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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Washington County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Washington County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Allen, Joshua--Baptist Cemetery, Greenwich, NY--
Amidon, MosesAshford, CT1834, Granville, NYDibble Buring Ground, South Granville, NYSon of Captain Henry Amidon and Sarah Doubleday, Enlisted for 8 months in 1775 in May Captain Solomansville Company. 1776 for 6 months in Captain Jonathan Perkins Company, Col. Comfort Sages Regiment.Sarah Davis
Ashton, Thomas G.age 888/2/1840Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYAlbany County Militia, 16th Regiment, Grave marked Revolutionary Soldier.Amity, Died Aug. 18, 1830, age 67.
Austin, Isaac3/18/1737, RI11/21/1834Private Cemetery, Coach Rd. Argyle, NYPrivate, Albany County NY Militia-
Bacon, Winthrop5/31/1760, MA2/8/1812Haskins Cemetery, Fort Ann, NYPrivate, NYAnna
Baker, John7/16/1761, NH9/23/1842Welch Hollow Cemetery, Fort Ann, NYPrivate, MA, NY, VT1. Sarah Jenkins, 2. Marietta Jenkins, 3. Clarissa Ann Brewster.
Bassett, Ebenezer 17521799Easten Town CemeteryPrivate-
Baker, Albert, Jr.176522 Sept. 1845Baker Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NYLt., The Levies, NY-
Baker, Albert, Sr.17281 Dec. 1805Baker Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NYThe Levies, NY-
Baker, Reuben (Deacon)30 May 1758, MA19 Oct. 1911Quarry Cemetery, Fort Ann, NYPvt., MALydia Mason, born 1765, died 11 Sept. 1812
Barney, Asa175628 Sept. 1841Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYMA Line-
Beadle, Joseph175719 Aug. 1822King Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYPvt., 13th Albany Co., NY MilitiaHannah, born 1770, died 12 March 1826
Becker, John Peter 8/22/17659/26/1837Battskill Baptist Church Cemetery - Greenwich, NY15th Reg. Albany County Militia. Land Bounty Rights.-
Beecher, Captain John--Lee Buring Ground - Granville, NYCaptain-
Bell, William -5-16-1791Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Beman, Samuel12 Sept. 1755, NY15 June 1842Burdick Cemetery, Hampton, NYSgt., NYSilence Douglass
Binninger, Isaac 9/12/17607/30/1827Camden Velley Cemetery - Salem, NYServed under Capt. Levi Stockwell for nine months from April 1779, 1780 was in active service under Capt. Sherwood. Taken prisoner at Fort Ann, marched to Canada and kept there three years, was then exchanged. Elizabeth Merritt, died July 30, 1849, not buried beside him.
Bosworth, Hezekiah30 Jan. 1741, MA4 May 1820Miller Cemetery, Hampton, NYPvt., NYMary Giddings, born 1745, died 19 Dec. 1812
Boughton, Azorage 843/30/1848Old White Cemetery, Cambridge, NYEnlisted in Sheldons Dragons 1779 and served till close of war. Received pension in Albany County, NY.Betsy Nickerson, Died June 26, 1838, age 72. Buried beside him her husband.
