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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Sullivan County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Sullivan County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Ambler, Adam-9/5/1778Sullivan County, N.Y.Private. Killed by Indians and Tories at the Battle of Chestnut Woods Sept. 5, 1778.-
Barnes, John--Eber Townsend Graveyard, Between Neversink and Grahamville, New York--
Bowers, Joab--Hodge Buring Ground, Neversink Flats, NYStone has been removed from his grave. Soldier of the Revolution and tradition says he stood guard over the prision where Major Andre was incarcerated.Lydia, buried beside him.
Brownson, Major Abraham6/2/17594/1/1837St. Johns Cemetery, Monticello, NYInscription on stone reads "Major Abraham Brownson, a soldier of the Revolution who was born June 2, 1759, died Apr. 1, 1837".Rhoda, died Dec. 22, 1827, age 58 yrs. 5 mos. 13 days.
Calkins, Oliver1753Sept. 1787Skinners Buring GroundVolunteered as Scout under Col. Hawthorn. Served in Battle of Minisink.Hannah Thomas, died 1832, buried beside him.
Darrow, Major Daniel--Benton Graveyard, Neversink, NY--
Davenport, Jacobusage 99Apr. 1857Eber Townsend Graveyard, Between Neversink and Grahamville, New YorkJacobus Davenport requested to be buried beside John Barnes and Peter Koons because they were fellow soldiers and had died previous to his death. See Quinlans History of Sullivan County P. 461 for Battle of Chestnut Woods.-
Dodge, Daniel2/22/17282/2_/1821
Rockland, NY
Westfield Flats Cemetery, Roscoe, NYPrivate in Col. Weissenfels LeviesMary
Drake, Jeremiahage 846/22/1845Pound Cemetery, Neversink, NY-Phoebe Reynolds, dau. Of Henry Reynolds, died Nov. 21, 1853, age 83 yrs.
Drake, Jesse17605/17/1833Skinners Buring GroundPrivate in Northampton Co. Penna Militia, Continental Line Penna.Abagail Thomas, buried beside him.
Graham, John, Lieut.--Sullivan County, N.Y.--
Groo, Samuel17581781Vantran Cemetery, Neversink, NYPrivate in the Revolutionary War.Susan Brooks, buried beside him.
Hall, David-1776 in
Sugar House Prison
Eber Townsend Graveyard, Between Neversink and Grahamville, New YorkCorp. Capt. Beebe's Co. Col. Bradleys Regiment. Made prisoner near New York. Five letters as proof.Mehitable Lionor.
Hammond, John--Pound Cemetery, Neversink, NYGrave marked-
Joslin, David8/24/1760
New Haven, Ct.
Rockland, NY
Beaverkill CemeteryEnlisted from New Haven, Ct. July 1779 for 1 mo. Private under Capt. Gilbert. 1780-1781 for 8 mos. Private under Capt. Yates. 1781 for 2 mos. Private under Capt. Yates. In Battle of New Haven. Moved from New Haven to Ninety Six S.C. living there for 3 years then back to Maranthen to New Haven then to Sullivan County, N.Y. Applied for pension Oct. 9, 1832. Claim allowed for $3. per month. Died at home of his son Joseph Joslin.Catherine, born Feb. 24, 1771, died Sept. 23, 1813.
Koons, Peter--Eber Townsend Graveyard, Between Neversink and Grahamville, New York--
Kuykendall, Wilhelmus4/1/1762
Port Jervis, NY
near Wurtsboro, NY
Stanton Graveyard, Wurtsboro, NYEntered service when 15. Private Orange County Militia 1777 - 1780. Last service under Capt. Abram Westfall, Col. Albert Pawlings Regiment.Jane Gumaer, dau. Of Jacob De Witt Gumaer and Huldah Decker, born July 13, 1766, married Feb. 16, 1784, died Jan. 13, 1844, buried beside him.
Lassey, John--Beaverkill CemeteryPrivate under Capt. Peter MillsSarah Tyler
Reynolds, Henry1742
Peekskill, NY
Neversink, NY
Pound Cemetery, Neversink, NYMinute man at Stoney Point under General Wayne.Mary Fowler, born 1743, Married abt. 1769, died 1825.
Sanford, Elias9/18/1760
Redding, Ct.
Fulton Settlement
Fulton Cemetery, Bethel, NYElias Sanford when a young man served in the Revolutionary War with his father Seth Sanford. He was stationed at Peekskill, N.Y. during the revolution under Capt. Jonathan Demors and his son Elias was with him.Hannah Young, born Apr. 29, 1760 in Stamford, Ct. Married Aug. 31, 1786, died Apr. 20, 1856, Fulton Settlement age 96 yrs.
Smith, Jeremiah--Vantran Cemetery, Neversink, NY--
Stewart, Jehiel17503/18/1813Westfield Flats Cemetery, Roscoe, NYMinute man at Bunker Hill. Served under Washington at Long Island. Trenton, Monmouth and Valley Forge with the owls as his musical companions. His gun was given the name of "Old Owl Gun". It was made for him when but 17 by Falley of Conn.Inscribed for "J. Stewart in 1767". Was with Washington at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown Oct. 19, 1781.Rachel Wailliams, born Mar. 31, 1760 Blanford, Mass. Married 1776, buried beside him.
Temple, Robert---Private-
Tyler, Charles1762-Curtis Cemetery, Cochecton, N.Y.Private Capt. Albert Pawlings Regiment. No stone.Rachel Conklin
Tyler, Nathaniel1756-Ross Buring Ground, Callicoon, N.Y.Drummer boy with Green Mountain Boys. Taken prisoner at Battle of St. Johns.Peggy Ross, buried beside him.
Tyler, Timothy17551820Near Bethel, Sullivan County, New YorkPrivate in Capt. Peter Mills Company. Private in Capt. Baldwins Regiment of Artificers. Died near Bethel. Rachel Middad.

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