs, NY--
Buell, Ezra173710/28/1833Stillwater Union Cemetery, Stillwater, NYGuide to the American Army at the Battle of Stillwater.-
Buel, Reuben--Greenridge Cemetery, Saratoga Springs, NY--
Bumpus, Sylvester--Stillwater Burying Ground, Stillwater, NY--
Burgess, Jeremiah17379/10/1828Malta Ridge Cemetery, Malta Ridge, NY--
Burr, Joel--Galway Village Cemetery, Galway, NY--
Burton, Alazor (Elezer) -2-24-1818Baptist Church Cemetery - Wilton, NYPvt. NY-
Bushes, Samuel--Abandoned Cemetery, Schuylerville, NYAt Valley Forge, Battle of Monmouth, Son-in-law of Abraham Marshall.-
Campbell, Robert -2-19-1789Yellow Meeting House Cemetery - Stillwater, NYPvt. NY-
Carr, Joseph3 April 1757, RI15 March 1843Carr Cemetery, Moreau, NYCpl., RIRebecca, 1762-1827
Clark, Gen. Samuel--East Line Union Cemetery, Malta, NY--
Clements, Peter17471834Taylor or Ferris Cemetery, Lake Rd. Bemis Heights Crossing, Stillwater, NY--
Clute, Geradus (Gradus) 10-19-173512-12-1803Van Schoonhoven Cemetery - Waterford, NYCapt. NY Mil.-
Cole, Ambrose--Ormsbee Cemetery - Greenfield, NY--
Cook, Aaron -7-30-1841Sweetman Cemetery - Charlton, NYPvt. CT-
Cook, John -8-23-1817Clark Schoolhouse Cemetery - Edinburgh, NYPvt. NY-
Cook, Nathaniel 4-10-17281-10-1812Sweetman Cemetery - Charlton, NYCPL NY Mil.-
Cook, Samuel -7-28-1834Sweetman Cemetery - Charlton, NYPvt. NY-
Cooper, Samuel171912/13/1801Taylor or Ferris Cemetery, Stillwater, NYPrivate, 13th Regiment, Albany County Militia-
Cooper, William17363/20/1812Yellow Meeting House Cemetery, Stillwater, NY13th Regiment, Albany County Militia-
Corey (Cory), David 7-31-17503-18-1809Ballston Cemetery - Ballston, NYPvt. NJ-
Curtis, Jeremiah, Jr. 11-7-17541-1-1798Blair Cemetery - Galway, NYPvt. NY-
Danforth, Samuel * 5-11-17594-15-1838First or Sadler Cemetery - Greenfield, NYLieu. Mass.-
Darling, Eilind -6-1-1848Wesley Denton Cemetery - Day, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Davidson, James -12-27-1839Scotch Cemetery - W. Charlton, NYPvt. NY-
Davidson, Thomas 8-30-17572-15-1824Galway Village Cemetery - Galway, NYPvt. CT-
Davis, Evan -1-6-1827Arnold Cemetery - Wilton, NYPvt. NY-
Davis, John -3-24-1813Marshall Cemetery - Saratoga, NYPvt. NY-
Davis, Silas -6-11-1811Whitford Cemetery - Saratoga Springs, NYPvt. NY-
Dawson, William -4-27-1822Old Cemetery, Charlton, NYPvt. Mass.-
Deake (Dake), Charlesae. 65 yrs.11/11/1803Dake Homestead Farm - Greenfield, NYEnlisted in Capt. William Browns Company in the Cambridge or 16th Regt. Albany County Militia, Oct. 1775 Minute Man and took part as a Patriot soldier in the Battlre of Bennington, in which battle he was wounded.Anna Gould, buried beside him.
Dimick, Benjamin Sept. 30, 1757, CT2 Aug. 1850Dimick Road Cemetery, Northumberland, NYLieut., CT, 2. Thankful, 1771-1829.
Filloe, Adams Philo7/6/176812/22/1836Middletown Cemetery, Saratoga County, NYSon of Nathan.-
Fillow, Nathanbef. 17473/28/1810Middletown Cemetery, Saratoga County, NYInjured while Captain in calvalry. Had 2 sons, 13 & 14 years of age who served on picket duty under his supervision.-
Godes, Samuel -11-12-1816Dunning Street Cemetery - Malta, NYPvt. NY-
Golding, Amosae. 871843Cemetery at Gurn Spring - Gurn Spring, NYPrivate 1775-1776, Col. Hannonds Regt.; Private 1777, Col. Luddingtons Regt.; Private 1778, Col. Seldons Regt.; Private 1779, Col. Honeywells Regt.Betsy Leonard, buried beside him.