Boyd, John F. -11-24-1835Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Boyd, Thomas18 Aug. 176119 Aug. 1851Old Salem Cemetery, Salem, NYPvt., NY-
Bradshaw, Thomas10 Jan. 175720 Feb. 1834King Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYMajorAnna
Brewster, Nathaniel4 July 1755, MA2 Oct. 1827Crockwell Cemetery, Whitehall, NYPvt., MA-
Brown, Israel28 Sept. 17541839Fort Ann Cemetery, Fort Ann, NYPvt., NYMariam, born 1753, died 1829
Brown, Jonathan 1765?-Truthville Ground - Granville, NYSGT Mass. & NY-
Buck, John175212 Dec. 1797Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYLt. Col., MAAbigail, died Dec. 11, 1831
Buckley, Charles, Capt.1749 Colchester, CT1824Old Cemetery, Granville, NYLieut. And Captain Ship "Alfred"Betsey Tainter (1), Prudence Wells (widow) (2)
Burgess, Paul17484 April 1805Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYCapt.-
Butterfield, Nathaniel14 April 176125 Sept. 1793Old Adamsville Cemetery, Hartford, NY--
Caldwell, Joseph15 Jan. 1724, NH22 Dec. 1811Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYLt. Col., NYAnn Gilmore
Carswell, Nathaniel *17293-23-1807Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY-
Chapman, Ebenezer 1763-Salem (Belcher) - Salem, NYServed from Massachusetts.-
Cochran, RobertMarch 1738, NY3 July 1812Union Cemetery, Ft. Edward, NYLt. Col., NY Green Mt. BoysMary Miller
Coggswell, John1 Sept. 1759, MA18 June 1837Miller Cemetery, Hampton, NYPvt., CTHannah Roys, born 1759, died 23 Apr. 1841
Cole, David17591845Moss St. Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYNY Line-
Collins, Thomas -12-17-1840Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Cooper, John 17481-5-1803Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY-
Cooper, John 17519/13/1832Whiteside Cemetery, Washington County, NY--
Cooper, William 17573/11/1849Whiteside Cemetery, Washington County, NY--
Coughlan (Coughlain), Richard-3-11-1801Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYSgt. Maj. NH-
Crocker, Eleazer4/10/17549/10/1820White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYGrave marker Revolutionary Soldier.Susannah Hinckley, born Nov. 30, 1755, died June 28, 1836. Buried beside him.
Curtis, Caleb--Jamesville Cemetery, North Granville, NYEnlisted Aug. 5, 1775 in Captain George Whites Company, 2nd N.Y. Regiment.Abigail Winthrop
Cutter, Benjamin J.29 Apr. 1762, MA-Welch Hollow Cemetery, Fort Ann, NYPvt., MA Fifer and DrummerElizabeth Washburn, born 1776, died 9 June 1841
Darby, Benjamin1758, CT18 May 1830Hatch Hill Cemetery, Whitehall, NYPvt., CTConstant Hamilton
Day, Nathan1744, CT24 May 1821Williams St. Cemetery, Whitehall, NYCpl., CTHannah Hewitt
Day, Noah, Sr.1757, Attleboro, MA1840Old Mettowee Cemetery, Granville, NYServed over three years. In the Battle of Trenton. Raised to Lieut, then Captain.-
DeKalb (Kalb), JohnGermany-Quaker Buring Ground, Granville, NYEnlisted in 1789 (87) 5th N.Y. Regiment Line. Shot in head at Ft. Montgomery 1777, In arm White Plains 1778. Re-enlisted in 1779 in Willetts Levies.Sarah Otis
Deming, Samuelage 5012/11/1803Waites Corners Cemetery, White Creek, NYPrivate in Albany County Militia 16th RegimentHuldah Dewey, Died Dec. 4, 1840, age 80. Buried beside him.
Durkee, James17561824Union Cemetery, Ft. Edward, NYCharlotte Co., NY Militia-
Durkee, Lydius17621837Union Cemetery, Ft. Edward, NYCT Line-
Dyer, Amherstage 81,
Kingston, RI
Mar. 3, 1840Waites Corners Cemetery, White Creek, NYEnlisted 1775 under Col. Chas Dyer his brother. Received pension 1832 for 2 yrs. Service in R.I. Stone marked Revolutionary Soldier. Son of Captain Dyer.Cynthia Kingsley, married 1785, died Jan. 3, 1851, age 88. Buried beside him.
Dyer, Edward, Captainage 669/12/1785Waites Corners Cemetery, White Creek, NY"He served in R.I. in defense of the state. Died in White Creek, N.Y. where, upon his stone is inscribed Captain"Ann E. Fish, married 1750, died June 10, 1788, age 60.
