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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Orange County, Vermont

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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Orange County, Vermont whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBuried
Abbott, Bancroft Newbury
Abbott, Walter, Dr. South Fairlee Cemetery, Fairlee, Vt.
Adams, Benjamin Tunbridge
Adams, Reuben Brookfield
Adams, Roswell Old Cemetery, Brookfield, VT
Adams, Samuel Ward Hill or Bennett Cemetery, Tunbridge, VT
Adams, Samuel Williamstown
Ainsworth, Ameriah East Randolph Cemetery, East Randolph, VT
Allen, Ebenezer Chelsea
Allen, Sherman Chelsea
Alvord, John Old Brookfield Center Cemetery, Brookfield, VT
Andras, John Village Cemetery, Bradford, VT
Aspinwall, Samuel Bradford
Austin, Abial West Bradford Cemetery, Bradford, VT
Austin, Seth Howell Cemetery, Tunbridge, VT
Avery, Nathan Oxbow Cemetery, Newbury, VT
Bacheller, Nathaniel Orange
Bacon, Edmund Williamstown
Bacon, Levi Strafford
Bagley, Peter Newbury
Bagley, Samuel Brookfield
Ballou, William Tunbridge
Barker, Theodore Bradford
Barnett, John Newbury
Barron, Col. John Bradford
Barry, Ebenezer Corinth
Bartholomew, Moses Vershire
Bass, Edward Braintree
Batchelder, Jethro Strafford
Bayley, Frye Newbury
Bayley, Jacob Newbury
Bayley, Jacob, Gen. Newbury
Bayley, James Newbury
Bayley, John G., Capt. Newbury
Bayley, Joshua, Maj. Newbury
Belknap, Simeon Randolph
Benson, Peter Strafford
Bigelow, Barna Brookfield
Bigelow, Jabez, Capt. Newbury
Blaisdell, Ezra Strafford
Blake, Timothy, Lieut. Strafford
Bliss, Peletiah Newbury
Bliss, Samuel Strafford
Blodgett, Benjamin Randolph
Blodgett, Henry Randolph
Blodgett, Sylvanus Randolph
Boardman, Amos Corinth
Bohonon, Ananiah Chelsea
Bond, Asa Thetford
Bowen, Jeremiah Corinth
Bragg, Moses Randolph
Brigham, Abraham Chelsea
Brock, Thomas Newbury
Brown, Laban Chelsea
Bruce, Joseph, Serg't Thetford
Bryant, Bethuel Thetford
Buck, Daniel Chelsea
Buell, James Williamstown
Burgess, Benjamin Chelsea
Burrough, John P. Strafford
Calkins, Frederick Chelsea
Capron, Ephraim Williamstown
Carpenter, David Randolph
Carpenter, Elias Strafford
Carpenter, Jonathan Randolph
Catlin, Enoch Vershire
Chamberlin, Abiel Newbury
Chamberlin, Joseph, Serg't Newbury
Chamberlin, Moses Newbury
Chamberlin, Remembrace Newbury
Chamberlin, Richard Newbury
Cheney, Enoch Washington
Child, Cephas West Fairlee
Child, Jonathan Thetford
Child, Lyman Vershire
Churchill, Francis Fairlee
Clark, Abijah Williamstown
Cobb, Jacob Randolph
Cobb, Nathan Strafford
Coburn, Asa Newbury
Cogswell, Jesse Randolph
Cogswell, John Randolph
Colman, Eliphalet Williamstown
Comstock, Samuel Vershire
Conant, Jonathan, Sgt. Orange
Cook, Ebenezer, Lieut. Fairlee
Corbee, Joel Newbury
Corley, William Randolph
Corliss, Bliss Bradford
Corliss, Emerson Bradford
Corser, Asa Thetford
Cox, William West Fairlee, VT
Crandall, Richmond Thetford
Crane, Joseph Williamstown
Curtis, Simeon Braintree
Cushman, Solomon Tunbridge
Dearborn, Asa Chelsea
Denning, Penuel Williamstown
Dewey, Jeremiah Corinth
Dewey, Timothy Tunbridge
Dickey, Adam Topsham
Dickinson, Reuben Thetford
Dickinson, Solomon West Fairlee
Dodge, Jeremiah Thetford
Doe, William Newbury
Durkee, Asahel, Serg't Brookfield
Durkee, Benjamin, Capt. Tunbridge
Eastman, Samuel Strafford
Eastman, Thomas Newbury
Eaton, John Newbury
Edson, Alvin Randolph
Edson, Amasa Brookfield
Edson, Josiah, Serg't Randolph
Emery, Joel Tunbridge
Farris, Robert Thetford
Faxton, Azriah Thetford
Filch, Edward Strafford
Fish, Stephen Randolph
Fisk, Experians, Jr. Brookfield
Fisk, Nathan Brookfield
Flanders, Enos Vershire
Follett, Benjamin Fairlee
Foster, Jonathan Tunbridge
Foster, Joseph West Fairlee
Fowler, Abner Newbury
Fowler, Jacob Newbury
