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Revolutionary War Soldiers
Buried in Tompkins County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Tompkins County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
Ackley, Joel--Rural Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Atkinson, James--Rural Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Bush, Capt. John8/18/17361819Beers Cemetery, Danby, NYGrave marked.
Beers, Abner--Beers Cemetery, Danby, NYGrave marked.
Beers, Jabez--Beers Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Beers, Davidage 73-Beers Cemetery, Danby, NYGrave marked.
Beers, Daniel--Danby, NYFifer in the Revolution. Grave marked.
Beers, Barnabas--Ithaca City Cemetery, Ithaca, NY-
Button, Asa--Rural Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Blanchard, Nathaniel--Unknown-
Brown, Ebenezer17501848LansingPrivate under Major Gibbs.
Bush, Major John--Beers Cemetery, Danby, NYGrave marked.
Burgess, Michael--City Cemetery, Ithaca, NY7th Regt. 3rd Co. under Col. James Clinton.
Burgess, John--City Cemetery, Ithaca, NYGrave marked.
Bloom, Ephraim17281828LansingBattle of Germantown.
Bradley, Major Lemi--Groton-
Conger, Zenas--Burial Place Unknown-
Coykendall, Capt. Benjaminage 883/12/1837City Cemetery, Ithaca, NYBorn at Horseheads. Grave marked.
Cooper, John Price-2/1/1778-3rd Regt. Conn. Line under Col. Thomas Craig.Residence Danby. Grave marked.
Cantine, Capt. John10/20/17354/30/1808Caroline Cemetery, Brookton, NYMajor of Ulster Regiment on New York. Grave marked.
Clark, Capt. Jesse--Groton-
Dodge, Seth--West Dryden-
Demond, Moses--Danby Cemetery, Danby, NY2nd Regt. DuBois Co. Pa.
Dawson, Titus--Beers Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Dowler, George--Danby Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Dunscomb, Capt. Edward--Danby, NY-
Duplessis, -----Danby, NYColored.
Eager, John-4/11/1814City Cemetery, Ithaca, NYGrave marked.
Ewer, Paul--EtnaSailor.
Edgecomb, Gilbert--McLean-
Fletcher, John--Log Cemetery, 3 mi. S. of Trumansburg-
Field, Ichabod--Burial place unknown-
Ferris, Joshua17611848City Cemetery, Ithaca, NYBorn in Peekskill, died in Ithaca. 1778 Enrolled in militia commanded by Boyd. Served in Samuel Drakes Regt. Grave marked.
Fox, Samuelage 8810/10/1844West Dryden Cemetery, West Dryden, NYServed seven years. First settler of Fox Corners or West Dryden.
Genung, Moses--Burial Place unknown.-
Genung, Benjamin--Dutch Reformed Cemetery, near Slatersville-
Griswold, Edward-3/22/1843Green Hill Cemetery, Dryden, NYGrave marked.
Harrington, Jacob--Unknown-
Hyalt, Jesse--Beers Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Hatch, Oliver--Groton Cemetery, Groten, NYServed seven years. 1795 came to Groton.
Hawkins, Thomasage 996/5/1866Ithaca City Cemetery, Ithaca, NY-
Hicks, Major Benjamin--Groton Cemetery, Groton, NY-
Howe, Moses--Groton Cemetery, Groton, NY-
Johnson, Lawrence--Unknown-
Johnson, Abraham--Ithaca City Cemetery, Ithaca, NY-
Johnson, Col. John--Ithaca City Cemetery, Ithaca, NYGrave marked. Son of Abram.
Joy, Benjamin--UnknownDecended from Thomas Joy who came from Norfolk County, England in 1630 with Gov. Winthrop. Died in Dryden.
Knapp, Samuel1750age 91PeruvilleBattles Trenton, Princeton, Stoney Point.
Knapp, George--DrydenCame to Dryden from Lansingville in 1798.
Larrabee, Eliasage 844/14/1847Dryden, NYGrave marked.
Lockwood, Job--Beers Cemetery, Danby, NYGrave marked. Lived in Danby.
Lord, Joel--Congregational Church Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Lee, Jeptha-3/11/1855Ulysses CemeteryGrave marked.
Linderman, Cornelius--Ithaca City Cemetery, Ithaca, NY-
Mulks, Benoni174210/14/1832Slaterville CemeteryServed in Gates Army. Battle of Saratoga.
McMasters, James--Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery, Caroline, NYDied at Ellis Hollow.
McDowell, Hobert-1802Ithaca City Cemetery, Ithaca, NY-
Mount, Grant17587/1841George Cemetery, West Dryden, NYFought at Trenton, Princeton, Monmouth.
McCutcheon, George---Joined the army at 16, Col. Shepards Mass. Regt. at Monmouth, Valley Forge, Saratoga, at Burgoynes Surrender. His wife Nancy Robinson died near Etna, buried on Robertsons Farm.
Mead, John--Lake Ridge-
Norwood, Francis--Robinson CemeteryServed in Burgoyne Campain. Lived in Caroline.
Nyalt, Asa--Unknown-
Personius, James--Dutch Reformed Cemetery, Caroline, NY-
Paine, Thomas--Toby Cemetery, Caroline, NY-
Pangborn, John--Ithaca City Cemetery, Ithaca, NYAt seige of Boston under General Washington.
Pumpelly, Johnage 931820Beers Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Pelton, Capt. Benjamin-1830-Grave marked.
Robertson, Capt.--Robertson Farm, near Etna, NYBrother-in-law of George. No Cutcheon.
Roe, William--Caroline, NY-
Snyder, Henry--Unknown-
Skillings, John1756--Born in Ireland, died on his farm North-west of Freeville.
Sherwood, Andrew99-Danby, NY-
Seabring, Richardage 831821Newfield CemeteryCommanded a company from beginning to end of war.
Smith, David--Beers Cemetery, Danby, NY-
Strong, Capt. Benojahage 96-Strong Family Cemetery, Lansing, NYNoted Pioneer.
Talmadge, Joel--Beers Cemetery, Danby, NYServed in Gates Army Saratoga.
Townley, Richard--Unknown-
Tiffany, Philemon--Mead School District CemeteryDied in Groton.
Treman, Abner12/25/17618/18/1823TrumansburgBorn in Columbia County, N.Y. Military record found in Roberts New York in the Revolution.
Tichenor, Zenas--LansingOne of twelve brotheres, all of whom served in the Revolution.
Wheeler, Sethage 729/23/1828Dryden, NYGrave marked. Full account of him in Dryden Town History P. 87-88. His wife Rebecca, died Feb. 25, 1821, age 62.
Woodruff, Gedor--McLean-
Wright, Isaac--Episcopal Church Cemetery, South Danby, NY-
Wyatt, Asa--Beers Cemetery, Danby, NY-

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