Eddy, John22 Mar. 1754, CT27 Jan. 1817State Street Cemetery, Ft. Edward, NYPvt., CTMrs. Amy Cornwall (Sage)
Edgar, David 17129-8-1792Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Elliott, Daniel17604 Feb. 1836Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NY--
Elliott, David17344 Aug. 1795Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYPatriot-
Elliott, Micejah17532 March 1840Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NY--
Fairchild, Jesseage 58, Sharon, CT4/28/1813White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYPrivate, Captain Joseph Smiths Company, Col. David Waterbury - Dutchess County Militia. Grave marked.Zeruiah Doty, Died June 11, 1847, age 85. Buried beside him.
Falkenbury, Levi18 Feb. 1761, NY16 Jan. 1852Falkenbury Cemetery, Whitehall, NYPvt., NYHannah Hatch, born 1768, died 1 July 1832
Fitch, Peletiah -12-11-1832Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Foster, Jonathan--Chamberlain Mills Cemetery - Hebron, NY--
Foster, Richard1744Mar. 1770Lee Burying Ground - South Granville, NYSon of Sergt. Timothy Foster. Corp. in Muster Roll of Col. Ebenezer Larneds Regt., dated Aug. 1, 1775. Was in the eight months army seige of Boston 1775 - 1776.Lydia Titus
Fowler, Isaacage 994/16/1856Waites Corners Cemetery, White Creek, NYAlbany County Militia 16th Regiment. Rebecca Gains (1), Susannah Baker (2) died Oct. 12, 1857, age 75, buried beside him.
Freeman, Elijah 2/14/175412/10/1836Farm Plot, Easton, NYPension Claim W 24240. Enlisted March 1776.-
Freeman, Phineas7 Jan. 1748, CT3 Nov. 1797Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYSgt., CT-
Fuller, Darius1757, Willington, CT8/8/1845, Jackson, NYWhite Church Graveyard - White Creek, NY1832 Pension Roll N.Y. for 8 mo. Service. Private in Connecticut Lines, various commands.Sarah Sampson, Died July 21, 1837, age 62. Buried beside him.
Fuller, John-4 Aug. 1838Hooker Cemetery, Hampton, NYCol.Laura, born 1791, died 18 Aug. 1839
Gardner, Joshuaage 662/3/1830Waites Corners Cemetery, White Creek, NYAlbany County Militia 4th Regiment L.B.R. Captain, War of 1812.Lydia, died Nov. 16, 1838, age 71. Buried beside him.
Gould, Capt. Ebenezer17581/14/1809Lee Buring Ground - Granville, NYCaptain from Killingsly, Conn.-
Grandy, Bezzleelage 836/16/1835Baptist Cemetery, Greenwich, NYNew Hampshire LineMary, died May 22, 1803, age 46.
Gray, Isaac -7-28-1802Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Gray, John, Jr. -3-5-1836Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Gray, John, Sr. -2-18-1803Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Hamilton, Rufus29 April 1757, MA7 Nov. 1817, MAHatch Hill Cemetery, Whitehall, NYVolunteer, MAMary Kingsbury, born 1765, died 13 Feb. 1849
Harlow, Isaac26 July 1757, MA11 Jan. 1829Miller Cemetery, Hampton, NY1st Lt., VT and NYMehitable Lothrop, born 1752, died 24 May 1810
Harper, Robert-12 Feb. 1820Needhamville Cemetery, Fort Ann, NY--
Harris, Israel, Capt.2-27-174711-28-1856South Hartford Cemetery - Hartford, NYCapt. Mass. Mil., also Lieu.-
Harris, Joshua, Sr.3 Sept. 1729, CT1785Pattens Mills Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYPvt., Charlotte Co., NY MilitiaRuth Simmons
Harris, NoahCirca 17574 Jan. 1821Pattens Mills Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYPvt., Dutchess Co., NY MilitiaJanet Gandell, born 1761, died 8 June 1825
Haskin, Anthony, Sr.12 Apr. 1731, CT13 Apr. 1819Haskins Cemetery, Fort Ann, NYSgt., CTRhoda Goodrich, born 1750, died 28 Jan. 1824
Hatch, Lewis17571847Dibble Buring Ground, South Granville, NYWas in the Northern Army, 1775 - 1776, through the campaigns of 1777 - 1778, to capture of Burgoyne. While the army was at Fort Edward, he was one of the party who brought in the body of Jane Mc Crea.Mary Davis (1), Tarnal Polle (2)
Hathaway, Abial16 Dec. 175612 June 1849Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYSailor, SC-
Heath, Danielage 6612/14/1805White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYLieut. 16th Albany County Militia, Col. Van Woert.Anna, Died Feb. 17, 1827, age 86. Buried beside him.
