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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Steuben County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Steuben County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Abbott, Jamesage 775/20/1830Private Burial Ground, Arkport, NYOne of the patriots of '76 from the Wyoming ValleyPhoebe
Armstrong, Nathan17571839Mapleview Cemetery, Cohocton, NY--
Auld (Aulis), William1-21-17482-23-1816Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Urbana, NYPvt. PA-
Baker, Jeremiah, Sr.174712/23/1825Old Baker Cemetery, Canesteo, NYOrganized first M. E. Church in Canesteo, Soldier in Capt. Simon Spaulding's Independant Company, Served in General Sullivans Expedition. His wife Anna was captured by Indians in Wyoming Massacre, was rescued by her husband.Wife Anna buried beside him
Baker, Capt. Samuel7/26/17573/28/1851Town Line Cemetery, Cameron, NYRevolutionary War from 1776 to May 1783. Released by Burgoynes Surrender, Served under Col. Willett.Wife Esther buried beside him
Bartholomew, Daniel175812-22-1842Bradford Cemetery, Bradford, NYSol. NY-
Baxter, BenjaminFeb. 17577-7-1823Thomas Cemetery, Paultney, NYPvt. CT-
Bennett, Ephraim--Old Bennett Cemetery - Howard, NYNew York Line, Hawthornes Regiment-
Bennett, Solomon175010/1823Old Willowbend Cemetery, Canesteo, NYPrivate in Capt. Bidlack's Co. at Battle of Wyoming, Pa. 7-3-177?Private Captain John Franklins Company, marked.-
Bixby (Biscbee), Sampson *5-3-17592-11-1847East Campbell Cemetery, Campbell, NYPvt. Mass.-
Brown, Elisha--Old Browns Crossing Cemetery - Canisteo, NYPrivate Weissenfels Levies, New York Line-
Buchanan, Williamage 787/13/1817Hubbard Stanton Farm, Avoca, NY-Mary McWhorter, sister of Hugh McWhorter.
Burgett, Lambert *176412-28-1843/44Erwin - Townsend Cemetery, Erwin, NYSol. NY-
Campbell, Solomon6-13-174912-30-1823Hillside Cemetery, Campbell, NYSgt. NY-
Cary, Ebenezer10/1754 Orange Co., NY3/18/1835Arkport Cemetery, Arkport, NYServed in Battle of Wyoming-
Closson, Nehimiah--Old Baker Cemetery, Hornellsville, NYMinute man, Privete in Wheelocks Company, Battle of Trenton-
Corbin, Stephen *8-5-176010-19-1842Coopers Plains Cemetery, Erwin, NYPvt. Mass.-
Couderman, Adamage 839/25/1851Old Dutch Street Cemetery - Freemont, NYWhen extremely young was detailed to guard Fort Willett. Private Willetts Regiment, New York LineWife Elizabeth buried beside him
Couderman, John A.age 907/10/1838Old Dutch Street Cemetery - Freemont, NYLieut. in New York Line, Advanced from private.-
Crosby, Richard, Capt.--Old Crosbyville Cemetery - Canisteo, NYMember of George Washingtons Body Guard, Officer in Dutchess County Militia, New York Line-
Crosby, Reuben--Old Crosbyville Cemetery - Canisteo, NYPrivate Du Bois Regiment, Quarter Master Fields Regiment, New York Line-
Darrin, Danielage 8111/4/1838Troupsburg, NYPrivate in second Battalion In Battles of Long Island, White Plains, Trenton and in the NY CampaignWife Martha buried beside him
Dean, John1741, Conn.1823Thomas Burying Ground, Poultney, NYPrivate, Dutchess County Militia, Colonel Luddington, 7th Regt. Wife Mary Miles
Dennis, Moses *5-27-175212-18-1845Jasper Cemetery, Jasper, NYPvt. Mass.-
Dolby, Perdon--Old Bennett Cemetery - Howard, NYPrivate, Connecticut Line-
Failing, Philip17651848Five Corners Cemetery - Jasper, NYEnlisted at 14. Served under Cols DuBois and Willett in Battles of Stone Arabia, Ft. Plain, Johnstown. Received pension in 1832.-
