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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Warren County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Warren County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Austin, PhineasFeb. 1752, RI12 Feb. 1812Austin Cemetery, Queensbury, NYPvt., NYHannah Germain
Bailey, Elijah15 Oct. 1757, MA9 March 1825Dodd Hill Cemetery, Hague, NYMA LineSusannah Litchfield
Balcom, Micah, Jr.16 Jan. 1744, MA10 June 1811Dodd Hill Cemetery, Hague, NYPvt., MACatherine Herrington
Barber, Samuel1 May 1762, RI1843Private Cemetery, Thurman, NYPvt., RIThankful Kenyon
Barney, Asa 17561841 Kingsbury Cemetery, Glens Falls, NYPrivate, Mass. Line.-
Barton, Jonathan1 Sept. 1754, MA4 Feb. 1880Bolton Rural Cemetery, Bolton, NYCpl., MA and Continental LinesHannah Dix
Barton, Timothy S.Oct. 175830 June 1844Bolton Rural Cemetery, Bolton, NYPvt., MAPhebe, born Dec. 1760, died 9 May 1824.
Brown, Nehemiah22 Dec. 1760, NY1855 (?)Farm, Dixon Hill Rd. Bolton, NYNY Line-
Chapman, Amos1758, CT19 March 1835No. Caldwell Cemetery, Caldwell, NYNY LineBetsey Pangmon, born 1765, died 15 June 1855
Combs, Joshua, Jr.1764, MA14 Apr. 1853Weaver Cemetery, Warrensburg, NYPvt., MAAnna Loveland
Comstock, Anson13 June 1764, CT5 Sept. 1841Bay Street Cemetery, Glens Falls, NYCT LineLorraine Bailey
Coolidge, Jonathan16 Sept. 1761, MA25 Sept. 1822Bolton Rural Cemetery, Bolton, NYPvt., MAAnna Burdick, born 17 Sept. 1777, died 9 July 1860.
Crandal, Pardon176124 March 1837No. Caldwell Cemetery, Caldwell, NY-Martha, born 1781, died 9 July 1826
Culver, David9 Sept. 17584 March 1848Chester Rural Cemetery, Chester, NYCT and Continental LinesMary French
Dickinson, JohnMay 1756-1759After 1841Farm, Dixon Hill Rd. Bolton, NYNY Line-
Ellis, Ezekiel1 Nov. 1763, MA22 June 1853Chester Rural Cemetery, Chester, NYPvt. MAJerusha Handy
Ferris, Warren19 Feb. 1763, Unk.26 Mar. 1813Bay Street Cemetery, Glens Falls, NYNY Line1. Ruth Taber
2. Keziah
Fish, Jonathan1762, NH1842Bolton Rural Cemetery, Bolton, NYDrummer, 4th MA Regt.Alice, born 1766, died 5 Aug. 1838.
French, Jonathan1760, MA18 Dec. 1837Federal Hill Cemetery, Bolton, NYPvt., MA1. Huldah Dwinnell
2. Mrs. Eliz. Cole
French, Samuel1745, MA21 March 1833Federal Hill Cemetery, Bolton, NYMA and RI LinesMary Johnson, born 1758.
Galusha, Abiram1762, CT5 June 1851Wevertown Cemetery, Johnsburg, NYPvt., CTMrs. Sarah (Thorn) Gregory Varnum, born 22 Oct. 1763, died after 1846
Garfield, Nathaniel26 Oct. 1760, ME9 Feb. 1839Dodd Hill Cemetery, Hague, NYPvt., MAEunice Woodward, born 16 Nov. 1762
Goodman, Eleazar1750, MA15 Dec. 1829Federal Hill Cemetery, Bolton, NYCapt., VTRebecca White, born 14 Jan. 1753, died 9 June 1846.
Gould, Willard22 March 1755, CT1 Jan. 1834Chester Rural Cemetery, Chester, NYCT, MA and Continental LinesAnne Arnold, born 19 Nov. 1752, died 17 Feb. 1833.
