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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Chittenden County, Vermont

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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers Buried In Vermont | Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Chittenden County, VT
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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Chittenden County, Vermont whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBuried
Adams, Alanson Burlington
Adams, Benjamin Milton
Adams, John Burlington
Alford, Alexander Colchester
Allen, Ebenezer, Col. Burlington
Allen, Edward Richmond
Allen, Elisha Colchester
Allen, Ethan, Gen. Burlington
Allen, Heman Burlington
Allen, Joseph, Lieut. Charlotte
Allen, Peter L. Jericho
Ambler, Ebenezer Huntington
Ambler, James Huntington
Ambler, James Maplewood Cemetery, Huntington, VT
Andrews, Samuel Charlotte
Arnold, James Hill Cemetery, Richmond, VT
Atwood, Jesse Westford
Atwood, Thomas Cloverdale Cemetery, Westford, VT
Austin, David Milton
Austin, Joseph Milton
Barnet, Samuel Bolton
Barney, Thomas Jericho
Barstow, Ebenezer, Serg't Shelburne
Bass, Samuel, Serg't Bolton
Beach, David Hinesburgh
Beach, Robert Williston
Benham, Isaac Jericho
Berge, David Underhill
Binney, Thomas, Dr. Williston
Bixby, Jonathan Essex
Blake, John Milton
Blish, Joseph Williston
Bostwick, Reuben Burlington
Bradley, Ebenezer Williston
Bradley, Elisha Williston
Bradley, Joseph Williston
Bradley, Lemuel, Capt. Burlington
Bradley, Samuel, Lieut. Essex
Braintree Bolton
Brewster, Charles Huntington
Brown, John, Serg't Williston
Buel, Solomon, Serg't Huntington
Burnham, Amos, Capt. Burlington
Burnham, Ichabod Jericho
Burritt, Israel Shelburne
Butler, Stephen Essex
Calhoun, Samuel Underhill
Callender, John Shelburne
Castle, Daniel Burlington
Catlin, Alexander, Capt. Burlington
Chadwick, William Westford
Chapin, Benoni Jericho
Chapin, Ichabod Jericho
Chapin, Lewis Jericho
Chase, George Westford
Chipman, Thomas Essex
Chittenden, Martin Williston
Chittenden, Noah Jericho
Chittenden, Thomas Williston
Clark, Lamberton Charlotte
Clark, Paul Williston
Cleveland, Enoch Bolton
Coggswell, Levi Charlotte
Cogswell, Isaac Charlotte
Cole, Seth, Dr. Burlington
Crandal, Sylvester Westford
Curtis, Gideon Essex
Cutler, Ebenezer Huntington
Cutler, Oliver Richmond
Davis, Simeon Jericho
Day, David Essex
Derby, Benjamin Huntington
Devereaux, John, Sergt. Richmond
Dewey, Thomas Milton
Dixon, Gideon Westford
Doane, Joseph St George
Doleby, Exter Bolton
Dow, Moses Hinesburgh
Edmonds, Joseph Williston
Enos, Roger, Gen. Burlington
Faxon, France Essex
Fisher, Jeremiah Colchester
Fitch, John Huntington
Flint, Daniel Bolton
Flint, Jonathan, Serg't Bolton
Flint, Phineas Bolton
Forbes, Asa Hinesburgh
French, Elijah Bolton
French, Samuel Westford
Gale, Isaac Westford
Gale, Peter Colchester
Gooch, John Bolton
Graves, Chauncey Underhill
Graves, Thaddeus Williston
Green, John Hinesburgh
Hadlock, Samuel Charlotte
Hall, Alpheus Milton
Hart, Zachariah Williston
Hays, Udny, Col. Burlington
Herrick, Elihu Milton
Hewes, William Milton
Hicks, Comfort Burlington
Hill, James Charlotte
Hill, Phineas Shelburne
Hitchcock, Samuel Burlington
Hobart, Solomon Westford
Hodges, Lenard Williston
Hollister, Jesse, Capt. Burlington
Holly, Benjamin Huntington
Hooker, Simeon Westford
Hosford, Daniel, Serg't Charlotte
Howard, Dan Hinesburgh
Howard, Oliver Milton
Hubbell, David Charlotte
Humphrey, James Richmond
Humphrey, William Richmond
Ide, Jesse Westford
Ingraham, William Essex
Isham, Daniel Williston
Isham, Jehiel St. George
Johns, Jehiel Huntington
Jones, Russell, Capt. Burlington
Joslin, Zebediah Huntington
Kennedy, John Bolton
Kilbourne, William Burlington
Lake, Phineas Charlotte
Law, John Colchester
Lawrence, John Westford
Lyman, John Jericho
Macomber, John, Serg't Westford
Mann, Seth Bolton
Mansfield, Jr. Colchester
McNeil, Isaac, Col. Williston
Messenger, Roderick Jericho
Miller, Solomon Williston
Mills, Samuel Shelburne
Monty, Claud Colchester
Moore, Samuel Westford
Morgan, Skiff Charlotte
Moses, John Huntington
Naramore, Asa Charlotte
Nash, Asahel Shelburne
Newman, William A. Milton
Nichols, Isaac, Lieut. Bolton
Northway, George Westford
Olds, George Underhill
Owen, Elisha Milton
Page, Ephraim Charlotte
Page, Samuel Burlington
Palmer, George Hinesburgh
Pearl, Stephen, Col. Burlington
Pierce, John Burlington
Pierson, Moses Shelburne
Pierson, Uzal Shelburne
Pierson, Ziba Shelburne
Pomeroy, John Burlington
Powell, William Milton
Preston, Amos Colchester
Pulford, Elisha Charlotte
Randall, Stephen Williston
Remington, Joshua Huntington
Rice, Nathan, Col. Burlington
Rider, Asa Underhill
Robbins, Daniel Richmond
Rood, Azariah Jericho
Russell, Benjamin, Capt. Burlington
Russell, David, Serg't Burlington
Russell, Newton Charlotte
Russell, Stephen Burlington
Russell, William, Capt Burlington
Sawyer, David Westford
Sawyer, James Burlington
Seymour, Nathan Burlington
Shattuck, Jonas Huntington
Sheldon, Caleb Underhill
Sheldon, Israel Charlotte
Sheldon, Josiah Underhill
Simonds, Joseph Charlotte
Smith, David Bolton
Snow, Jeremiah Bolton
Snyder, Jacob Huntington
Spear, Richard Shelburne
Spooner, Bigford Richmond
Stacy, John Burlington
Stearns, Jonathan Hinesburgh
Stearns, Parce Williston
Stearns, Peter Lieut. Shelburne
Steel, Eliphaz Hinesburgh
Stevens, Abram Essex
Stevens, Roger Jericho
Taylor, James, Capt. Westford
Thrasher, George Westford
Tubbs, Lemuel Colchester
Turrill, Stephen Charlotte
Ward, Barnard Underhill
Warner, J.I. Jericho
Webster, David Colchester
Wells, Oliver Underhill
Wells, William Richmond
White, Ebenezer Bolton
White, Nathan Shelburne
Wilmont, Benjamin Westford
Woodruff, Josiah Westford
Wormwood, Ezra Charlotte

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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers Buried In Vermont | Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Chittenden County, VT
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