Henry, Josephage 7811/26/1825White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYPrivate in 16th Albany County Militia.Margaret, Died May 17, 1827, age 73. Buried beside him.
Herrington, Henry9-27-1735 (or8)
Exeter, R.I.
White Creek, NY
White Creek, NYHad charge of transporting provisions and mails. Carried mail for Washington in his stocking. Escaped capture as a spy. His boots were removed, but not his stockings.Freelove, married May 20, 1763, born Oct. 13, 1742 in R.I., died Nov. 24, 1817, buried beside him.
High, William17311811Union Cemetery, Ft. Edward, NYCapt., The Levies NY-
Hill, Benejah * --Truthville Cemetery - Granville, NYPensioner-
Hills, Nathan17615 Sept. 1811Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NY--
Hines, William174420 March 1832Baker Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NYCol., NY-
Hitchcock, John1716June 1796Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYCapt.-
Hitchcock, Zina, M. D.6 Nov. 1755, CT2 May 1832Baker Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NYSurgeon, Albany Co., NY MilitiaMabel Lockwood
Hodge, Asehel--Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYCapt., Continental LineMemento Mori
Hooker, Samuel B.3 Aug. 1762, CT2 June 1835Hooker Cemetery, Hampton, NYPvt., CTElizabeth Martin, born 1774, died 3 Oct. 1849
Hopkins, David, Sr. Feb. 17136-6-1783Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Hopkins, James --Braymer Cemetery - Hebron, NYCaptain-
Hopkins, Robert 175212-29-1827Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. VT-
Hotchkiss, Simeon17556 Mar. 1843Brick Church Cemetery, Whitehall, NY-Jerusha Brooks, born 1753, died 25 July 1830
Hoy, Richard 173210-5-1799Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Hoy, William, Sr. 17279-9-1806Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY-
Hulett, Nehemiah1764, Belchertown, Mass.1845Dibble Buring Ground, South Granville, NYFought in Northern Division after his enlistment in Continental Army.Elinor, Dau. Of Judge Gray of Salem.
Inglesbee, Ebenezer30 Jan. 1730, MA17 Aug. 1882Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYCapt., MASusannah Robins
Jillson, George176213 Sept. 1808Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYCapt.Hannah, born 1764, died 12 Mar. 1810
Kimmis, John 17316-22-1822Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY-
King, Solomon176210 Oct. 1854King Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYSgt., 13th Albany Co., NY Militia1. Susannah, died 1809
2. Margaret, died 1840
3. Mercy, died 1849
Kneeland, Ichabod175119 March 1819Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYCapt.-
Knight, Moses176420 May 1822Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYPvt., RISarah Stockwell
Lake, Garrett Stricher3/8/175311/21/1838On Farm-Quaker Hill Road, White Creek, NYAlbany County Militia, Col. John Knickerbocker, 14th Regiment.-
Leonard, Gamaliel, Jr.31 May 1757, MA7 Aug. 1827Miller Cemetery, Hampton, NYPvt., MAAnna Witherell, born 1758, died 23 Apr. 1830
Leonard, Job--Old Baptist Cemetery, North Granville, NYGreen Mountain Boys. In Battle of Bennington, Ticonderoga and Crown Point.-
Little (Lytle), Andrew, Sr.17185-18-1795Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY-
Little (Lytle), John 17204-7-1793Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. Ny-
Little, William -4-25-1793Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYEnsign NY Mil.-
Long, Edward 10-22-173910-18-1792Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYCapt. NY Militia-
Marchant, Hezekiah--Lee Burying Ground - South Granville, NYNo servce record found.-
Martin, Joseph (Deacon)17585 Nov. 1829Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NY--
Mason, Comer26 Mar. 1761, MA21 Apr. 1827Quarry Cemetery, Fort Ann, NYPvt., MAElizabeth, born 1761, died 29 Jan. 1836
Mason, David17421804Mason Family Lot, Hartford, NYCapt., MA-
Matthews, Barnabas15 July 1749, MA2 Dec. 1826Miller Cemetery, Hampton, NYCpl., MADesire Ryder, born 1752, died 25 June 1816
Matthews, William -5-24-1816Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Matthison, Daniel -4-26-1811Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Mc Arter, John -5-10-1843Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Mc Carter, Robert -7-1-1847Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Mc Carter, Samuel -5-14-1832Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Mc Clary (Mc Cleary), Daniel12-2-17407-26-1797Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYLieu. NY-
Mc Cracken, David 17638-4-1828Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Mc Cracken, Joseph * 17375-5-1825Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYMajor NY Militia-
Mc Elherron--Chamberlain Mills Cemetery - Hebron, NY--
McKie, JamesGalloway Shire Scotland-Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYAlbany County Militia, 16th Regiment. Pension Roll Washington County 1831 as Private in New York Continental Line.Elizabeth Watson, Died Dec. 27, 1849, age 84 yrs.