Griffing, Stephen1754, NY1 Mar. 1841Private Cemetery, Thurman, NYEns. NY and CTElizabeth Uhl, born 1765, died after Feb. 1843
Hall, John, Jr.1744, CT22 Feb. 1839Old Methodist Cemetery, Luzerne, NYNH Line-
Harris, Joseph17 June 17505 Dec. 1831Harrisena Cemetery, Queensbury, NYLt., NYElizabeth Sly, born 1759, died 21 April 1844
Harris, Moses, Jr.8 Nov. 1746, CT13 Nov. 1836Harrisena Cemetery, Queensbury, NYSgt., NY: spy1. Grace Stevens, born 1753, died Apr. 1813
2. Isabel Chevalier, born 1780, died June 1840
Hays, Benjamin6 April 1763, Unk.1839South Horicon Cemetery, Horicon, NYPvt., 4th Albany Reg., NY-
Higley, Seba1762, CT14 April 1849Landon Hill Cemetery, Chester, NYMA LineBethiah, born 1791, died after 1855.
Kenyon, Thurston22 Aug. 175326 Sept. 1841Reynolds Cemetery, Thurman, NYRI Line-
Knapp, Benjamin1763, CT-Landon Hill Cemetery, Chester, NYPvt., CT-
Lake, William1760After 1840West Church Cemetery, Chester, NYCT Line-
Lolley, Elijah15 Oct. 1757, Unk.9 March 1825Dodd Hill Cemetery, Hague, NYPvt., MA-
Mead, JasperJune 1760, CT13 Sept. 1847Mead Cemetery, Chester, NYCT LineSarah, born 1762, died 1 Jan. 1840
Newton, Shadrach1753, MA16 Oct. 1837Harrington Hill Cemetery, Warrensburg, NYPvt., MAMary Dike, born 1758, died after Mar. 1839
Pasco/Pasko, John1760, CT-Pasco Cemetery, Johnsburg, NYPvt., MAAbigail Frost, born 1763, died after 1840
Patchin, SamuelApril, 1758, CT18 March 1844Dodd Hill Cemetery, Hague, NYLt., NY: Obit. VT Gazeteer-
Phettiplace, John2 Mar. 1756, RI22 Nov. 1833Harrisena Cemetery, Queensbury, NYPvt., RIEliza Weaver, born 1766, died after 1843
Pierce, JohnMA1812Federal Hill Cemetery, Bolton, NYPatriot, VT (also Major??)1. Miriam Smith, 1756-1799
2. Polly, died 1809.
Randall, Jacob1760, MA9 April 1842Leavens Cemetery, Luzerne, NYPvt., MAElizabeth Call, born 29 Sept. 1763, died 19 April 1836
Robards, William10 Feb. 1749, CT9 Aug. 1802Sunnyside Cemetery, Queensbury, NYPvt., 13th Albany Co., NY MilitiaPhebe Fuller
Ross, Samuel1764, RIAfter 1840Athol Cemetery, Thurman, NYRI LineCatherine
Russell, Jeremiah1750-175314 Oct. 1814Old Methodist Cemetery, Luzerne, NY-Catherine Darling, born Circa 1766, died 6 Aug. 1848
Shaw, Daniel, Jr.1754, CT23 April 1828Lake George Cemetery, Caldwell, NYPvt., NYLucretia
Sherman, Jabez21 May 1754, MA9 Dec. 1835Landon Hill Cemetery, Chester, NYCpl. MA Militia Minutemen1. Thankful Winslow, born 14 Aug. 1755
2. Mercy Ellis (?), died after 1840
Smith, Reuben (Deacon)21 Feb. 175920 March 1842Federal Hill Cemetery, Bolton, NYPvt., Hampshire Co., MA MilitiaMiriam Goodman, born 1 June 1751, died 14 May 1847
Stevenson, James1754-Sunnyside Cemetery, Queensbury, NYPvt., 17th Albany Co., NY Militia-
Tripp, Peleg1 Dec. 1755, RI5 Sept. 1838Private Cemetery, Warrensburg, NYPvt., NYMary Sarrist
Vosburgh, MartinBapt. 29 July 17386 May 1801Old Pottersville Cemetery, Chester, NYPvt., NY1. Hannah Ashley
2. Cornelia Gilbert
Ward, John15 May 1753, CT3 June 1854Methodist Cemetery, Johnsburg, NYMarine Pvt., MAborn 1760
Wilcox, Abraham175920 March 1827Chester Rural Cemetery, Chester, NYCT and Continental LinesLucretia Lee, died 23 Dec. 1863
Woodward, Noah12 Aug. 1745, CT-Garfield Cemetery, Hague, NYPvt., CT-

Revolutionary War Soldiers in Warren County with Unlocated Graves