Freeman, Alden Orange
Frizzell, John Thetford
Gates, Jonas, Serg't Chelsea
George, Benjamin Strafford
Gillett, Simon Thetford
Gilman, Joshua Williamstown
Goodwin, Jonathan, Lieut. Newbury
Goss, John, Lieut. Randolph
Gould, John West Fairlee
Green, David Randolph
Grover, Amaziah Brookfield
Grow, David Randolph
Grow, Isaac Randolph
Hackett, Daniel Tunbridge
Hadley, Jonathan Newbury
Hadley, Nehemiah Newbury
Harrington, William Williamstown
Haseltine, David Newbury
Haskell, Job Strafford
Hatch, Asa Williamstown
Haynes, Robert Strafford
Hayward, Samuel Chelsea
Heath, Daniel Newbury
Hebard, Dyer Randolph
Herrick, Stephen Randolph
Herriman, Joseph Newbury
Hobart, Horatio Washington
Hobart, John Randolph
Hobart, Joseph Randolph
Hoisington, Joab, Col. Newbury
Holmes, Lemuel, capt. Newbury
Hopkins, John Tunbridge
Hoyt, Enoch Tunbridge
Hoyt, Joseph Tunbridge
Hubbard, Josiah Thetford
Hunkins, Robert, Capt. Bradford
Huntington, Elijah Braintree
Huntington, Hiram Chelsea
Hutchinson, Hezekiah Tunbridge
Hyde, James Strafford
Jackson, Abel Corinth
Jeffords, Moses Williamstown
Jenkins, Enoch Strafford
Johnson, Henry Williamstown
Johnson, Samuel Newbury
Johnson, Thomas Capt. Newbury
Johnstown, Robert, Col. Newbury
Judkins, Samuel Orange
Judkins, Simeon Orange
Kendall, Timothy Brookfield
Kenison, Joseph Washington
Kenney, Thomas Braintree
Kent, Jacob, Col. Newbury
Kent, Jacob, Jr. Newbury
Kilburn, James Williamstown
Killinger, Jacob Strafford
Killown, William Chelsea
King, Ichabod Tunbridge
Ladd, Oliver Strafford
Lilley, Benjamin Strafford
Lilley, Elisha Randolph
Lincoln, Samuel Chelsea
Linde, John Brookfield
Lock, James Thetford
Loomis, Beriah Thetford
Lougee, Jonathan West Fairlee
Lovewell, Nehemiah, Capt. Newbury
Lynde, Cornelius Williamstown
Mahew, Peter V. Corinth
Martin, John Chelsea
Martin, Peter Newbury
Martin, Reuben Bradford
May, Stephen West Fairlee
McFarlin, James Bradford
Mcintyre, John Randolph
Meeder, Edward S. Thetford
Mellen, John Newbury
Mellen, Thomas Newbury
Miller, David Strafford
Mills, John Newbury
Mills, John, Jr. Newbury
Moore, Thomas Chelsea
Morison, Samuel West Fairlee
Morrill, Nathaniel Strafford
Morris, William West Fairlee
Morse, Calvin West Fairlee
Morse, Joseph Brookfield
Morton, Joseph Randolph
Nelson, ----, Capt. Orange
Newcomb, Bethuel Thetford
Norton, Joseph Strafford
Noyes, Nathan Tunbridge
Nye, Nathan Randolph
Orcutt, Solomon Randolph
Page, Reuben Corinth
Paine, Elijah Williamstown
Paine, Jesse Vershire
Paine, John Brookfield
Paine, Noah Brookfield
Paine, Noah Brookfield
Paine, Samuel, Capt. Randolph
Parish, Jacob Randolph
Parker, Levi Thetford
Parker, Thomas Chelsea
Peach, William Newbury
Pearsons, Moses Randolph
Pease, Edmund Brookfield
Pennock, Aaron Strafford
Percival, Azel Strafford
Perry, David Chelsea
Pierce, Nathan Vershire
Porter, Eleazer Corinth
Powell, John, Serg't Strafford
Pratt, Matthew Braintree
Preston, Benjamin Strafford
Putnam, Eleazer P. Corinth
Putnam, John Bradford
Putnam, Tarrant Newbury
Reynolds, John Strafford
Rich, David Strafford
Rich, Jonathan Strafford
Richardson, Samuel Orange
Riddall, John Tunbridge
Robinson, Leonard Thetford
Rogers, Adonijah Randolph
Rowell, Jonathan Strafford
Selly, John Tunbridge
Shepard, Elisha Strafford
Shepard, Samuel Thetford
Simons, Shubael Williamstown
Simpson, John, Maj. West Fairlee
Slade, John Brookfield
Smith, Enos Chelsea
Smith, Frederick, Lieut. Strafford
Smith, Gideon Newbury
Smith, James Williamstown
Smith, John Newbury
Smith, John Williamstown
Smith, Joseph Strafford
Smith, Shubel Washington
Smith, Solomon, Capt. Brookfield
Smith, Sylvester Williamstown
Snow, Timothy Williamstown
Southwick, Lemuel Vershire
Southworth, Samuel Vershire
Stebbins, Arad Bradford
Steele, James Randolph
Steele, Samuel Randolph
Stevens, Daniel Corinth
Stevens, