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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Caledonia County, Vermont

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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers Buried In Vermont | Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Caledonia County, VT
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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Caledonia County, Vermont whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBuried
Adams, James Hardwick Street Cemetery, Hardwick, VT.
Aiken, Solo Center Cemetery, Hardwick, VT
Ainger, Jesse Sutton
Alexander, Abraham Groton
Arnold, Jonathan St. Johnsbury
Babbit, Uri Danville
Bachelder, David Groton
Bachelder, Ebenezer Groton
Bachelder, Jeremiah Groton
Bailey, Abijah Peacham
Bailey, Charles Hardwick
Bailey, James Peacham
Barker, Barnabas, Serg't St. Johnsbury
Barker, John, Capt. St. Johnsbury
Barker, Nathan Walden
Barker, Samuel, Capt. St. Johnsbury
Batchelder, Jethro Danville
Beckwith, Amos, Rev. Sutton
Bickford, Eli Danville
Blake, Henry Peacham
Blanchard, Hastings Peacham
Bly, John Lyndon
Bonett, Joseph Barnet
Brewer, Moses H. Sutton
Burbank, Wells Peacham
Burroughs, Zebulon Kirby
Campbell, James Sutton
Carpenter, Abel Hardwick
Carpenter, Abel, Serg't Lyndon
Caswell, Ozias Lyndon
Cate, Elisha Walden
Chamberlain, Abiel Peacham
Chamberlain, Jacob Danville
Chamberlain, Samuel Peacham
Chamberlain, Samuel, Jr. Danville
Chamberlain, William Peacham
Chandler, Ebenezer Wheelock
Chandler, John, Col. Peacham
Chaplin, John Waterford
Cheney, Jesse Danville
Clark, Edward Peacham
Clark, John Groton
Clark, Samuel St. Johnsbury
Clark, Seth Burke
Clark, Thomas Barnet
Cobb, Simeon St. Johnsbury
Coe, Abner Burke
Coe, Jedediah St. Johnsbury
Colby, Thomas Danville
Conant, Abel Hardwick
Corson, Joshua, Serg't Walden
Curtis, Jonathan Hardwick
Danforth, Jonathan Danville
Davis, Salma Danville
Davis, Samuel Peacham
Deming, Benjamin Danville
Dexter, Stephen Danville
Doe, John, Capt. Hardwick
Dow, Benjamin Walden
Dow, Nathaniel Walden
Drown, Samuel Sheffield
Eastman, Stephen Lyndon
Elkins, Jonathan Peacham
Elkins, Jonathan Peacham
Evans, Moses Lyndon
Farner, Benjamin, Sergt. Burke
Farrar, Judson Peacham
Fisk, Ebenezer Groton
Flanders, Enos Sheffield
Flint, Jonas St. Johnsbury
Fox, John Hardwick
Fuller, Daniel St. Johnsbury
Fuller, Thomas, Serg't Hardwick
Gibson, George Barnet
Goodwillie, Joseph Barnet
Goodwin, Wells Ryegate
Goss, ----- Hardwick
Gray, Dominicus Groton
Grout, Amasa Barnet
Hall, Daniel Burke
Hall, Daniel Barnet
Hall, Levi Barnet
Hartwell, Oliver Lyndon
Harvey, Archibald Barnet
Harvey, Erastus Lyndon
Harvey, William Lyndon
Haseltine, Thomas Barnet
Hawkins, Stephen St. Johnsbury
Hawley, Samuel Danville
Healey, Comfort St. Johnsbury
Heath, Jesse Groton
Hill, Samuel Waterford
Hoffman, Henry, Serg't Lyndon
Houghton, Jacob Lyndon
Howland, Ebenezer Lyndon
Hoyt, Abner Wheelock
Hoyt, Thomas Danville
Huntley, Moses Waterford
Hurd, Nathan, Capt. Peacham
Ide, John St. Johnsbury
Jenkins, Lemuel St. Johnsbury
Johnson, Samuel Ryegate
Johnson, William Barnet
Kimball, Joab Peacham
Learned, Abiel, Serg't Ryegate
Learned, Sylvanus Ryegate
Learned, Sylvester Ryegate
Lewis, Jonathan Kirby
Locklin, Jona. Lyndon
Macomber, Jonathan Groton
Magoon, Edward Wheelock
Martin, Ashbel Peacham
Martin, David Peacham
Martin, Isaac, Sergt. Burke
McGaffey, John Lyndon
McLaren, John Barnet
Melendy, John Waterford
Miles, William Lyndon
Miner, James Peacham
Moore, Rufus Lyndon
Niles, Ephraim Lyndon
Norris, David, Serg't Hardwick
Northrop, Lemuel Peacham
Nutting, Eleazer Hardwick
Olney, Job Lyndon
Orr, James Barnet
Parker, Asa Kirby
Peck, Gaias, Serg't Lyndon
Perkins, Nathaniel Walden
Phelps, Oliver St. Johnsbury
Phillips, Nathaniel Lyndon
Phillips, Nehemiah Wheelock
Potter, Thaddeus Waterford
Randall, Samuel Groton
Rider, Stephen Barnet
Roberts, Joel St. Johnsbury
Rollins, John Danville
Root, Moses Lyndon
Ross, Elijah Lyndon
Sawyers, Ebenezer Danville
Sherman, James Lyndon
Shurtleff, Timothy Walden
Sinclair, ----- Hardwick
Skeele, John Peacham
Somers, Baretholomew Barnet
Spaulding, Reuben St. Johnsbury
Spencer, Ebenezer Peacham
Sprague, Jonas Lyndon
Stevens, John, Serg't Hardwick
Stevens, Samuel Hardwick
Stewart, Allen Ryegate
Stiles, Caleb Danville
Stiles, Caleb Barnet
Stowell, Isaac St. Johnsbury
Strobridge, William, Serg't Barnet
Swan, Jonathan Lyndon
Tilton, Joseph Danville
Waddell, John Barnet
Walker, Simeon Peacham
Watkins, Stephen Kirby
Weeks, Joseph Hardwick
Welch, Edmund Groton
Wheatley, Andrew Hardwick
Wheatley, Reuben Hardwick
William, Tice Barnet
Wilson, ----- Barnet
Winslow, Samuel, Serg't Sutton
Woods, John Barnet

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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers Buried In Vermont | Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Caledonia County, VT
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