Goodwin, James -3-15-1814Beecher Hollow Cemetery - Edinburgh, NYPvt. CT-
Grinnell (Grinell), Daniel 4-29-172912-21-1801Grinell Cemetery - Middle Grove, NYPvt. CT-
Hagerman (Hageman), Adam -3-22-1815Vischer's Ferry Cemetery - Vischer's Ferry, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Hawley, IchabodNov. 12, 1756, CT5 March 1814Reynolds Corners Cemetery, Moreau, NYPvt., CTHuldah Root, born 1762, died 15 Dept. 1824
Hosley, Sampson * -11-13-1843Beecher Hollow Cemetery - Edinburgh, NYSOL. CT-
Knight (Nights) (Knights), Aaron -9-8-1835Baptist Church Cemetery - Stillwater, NYPvt. Dutchess Co., NY Mil.-
Laing, John 17243-23-1793Laing Cemetery - Wilton, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Lamphear (Lampheir) (Lampher), Levi -12-10-1818Jewell Cemetery - Saratoga, NYPvt. Albany Co., NY Mil.-
Lane, Gilbert 17509-19-1805Sweetman Cemetery - Charlton, NYPvt. 2 Dutchess Co., NY Mil.-
Lansing, John -8-19-1822Armstrong Cemetery - Malta, NYPvt. NY-
Lewis, James--Cemetery at Greenfield Centre.--
Major, James -9-11-1776Galway Village Cemetery - Galway, NYPvt. Dutchess Co., NY Mil.-
Maxwell, John -8-21-1812Old Cemetery - Charlton, NYPvt. NJ-
Mc Clellan (Mc Clelland), John 17554-12-1819Galway Village Cemetery - Galway, NYPvt. NY-
Mc Crea, James 17395-7-1826Briggs Cemetery - Ballston, NYPvt. NY-
Mc Crea, Samuel 9-16-17496-16-1809Briggs Cemetery - Ballston, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Mc Cutcheon, Andrew 17095-19-1804Bacon Hill Cemetery - Bacon Hill, NYPvt. NY-
Mc Donald, Michael -6-29-1823Ballston Cemetery - Ballston, NYPvt. NY-
Mc Guyer, Luke * -1-11-1837Old Cemetery - Waterford, NYNY-
Mc Knight, John -10-3-1822Sweetman Cemetery - Ballston, NYPvt. NY-
Mc Martin, Duncan 17626-27-1835West Galway Cemetery - Galway, NYPvt. NY-
Mead, Jasper 2-12-17555-23-1830Galway Village Cemetery - Galway, NYLieu. CT-
Millard (Millerd), Eleazer -1-13-1832Collamer Cemetery - Collamer Heights, NYPvt. NY-
Millard (Millerd), Eleazer -5-25-1795Baptist Church Cemetery - Burnt Hills,, NYPvt. Albany Co., NY Mil.-
Millard (millerd), Robert -9-8-1851Baptist Church Cemetery - Burnt Hills,, NYPvt. Albany Co.-
Millard, (Millerd), Nathaniel 17658-6-1829Hillside Cemetery - Burnt Hills, NYPvt. NY-
Miller, Christopher -1-7-1829Vischer's Ferry Cemetery - Vischer's Ferry, NYPvt. Albany Co., Mil.-
Miller, John 8-3-17582-15-1819Baptist Church Cemetery - Stillwater, NYPvt. NY-
Miller, Thomas -7-3-1812Ross Cemetery - Northumberland, NYPvt. NY-
Milligan, Robert -8-29-1842Milligan Cemetery - Wilton, NYPvt. Albany Co., NY Mil.-
Parks, Daniel17401818Parks Family Cemetery, Moreau, NY--
Parks, SolomonMarch 5, 17653 April 1843Parks Family Cemetery, Moreau, NYSoldier, NY-
Perry, Henry * 17632-14-1848Clark Cemetery - Providence, NYPvt. NY-
Reynolds, George17511824Reynolds Corners Cemetery, Moreau, NYAlbany Co. NY Militia-
Rogers, Thomas 17459-20-1816Rogers Cemetery - Saratoga, NYPvt. CTAbigail, born 1744, died 1827.