Gilman, John--Town Line Cemetery, Cameron Mills, NYNew York Militia, Revolutionary War-
Gooding, John9-15-17546-6-1837Mead Settlement Cemetery, Greenwood, NYPvt. VT-
Hadley, James--Old Hadleyville Cemetery - Canisteo, NYBattle of Wyoming-
Hallett, Nathan, Captainage 70-Old Settlers Cemetery, Canesteo, NYPrivate in New York Line, Marked "Soldier of Revolution".-
Halliday, Amosage 1064/9/1853Cemetery at Loon Lake, Loon Lake, NYService began at Bunker Hill and ended at YorktownWife Arzubah buried beside him
Hamilton, Alexander--Howard, NYRevolutionary Pensioner-
Hammond, Hinsdale17619-10-1841East Campbell Cemetery, Campbell, NYSol. NY-
Harding, Oliver9/17554/8/1838Harding Hill Cemetery - Freemont, NYPresent at Surrender of Cornwallis-
Havens, Joseph17531833Old Clearview Cemetery, Cohocton, NY--
Henry, Smith--Mapleview Cemetery, Cohocton, NY--
Hilliker, John11/20/1759 Westchester County, NY-Jasper, NYRevolutionary Soldier and Patriot-
Holmes, Samuel--Jasper, NYPrivate, New York Line. Captured by Indians; escaped; rejoined army.-
Hotchkin, Beriah17551829Old Main Street Cemetery, Prattsburg, NY--
Hurlburt, Christopher, Sergt.age 748/21/1831Arkport Cemetery, Arkport, NYParticipated in Battles of White Plains, Trenton, Princeton and the N.Y. Campaigns, Sergt. Capt. John Franklins Co. Wyoming Pa. Served also under the immediate Command of George WashingtonHis wife Elizabeth buried beside him
Hurlburt, Napthaliage 753/25/1844Arkport Cemetery, Arkport, NYPrivate Capt. John Franklins Co. Wyoming, Pa.Wife Olive buried beside him
Jamison, John Captainage 823/23/1826Old Willowbend Cemetery - Canesteo, NYCommanded a Company at the beginning of the war. Taken prisoner at Battle of Fort Washington, confined in British Prison Ships. Grave marked.Wife Nancy buried beside him
Kellogg, Nathaniel17581846Old Five Corners Cemetery, Jasper, NYMarked "War of 1776"-
Kruzen, Richard--Greenwood, NYRevolutionary Soldier New York Line-
Little, Benjamin17551841Bradford Cemetery, Bradford, NYSol. NY-
Lyons, James *10-19-17615-2-1850Old St. Catherine Church Cemetery, Addison, NYPvt. NY-
Mallory, Nathaniel1752 VT1828 age 76Mallorys Corner Cemetery, Troupsburg, NYArdent patriot and wounded in the service-
McWhorter, Hugh-3/6/1812Hubbard Stanton Farm, Avoca, NY--
Mead, Enos6/3/1761 Greenwich, Ct.9/5/1838 Greenwood, N.Y.Mead Cemetery - Greenwood, NYEnlisted in Connecticut LineWife Prudence Anderson buried beside him
Merereau, Joshua, Jr. (?)6-8-17591-20-1857Presho Cemetery, Erwin, NYPvt. NY-
Mersereau, Joshua17581-20-1857Presho Cemetery, Erwin, NYPvt. NJ-
Miles, Isaacage 8011/22/1843Town Line Cemetery - Cameron Mills, NY-Wife Martha buried beside him
Morris, Andrew--Canesteo, NYLieutentant Master in Coloniel Navy. Served through out the war. Taken prisoner and exchanged several times.-
Mulford, Ezekiel5-22-17641-11-1813Lt. Col. Eleaser Lindsley Cemetery, Lindley, NYFld. Surg. NJ Mil.-
Ordway, Enoch17551830Greenwood, NYSharp shooter in New Hampshire Line-
Patchin, Walter7-24-17643-20-1854Private Cemetery, Wayland, NYPvt. NY-
Patterson, Benjamin9-16-17597-2-1830Erwin - Townsend Cemetery, Erwin, NYSol. PA-
Patterson (Patison), Robert176010-2-1840Erwin - Townsend Cemetery, Erwin, NYSol. Rifle Co.-
Pratt, Joel17461821Old Main Street Cemetery, Prattsburg, NY--
Rice, Samuel--Troupsburg, NYEnlisted at 15, Served in Connecticut Line-