Mc Knight, George--Chamberlain Mills Cemetery - Hebron, NY--
Mc Murray, Robert 17441-23-1814Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Mc Nish (Mc Nitt), Alexander17483-24-1827Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYEnsign & LT. NY-
Mc Nish (Mc Nitt), Andrew-10-8-1841Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Mc Nitt, Alexander 17201817Salem Cemetery - Salem, NYCaptain in Revolution.-
Mc Whorter, Matthew -12-19-1804Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Mead, Israel, Sr.17315 March 1806Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYPvt., NY-
Merriam, Issadage 911853Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYGrave marked previous to work done by chapter.-
Miller, William15 Dec. 1757, MA30 Dec. 1812Miller Cemetery, Hampton, NYPvt., MAPaulina Phelps
Moncrief, Hugh -3-27-1813Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Moncrief, William -8-28-1792Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Moor, John, Esq.age 47July 7, 1800White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYPrivate in 16th Albany County Militia.
Morehouse, Isaac 17561839Hebron Cemetery - Hebron, NYCharlotte Company Militia-
Morrison, Hugh174723 March 1813Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NY--
Morrison, John172825 March 1813Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NY--
Moss, Isaac17221807Moss St. Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYCapt., The Line NY 1st Regt.-
Moss, JohnAfter 17501 Jan. 1811Moss St. Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYPvt., Dutchess Co., NY Militia-
Munson, John--Chamberlain Mills Cemetery - Hebron, NY--
Newberry, Jeremiah 10/1/17409/25/1825Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich, NY1st Battle of Bunker Hill, Valley Forge and Yorktown, wounded by a musket ball and sabre through arm.-
Newcomb, Paul15 Mar. 1752, CTAugust, 1794Bartholomew Cemetery, Whitehall, NYQuartermaster CTMartha Woodward
Norton, Joseph8 Nov. 174218 Sept. 1834Kinner Cemetery, Whitehall, NYCapt., MAMartha
Owens, Benjamin176119 Oct. 1855Hooker Cemetery, Hampton, NYCapt., CTSally, born 1762, died 13 Apr. 1853
Parke, David9/30/1740, Woodbury, CT10/28/1825Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYPrivate in Connecticut Troops, Captain Spicer. Received pension in New York State.Elizabeth Graves (1), Married 1768, died 1769. Rachel Griffen (2), of Guilford, Conn., Married May 16, 1772, died June 18, 1818, age 68.
Parker, Nathaniel17501812Old Cemetery, Middle Granville, NYWithg Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga, With Arnold at Quebec, Battle of Bennington.Tamison
Parker, Richard I.age 788/12/1844Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich, NY-Lydia, died Feb. 25, 1841, age 74.