Rundle, Jabez 17528-7-1837Yellow Meeting House Cemetery - Stillwater, NYPvt. NY-
Shippey, Joseph, Jr.17541816Trumbull Cemetery, Moreau, NYPvt., Berkshire Co., MA Militia-
Smith, Elias 17659-2-1845Smith Cemetery - Charlton, NYPvt. Albany Co., NY Mil.-
Smith, Jonathan 17625-2-1824Cold Brook Cemetery - Edinburgh, NYPvt. & Montross CT-
Spears (Speir), Archibald -11-20-1839Hubbell Cemetery - Ballston, NYPvt. NY-
Stevens, Nehemiah17611843Reynolds Corners Cemetery, Moreau, NY-Hannah, 1762-1822
Stevenson, Nathaniel175119 March 1839Reynolds Corners Cemetery, Moreau, NYCpl., PA-
Sumner, Robert * 9-18-176111-12-1845Cold Brook Cemetery - Edinburgh, NYSgt. CT-
Van Alstyne (VanAlstine, Lambaert (Lambart) 10-4-17243-29-1797Jacob Mott (Vosburgh) Cemetery - Charlton, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Van Epps, Abrham 10-15-17383-19-1812Kopmyer Farm Cemetery - Charlton, NYCapt. NY Mil.-
Visscher (Vischer), Eldert bpt. 2-11-17531-6-1840Vischer's Ferry Cemetery - Vischer's Ferry, NYPvt. NY-
Visscher (Vischer), Nanning -9-9-1796New Cemetery - Waterford, NYPvt. NY-
Wadsworth, Fenn -6-21-1785First or Sadler Cemetery - Greenfield, NYPvt. CT-
Wait, Oliver 1-15-17423-14-1817Jonesville Cemetery - Jonesville, NYEnsign NY Mil.-
Wait, Reuben 10-23-17579-8-1831Carpenter Cemetery - Barkersville, NYPvt. RI-
Wait, William -6-22-1849Whitford Cemetery - Saratoga Springs, NYPvt. Albany Co., NY Mil.-
Walker, Benjamin -11-3-1839Sleezer Cemetery - West Providence, NYPvt. NJ-
Wallace, Jacob -6-22-1849Baptist Church Cemetery - Burnt Hills,, NYPvt. NY-
Ward, John 8-20-17567-20-1840Ward Cemetery - Saratoga, NYPvt. NY; Body guard of Philip SchuylerJane Daniels, died Nov. 3, 1845, age 82, buried beside him.
Waring, Nathaniel -4-2-1808Waring Cemetery - Saratoga, NYPvt. NY-
Warren, John 12-25-175312-25-1823Green Ridge Cemetery - Saratoga Springs, NYLieu. Mass.-
Warren, John * -9-27-1838Jersey Hill Cemetery - Galway, NYPvt. CT-
Washburn, Daniel -8-6-1828Abbot Cemetery - Edinburgh, NYPvt. NY-
Washburn, Robert 17394-24-1831Emerson Corners Cemetery - Gurn Springs, NYPvt. NY-
Waterman, Asa 7-25-173611-9-1817Baptist Church Cemetery - Burnt Hills,, NYLieu. Co NY-
Watrous, Edward A. 9-11-175312-19-1802Briggs Cemetery - Ballston, NYPatriot NY-
Weed, Abraham * 175912-28-1843Scott Cemetery - South Greenfield, NYNY-
Weed, Isaac 173110-29-1803Cornell Cemetery - Wilton, NYPvt. CT-
Weed, John, Jr. 3-26-17425-21-1803Factory Village Cemetery - Milton, NY1st Lt. NH-
Weed, Noah -3-11-1841Lawrence Cemetery - South Greenfield, NYPvt. NY-
Weed, Reuben -6-24-1810Cornell Cemetery - Wilton, NYPvt.-
Weed, Thaddeus -2-12-1804Cornell Cemetery - Wilton, NYCapt. CT-
Weeks, James * 2-11-17533-17-1847Armstrong Cemetery - Malta, NYPvt. NY-
Weld, John -1-11-1835Smith Cemetery - Charlton, NYPvt. CT-
Westcott, Elijah 2-18-175111-23-1832St. John's Church Cemetery - Greenfield, NYPvt. CT-
Westcott, Joseph -9-19-1795Briggs Cemetery - Ballston, NYPvt. NY-
Wheeler, Jeremiah -3-20-1851Woodworth Cemetery - Corinth, NYPvt. CT-

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