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Revolutionary War Soldiers

Buried in Wayne County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Wayne County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
Avery, Benjamin3-4-17585-4-1843Lyons Rural Cemetery, Lyons, NYPvt. CT
Babcock, George17608/22/1850Fairview Cemetery, Arcadia, NYRevolutionary Soldier
Beall (Beal), Seth, Jr.12-20-17365-8-1803-Pvt. Mass.
Bill, Phineas-1839Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Billings, Benjamin9-23-17531-13-1838Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NYEnsign CT
Blair, Samuel17434-15-1827Brick Church Cemetery, Sodus, NYSgt. Mass.
Bradish, John, Jr.17506-1-1825Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NYPvt. Mass.
Clark, Matthew11-16-1758c 1832Brick Church Cemetery, Sodus, NYCpl. PA
Clark, Samuel--Oliver Clark Farm Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Clemons, Jonathan *1-19-17544-18-1841Ontario Center Cemetery, Ontario, NYPvt. Mass. Born Rutland Mass. Died at Sudus, NY
Collins, Thaddeus17629-4-1828Rose Cemetery, Rose, NYPvt. Mass. Served 3 years in the Revolution. Born in Mass.
Corey (Cory), William17549-26-1838Marion Village Cemetery, Marion, NYPvt. RI
Culver, Moses-1819Sanford Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Daggett, Samuel, Jr.2-22-17544-13-1824Newark Cemetery, Arcadia, NYPvt. Mass.
Danforth, Joshua17572-22-1815Bushnell Cemetery, Sodus, NYSgt. NH
Demarest, Philip5-26-1761Mar. 1844Old Mill Street Cemetery, Sodus, NYPvt. NJ
Dennison, Beebe17441823Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Dorsey, Daniel3/6/17575/16/1823South or Lyons Cemetery, Lyons, NY-
Durfee, Gideon17381814Gideon Durfee Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Durfee, Lemuel4-18-17598-9-1829Family burying ground on farm 2 mi N. of Palmyra, NYPvt. RI
Feller, Nicholas-1834Lyons Rural Cemetery, Lyons, NY-
Findley, Charles *174310-21-1828Findley Cemetery, Walworth, NYPvt. NY
Fitzhugh, Col. Peregrine -10/23/1810Sodus, NYAid de Camp to General Washington. Came to Sodus Point 1803 from Hagerstown, Md. , died at Sodus Point, NY
Floyd, William-1834Lyons Rural Cemetery, Lyons, NY-
Foote, Beeri-1841Lyons Rural Cemetery, Lyons, NY-
Foster, Jedediah17381832East Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NY[Grave may be ibn Palmyra Village Cemetery, SAR on record as having marked grave in East Palmyra in 1934.]
Fowler, Daniel *9-9-17614-18-1847Sand Hill Cemetery, Butler, NYPvt. CT
Gilbert, Amos *1764/657-26-1832Brick Church Cemetery, Sodus, NYPvt. Mass.
Glidden, David-1857Spier Schoolhouse Cemetery, Lyons, NY-
Goodrich, M. N.--Lyons Rural Cemetery, Lyons, NY-
Green, Ephraim-1857Bryant Cemetery, Macedon, NY-
Green, Joseph17546-2-1835Old Mill Street Cemetery, Sodus, NYPvt. Mass.
Green, Roswell *4-2-17615-30-1862Evergreen Cemetery, Huron, NYPvt. CT
Harrison, Job5-30-17642-19-1833Lakeview Cemetery, Williamson, NYPvt. NJ
Hecox, Eli-1859Lyons Rural Cemetery, Lyons, NY-
Hicks, Durfee *3-12-17572-12-1844Cemetery on Cole Farm, Palmyra, NYSol. & Marine
Holmes, Peleg-1831Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Hooker, Gilbert5-14-17585-9-1849Maple Grove Cemetery, Clyde, NYPvt. Mass.
Hopkins, William H.--Rural Cemetery, Palmyra, NY[Near greenhouses north of East Palmyra, NY.]
Hopkins, William H.1725/267-17-1793School House # 7 Cemetery, East Palmyra, NYArtificer NJ
Hubbard, Nodiah17351816Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Hurlburt, John2-21-17601-10-1813Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NYPvt. CT
Jackway, William-1848Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Jenks, Amos1-6-17466-6-1823North Main Street Cemetery, Newark, NYLt. RI
Kent, Simeon17621-21-1851Sodus Rural Cemetery, Sodus, NYSol. NY
Lackey (Lakey), James7-20-17573-11-1827Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NYCpl. Mass.
Lewis, Benjamin *176012-1-1838North Main Street Cemetery, Newark, NYPvt. CT. Born in Hartford, Conn.