Riker, John17591853Ingleside Cemetery, Prattsburg, NY--
Rowley, John--Old Rowley Cemetery, Canesteo, NYPrivate Albany County Militia, New York Line-
Seelye, John17571-19-1813Lt. Col. Eleaser Lindsley Cemetery, Lindley, NYSol. PA-
Semen, Maj. William S.age 853/21/1845Old Sandy Hill Cemetery, Rogersville (South Dansville), NYSoldier of the Revolution. His intense devotion to the cause won him title of MajorHis wife Agnes buried beside him
Shattuck, Joseph17491819Mapleview Cemetery, Cohocton, NY--
Sheldon, Epaphrus8-2-17531-31-1850Thomas Cemetery, Paultney, NYCol. CT-
Simpson, Andrewage 848/11/1845Main Cemetery, Troupsburg, NYServed at Bennington when a mere ladWife Rebecca buried beside him
Smith, Caleb10-24-17621-13-1839Woodhull Cemetery, Woodhull, NYPvt. NY-
Spike, Daniel17601844Old Clearview Cemetery, Cohocton, NY--
Stearns, John--Old Willowbend Cemetery, Canesteo, NYWhile yet a boy he drove a team carrying ordinance and commissary from Worcester to Boston.His wife Bethiah B. buried beside him
Steele, William5-20-17624-4-1851Gorton Cemetery, Corning, NYSol.-
Stephens, Elias--Hornellsville, NYBattle of NewtownWife Polly Crosby buried beside him
Stephens, Elijah--Hornellsville, NYNew York Line, New York LeviesWife Abigail buried beside him
Stevens, Jedediah, Lieut.age 721/26/1830Old Cemetery at Canesteo Center, Canesteo, NYA minister of the M.E. Church. Served 6 years in the New York Militia. Was at Valley Forge, Germantown, and Brandywine.Wife Abigail buried beside him
Stevens, John, Col.4/10/1776 Genben, Ct.3/19/1857 Greenwood, N.Y.Main Cemetery - Greenwood, NYEnlisted as a young lad. Served in Pa. LineWife Olive buried beside him
Stevens, Uriahage 908/2/1849Old Cemetery at Canesteo Center, Canesteo, NYOne of the sufferers of the Wyoming Massacre. Served 5 years of the war in a Pennsylvania Company. Grave marked.Wife Elizabeth buried beside him
Strait, David10-2-17421817Baxter Hill Cemetery, Tuscarora, NYSol. Rifle Co_-
Strong, Nathaniel *7-13-17552-7-1848West Hill Church Cemetery, Prattsburg, NYPvt. Mass.-
Thompson, Johnc 1750Oct. 1824Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Corning, NYPvt. PA-
Thompson, Thomasc 175410-9-1823Pritchard Cemetery, Corning, NYPvt. PA-
Thornton, Presley-1806Old Bath Cemetery, Bath, NYMajor NY-
Tilson, -----Troupsburg, NYRevolutionary Soldier-
Towner, Gershom17501829Hubbard Stanton Farm, Avoca, NYGrave marked.Tamer, died Nov. 13, 1827, age 74.
Towsley, Amos--Jasper, NYRevolutionary Soldier-
Travis (Traverse), Sylvenus (Silvanus)4-27-17471828Wixson Cemetery, Wayne, NYSol. NY-
Voorheis, Isaac4-3-175810-4-1844Old Presbyterian Cemetery, Paultney, NYPvt. NJ-
Ward, Abijah *10-2-175912-15-1835Erwin - Townsend Cemetery, Erwin, NYPvt. NJ-
Wheeler, Silas--Wheeler Cemetery, Cohocton, NY--
Wilbur, Benjamin--Howard, NYRevolutionary War Soldier-
Willson, Moore17591849Ingleside Cemetery, Prattsburg, NY--
Wolcott, Charles174811-18-1858Old Gorton Cemetery, Corning, NYSol. NY-
Wolcott, Justus2-1-17354-29-1831Old Gorton Cemetery, Corning, NYPvt. NY-
Woodward, Jonas174411-8-1830East Campbell Cemetery, Campbell, NYPvt.-
Woodworth, William17632-23-1843East Campbell Cemetery, Campbell, NYSol.-
Wright, Jesse--Troupsburg, NYServed at Lexington White Plains Bennington-
Youmans, Jonas *5-18-17583-28-1850Riverside Cemetery, Campbell, NYCpl. NY-

* pensioner

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