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Revolutionary War Soldiers
Buried in Yates County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Yates County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
ADAMS, Chester 17543-17-1829French Cemetery, Potter, NYPvt. NY
BARDEN, Thomas17651813Bellona Cemetery, Benton, NY-
BARKER, Moses17341821Naples-Italy Cemetery, Italy, NY-
BATES, William17611852Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NY-
BEAM, Peter-June 16, 184?Yost Cemetery, Starkey, NYRevolutionary War Marker
BENEDICT, Elisha, Jr. * 7-5-17608-17-1845Italy Hill Cemetery, Benton, NYSgt. NY
BENNETT, Elisha1758?1819?Italy Hill Cemetery, Italy, NY-
BLACKFORD, Anthony17581825Pine Corners Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
BLAIR, John17431814Pine Corners Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
BLODGETT, Luden (Ludim) * 4-25-17647-26-1846Baldwin Corners Cemetery, Rushville, NYPvt. Mass.
BLODGETT, Solomon 4-4-18461844Baldwin Corners Cemetery, Rushville, NYPvt. Mass.
BOOTH, Andrew 17451841Eddytown Cemetery, Starkey, NYPvt. Mass.
CHRISTY (CRISTY), Andrew 17491824Pine Corners Cemetery, Middlesex, NYPvt. NY
CHURCH, Samuel T.17651822Pine Corners Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
CLASON (CLAUSON), Jacob 7-7-17581842Lakeview Cemetery, Penn Yan, NYPvt. NY
COE, Matthew D.17571838Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NY-
CORNWELL, William10/19/17506/11/1825Penn Yan Cemetery, Yates County, NY-
CRAFTS, Edward17461806Crafts Family Cemetery, Potter, NY-
CRANE, Daniel 5-15-17564-2-1813Benton Rural Cemetery, Penn Yan, Tn. Of Benton, NYPvt. CT
FAULKERSON, Caleb * 1-17-17623-4-1848Family Cemetery on Roger Fulkerson Farm, Starkey, NYFifer, NJ
FITCH, James17601840French Cemetery, Potter, NY-
FRANCISCO, Abram17511826Pine Corners Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
FRENCH, Ozias5-4-17611-26-1809French Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
GAGE, Moses17321812Benton Cemetery, Benton, NY-
GILBERT, Elias 10-27-1748Aug. 1828French Cemetery, Potter, NYCpl. Mass.
GRAHAM, John * 17561832Italy Valley Cemetery, Italy, NYMajor NY
GREEN, Henry * 8-8-17632-19-1849Baldwin Corners Cemetery, Rushville, NYPvt. Mass.
HAIGHT, Stephen17601812Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NY-
HARRINGTON, James, Sr.17571832Overacre's Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
HARWOOD, Oliver 12-16-17637-10-1822French Cemetery, Potter, NYPvt. Mass.
HAVENS, Thomas 173811-10-1820Havens Cemetery, Benton, NYPvt. RI
HOBART, William 5-23-17511-1-1801Nettle Valley Cemetery, Middlesex, NYChaplain, Mass.
HOLTON, William17511832Sherman Cemetery, Potter, NY-
HURD, Ebenezer17601854Bellona Cemetery, Benton, NY-
JAYNE, Samuel, Sr.17631853Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NY-
JOHNSON, James, Jr. * 3-10-17513-7-1833Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NYPvt. CT
JOHNSON, John17521833Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NY-
KIDDER, Ephraim 17541836Havens Corner Cemetery, Benton, NYPvt. NY
KIMBALL, Daniel17521836Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NY-
LACKOR, John17501858Potter, NY-
LEE, Thomas 11-15-17391-22-1814Lakeview Cemetery, Penn Yan, NYCapt. NY
LESTER, John * 11-15-175012-1-1821Old Bellona Cemetery, Bellona, NYPvt. NY
MC FERREN, Samuel17601828Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NY-
MOON, Benoni17551810Farm Cemetery on West Swamp Road, Potter, NY-
MORSE, Zebadiah 8-12-17488-17-1817Baldwin Corners Cemetery, Rushville, NYLt. Mass.
PARKER, James17441829Bellona Cemetery, Benton, NY-
PEARCE, Michael17571843Pine Corners Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
PRATT, Jonathan17601847French Cemetery, Potter, NY-
RAWALT (REWART), John 5-15-17552-16-1822Lakeview Cemetery, Penn Yan, NYCapt. Wagoneer PA
ROBINSON, Philip17601843Nettle Cemetery, Potter, NY-
ROFF, Henry--Italy Hill Cemetery, Italy, NY-
SHAFF, William17541829Pine Corners Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
SHIPMAN, George17641838Pine Corners Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
SOUTHERLAND, David17571828Southerland Cemetery, Potter, NY-
SPENCER, James 17351805Havens Corners Cemetery, Havens Corners, NYPvt. NY
SPENCER, Truman17641840Bellona Cemetery, Benton, NY-
TRIMMER, Anthony17541838Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NY-
WALFORD, John, Sr.17621814Middlesex Cemetery, Middlesex, NY-
WALLING, Samuel-1869Yost Cemetery, Starkey, NYRevolutionary War Marker
WELLS, Peter17561839Old Bellona Cemetery, Bellona, NY-
WHIPPLE, Daniel--West River Cemetery, Italy, NY-
WHITAKER, Stephen17471827Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton, NY-
WICKES, Silas 9-10-17586-21-1838Rock Stream Cemetery, Rock Stream, NYPvt. NY
WILLIAMS, Warham 2-19-17591-10-1844French Cemetery, Potter, NYPvt. CT

* pensioner

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