Lillie, John D.17531801Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Lucas, Moses1749Nov. 1829Marbletown Cemetery, Arcadia, NYPvt. & Patriot CT
Luce, Benjamin, Jr.2-5-17612-12-1806North Main Street Cemetery, Newark, NYNJ Wagoneer
Lusk, Michaelage 707/4/1840Newark Village Cemetery, Newark, NY-
Matthewson, Daniel *1-17-17499-23-1832Baker Cemetery, Walworth, NYLt. RI
McCarn, John-1842Glerum Farm Cemetery, Arcadia, NY-
McDonald, James9-19-17593-1-1837Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NYSgt. CT & NY
McKechnie, John-1840Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Miner, Amosage 8411/11/1836Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NYAt Battle on Bunker Hill.
Moore, John17611837Sawmill Road Cemetery, Macedon, NY-
Norris, Johnage 911/31/1846Sodus Rural Cemetery, Sodus, NYServed through the Revolution.
Norton, Seba *7-23-17608-9-1835Brick Church Cemetery, Sodus, NYPvt. NY & CT Married 1778. Was at Valley Forge.
Osborn, Weaver4-17-17569-1-1820Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NYEnsign RI
Palmer, Noah *8-25-17593-13-1838Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NYSgt. RI
Parshall, Israelage 848/4/1843Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NYWas at Wyoming
Perrin (Perrine), John7-22-176012-7-1831South Sodus Cemetery, Sodus, NYPvt. NJ
Perry, Jeremiah17541843East Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Phelps, Luke8-28-17301-16-1815Upper Corners Cemetery, Marion, NYCpl. NY & Mass.
Phelps, Silas17592-23-1855Pleasant View Cemetery, Port Gibson, NYSgt. CT
Pope, Christopher *12-28-175311-22-1834South Sodus Cemetery, Sodus, NYPvt. NJ Minuteman
Powers, Moses8-27-1764after 1815Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NYPvt. VT
Reeve, James10-13-17625-19-1838East Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NYSailor, NY. Born South Hampton, L.I. Wife Mary Powell.
Romeyn, Abraham8-15-17623-19-1838/39Lyons Rural Cemetery, Lyons, NYPvt. NY [No visable stone. Lot #183.]
Romeyn, Nicholas-after 4-15-1785Lyons Rural Cemetery, Lyons, NYPatroit & Pvt. N_. [No visable stone. Lot # 183.]
Secor, Isaac17551836Wertz Family Cemetery-
Seymour, Noah11-10-17593-16-1832Evergreen Cemetery, Huron, NYPvt. CT
Sheffield, Paul-1837Carpenter Cemetery, Palmyra, NY-
Sherman, Humphrey17604-12-1812East Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NYCapt. RI
Sherman, John *176311-28-1833Rose Cemetery, Rose, NYPvt. Mass.
Smith, Ebenezer17603-16-1844North Main Street Cemetery, Newark, NYPvt. Mass.
Smith, Gabriel-1838Van Marter Cemetery, Lyons, NY-
Spear, Lemuel, Sr.2-9-17478-3-1809Bryant Cemetery, Macedon, NYSol. Mass.
Stansell, Nicholas9-11-175512-11-1819North Main Street Cemetery, Newark, NYPvt. NY, Born in Springfield, Mass. Founder of the County.
Stewart, Alexander17505-26-1833Pleasantview Cemetery, Williamson, NYCpl. Mass.
Stewart, Andrew *2-11-17505-24-1833Pleasantview Cemetery, Williamson, NYCpl. CT
Stone, William7-10-17593-20-1840Old Mill Street Cemetery, Sodus, NYPvt. CT
Swift, Johnage 527/12/1814Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NYBorn in Litchfield, CT. Founder of Palmyra.Came in Autumn of 1788. In Battle of Wyoming. War of 1812. Killed.
Terry, Joshua176411-11-1827East Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NYPvt. PA
Terry, Parshall, Sr.8-8-17345-15-1811East Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NYPvt. CT
Throop, Benjamin10-8-17541-17-1842Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, NYCpl. CT
Watkins, Seth *17551834St. John's Church Cemetery, Clyde, NYMass. Quartermaster
Wellman, Paul *4-15-17581829Port Byron Cemetery, Port Byron, NYPvt. CT
Whiting, Elijahage 981853Lyons Cemetery, Lyons, NY-
Winans, Silas *17609-25-1823Fowler Cemetery, Butler, NYMatross NY
Wood, Daniel *6-29-175110-3-1843East Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NYDoctor & Capt. NY
Wood, Daniel *175412-23-1846East Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, NYPvt. Mass.
York, Robert5-29-17524-7-1817Van Marter Cemetery, Lyons, NYLt. Mass.

* Known persioner.

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