Parks, Elijah--Union Cemetery, Ft. Edward, NY--
Patterson, William11 Sept. 1754, MA1846Fort Ann Cemetery, Fort Ann, NYPvt., MA and NYSally Boyce, born 1769, died 1844
Pitcher, Nathaniel17501802Moss St. Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYCapt., NY-
Polley, Jonathan26 Oct. 1759, CT31 May 1840Kinner Cemetery, Whitehall, NYPvt., CT, MA, VT1. Rachel Hubbard
2. Mehitable
Porter, Peter173623 March 1799Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYCol., 13th Albany Co., NY Militia-
Potter, Christopher17621842Quaker Buring Ground, Granville, NYCaptain Arthur Turners Company, Col. Lippett's Regiment, Rhode Island State Troops. Also Rices Company, Tillinghasts Regiment, Rhode Island State Troops.Elizabeth Baker, Married in 1787.
Pratt, Levi23 Mar. 1760, MA26 Feb. 1839Huletts Landing Cemetery, Whitehall, NYSgt., 5th MA Light InfantrySally Russell, born 1764, died 20 Oct. 1834
Pratt, Samuel173318 Jan. 1815Private Cemetery, Hartford, NYCapt.-
Pride, Reubenage 744/25/1825Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYNot in N.Y. Army list. "Sacred to the memory of Captain Reuben Pride a Revolutionary officer who died April 25, 1825 in his 74th year".Sarah, Died Mar. 3, 1832, age 63. Buried beside him.
Ramage, John -6-10-1821Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Ranny, Nathan20 Sept. 1751, CT12 Jan. 1831Sciota Cemetery, Whitehall, NYPatriot, CT1. Ruth Cole, died 9 Oct. 1816
2. Mrs. ---- MacArthur
Remmington, David-10/24/1834Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich, NY-Huldah, died Aug. 20, 1836, age 94.
Rhoades, Samuel17539 Feb. 1832Moss St. Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYMA and Continental Lines-
Rice, Silas1/26/1736
Shrewsbury, Mass.
4/16/1815Old White Cemetery, Cambridge, NYServed in Captain William Hutchins Company, Col. Herricks Regiment of Militia Oct. 11-19, 1780. Other service, Vt. Revolutionary Rolls, pages 213-606.Sarah Wilder, Born 1744, Married 1760, died Aug. 1, 1827.
Rice, Thomas9/1/1745, Conn.10/8/1833White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NY1777 Mate on Oliver Cromwell.Thankful Hinckley, Died Jan. 1, 1817, age 71, Married Mar. 30, 1764.
Rooker, Joseph176019 Dec. 1822Hatch Hill Cemetery, Whitehall, NYNY LineMercy Barnes, born 1771, died 12 Jan. 1848
Russell, Ebenezer 12-26-174712-6-1836Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Safford, Gideon (Gideion) * 11-4-17543-7-1838Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. CT-
Savage, James 17493-4-1784Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Scott, Benjaminage 84, Stamford, CT2/5/1841White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYSeveral short terms in Dutchess County Militia under Col. David Heacock. Volunteer in Bennington Vt. Company. 1832 pension for service in N.Y. and VT.Margaret Van Tuyl, Died Apr. 10, 1840, age 73. Buried beside him.
Scott, Mathew17461813Kingsbury Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYCT Line-
Shay, William3 Sept. 174914 June 1832King Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYEnsign, NY
Sherman, Lemuel, Sergt.17567/10/1842Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYAlbany County Militia, 16th Regiment. Headstone marked Revolutionary Soldier. Sarah Carswell, Born 1767.
Sherwood, Adiel17401825Baker Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NYCol., The Levies, NY-
Sill, Zachariah19 May 1758, CT27 Oct. 1812Sill Cemetery, Hartford, NYPvt. And Privateer CTPrudence, born 1763, died 3 May 1828
Sills, Capt. Elisha--Episcopal Church Cemetery - Granville, NYCaptain-
Skiff, John17421834Easton Cemetery, Washington County, NYEnlisted May 1, 1775, Piper and Matross, Taken prisoner and exchanged in 1776.-
Slarrow, Joseph 3-31-17318-18-1784Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYCapt. Mass.-
Small, Jamesage 798/13/1827Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYAlbany County Militia, 16th Regiment. Capt. War of 1812. Grave marked Revolutionary Soldier.Anne Beveridge, Died June 10, 1830, age 76.
Smith, Elijah176215 June 1837Moss St. Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYNY LineDeborah
Smith, Gilbert 1-20-17563-13-1795Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYCpl. CT-
Smith, Thaddeus 9-25-17537-5-1825Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. Mass.-
Smith, William 12-3-17552-15-1790Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYSgt. NY-
Spicer, Nathan, Sr.10 Sept. 173527 July 1811Flat Rock Yard, Fort Ann, NYPatriot, NY1. Leah
2. Abigail Mayhew, died 12 Feb. 1820
Steele (Steel), John 6-9-17585-25-1838Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYCapt. Ny-
Steele (Steel), Thomas 17315-22-1808Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Stevens, Simon, Hon.2/27/17651/21/1844Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich, NYEnlisted at age 14.Anna W., died Dec. 5, 1863, age 91.
Stevenson, James -4-19-1799Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYPvt. NY Mil.-
Stewart, Alexander -6-1-1815Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Stewart, James1760Jan. 1808King Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYPvt., Charlotte Co., NY MilitiaEsther, died 1 Aug. 1836
Stewart, Robert -3-1-1847Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Stoughton, John23 Nov. 1735, CT9 June 1809Union Cemetery, Ft. Edward, NYPvt., CTAnn Lewis
Straight, John18 Mar. 1744, RI22 June 1818Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYPvt., RIPatience, died Oct. 1814
Streator, Dr. John 2/28/17328/24/1810Hampton Corners, Washington County, NYDoctor.-
Sturdevant, Persis173624 Dec. 1809Moss St. Cemetery, Kingsbury, NY--
Tackels (Takels), James -3-19-1813Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Taylor, John, 2nd.1753, CT1829Dibble Buring Ground, South Granville, NYServed in Captain Solomon Strong's Company, 5th Connecticut Regiment, Col. Philip Bradley. Enlisted 1776 Dec. for the wasr. Was in Major Albert Chapman's Company, same Regiment. 1778 Captain James Morris Company, 2nd Regiment, Col. Hiram Swift.Mary Pratt, Married in Goshen, CT.
Taylor, Nathan11 Feb. 176122 Jan. 1831Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYPvt., MALydia Ann Harris, born Jan. 1766, died 7 Oct. 1853
Taylor, Samuel17625 May 1850Baptist Cemetery, Hartford, NYCapt., Continental LineSarah, born 1759, died Sept. 1818
Tearse, Peter Bailey10 May 1751, NY1803Union Cemetery, Ft. Edward, NYMajor, The Line 1st Regt., NYMary Hunter
Thomas, Israel17411805Moss St. Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYCapt., Albany Co., Militia-
Thomas, Robertage 562-19-1813King Church Yard Cemetery, Cambridge, NYAlbany County Militia, 16th RegimentLucy, died Mar. 27, 1822, age 63, buried beside him.
Thompson, Andrew, Captain1/15/17(2)88/21/1804Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYCaptain 6th Co. 14th Regiment Vermont Militia, Captain in New York Levies. Margaret Maxwell, Born Mar. 2, 1729, died Jan. 23, 1827. Buried beside him.
Thompson, Hugh, Ensign4/14/17569/23/1819Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYEnsign, Captain Mc Killips Company, Cambridge Regiment.Unmarried
Thompson, William -1-17-1839Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Tiffany, Benjamin, Lieut.age 564-12-1801Waites Corners Cemetery, Ehite Creek, NYAlbany County Militia, 16th Regiment, Stone marked.Mary, died Feb. 6, 1812, age 71. Buried beside him.
Tomb, David -2-28-1805Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Tomb, James -April 1813Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Tomb, Joseph -1-1-1796Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Valentine, Josephage 6511/26/1814White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYPrivate, Albany County Militia, 16th Regiment.Esther Atherson, Died Nov. 6, 1827, age 69. Buried beside him.
Vine, Solomon176026 July 1832Private plot in field off, Whitehall, NYGreen Mountain Boys1. Freelove
2. Mrs. Rachel, died Mar. 11, 1838
Waite, Williqam, Rev.age 953-20-1828Waites Corners Cemetery, Ehite Creek, NYAssisted in the battle of Bennington and used his Church as a prison house, Grave land for Church and Grave-yard at Centre Waite Creek called Waites Corners. He and his wife are buried there.Mary, died Dec. 28, 1822, age 91.
Warner, Eleazerage 8510/26/1817White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYAlbany County Militia L.B.R. 16th Regiment. Grave marked Revolutionary Soldier.Elizabeth, Died Mar. 29, 1804, age 64. Buried beside him.
Warner, Jamesage 5712/11/1812White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYAlbany County Militia, 16th RegimentAbigail, died Oct. 12, 1807, age 66. Buried beside him.
Warren, Caleb22 Feb. 1763, MA5 Sept. 1846Hampton Hill Cemetery, Hampton, NYCpl., VTRachel Webster, born 26 Aug. 1770
Warren, Gideon12 Dec. 1730, MA4 April 1803Hampton Hill Cemetery, Hampton, NYCol., VT Green Mt. Boys1. Ann
2. Eunice Chapman
Webb, Leonard -3-16-1802Revolutionary War Cemetery - Salem, NYNY Militia-
Weeks, Samuel--Episcopal Cemetery - Granville, NY--
Welch, Daniel171523 April 1791King Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYPvt., 13th Albany Co., NY Militia-
Weller, Dan19 May 176019 June 1829Flat Rock Yard, Fort Ann, NYMA LineLucinda, born Nov. 1760, died 22 Sept. 1853
Wheeler, Seth--Middle Granville Cemetery - Granville, NYRaised Company of Volunteers, fought through the Revolution.-
Whipple, Marmaduke176112/25/1836Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich, NY--
Whitcomb, Scottoway18 June 173928 July 1812Honey Hill Cemetery, Granville, NYLt., MAMary Winslow
Williams, John 9/22/1752July 1806Evergreen Cemetery - Salem, NYContinental Army-
Willson, Gerald1758-Private Cemetery, Salem, NYMajor-
Winship, Joel1 May 176130 Oct. 1838King Cemetery, Kingsbury, NYMA LineThankful, born 1791, died 8 March 1839
Woodward, Amos8/19/1735,
Canterbury, Ct.
1818, Cambridge, NYWoodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYPrivate in Captain Vine Elderkins Company, 7th Connecticut Regiment of Foot Col. Swift.Anne Patten, Born 1735, died 1808. Buried beside him.
Woodworth, William, Lieut.age 803/30/1814White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYCapt. Albany County Militia, 16th Regiment.Mary Lott, Died Feb. 3, 1813, age 69. Buried beside him.
Wright, Abraham, Lieut.-2-14-1814
Waites Corners Cemetery, Ehite Creek, NYAlbany County Militia, 16th Regiment1. Sarah Babcock, Married May 19, 1773, died Apr. 27, 1787, age 31. 2. Phoebe Burt.
Wright, Caleb4/24/1746, CT.2/25/1787Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NYAlbany County Militia, 16th Regiment.Elizabeth Stillman, Died 1824, age 79. Buried by Caleb Wright, her first husband.
Younglove, Isiah, Esq.age 8212/27/1798White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYAlbany County Militia L.B.R. 16th Regiment. Town Treasurer Cambridge, 1774.Mary Lucas
Younglove, John, Col.age 782/5/1821White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYServed on Commission of Safety for Albany County to twart the organization of Vermont under the Hampshire Grants. Was sererely wounded and left for dead in his house. 2nd Major of 16th or Cambridge Regiment 1775. 16th Regiment was in the field from Aug. 13, 1779 to Nov. 30, 1780. Judge of Court of Sessions and Common Pleas in Albany and Washington Counties. Martha, Died Nov. 29, 1810, age 64. Buried beside him.
Younglove, Josephage 69, Bound Brook, N.J.3/30/1810White Church Graveyard - White Creek, NYQuarter Master and Adj 16th Regiment. Grave marked Revolutionary Soldier.Azuba Skinner

Revolutionary War Soldiers in Washington County with Unlocated Graves

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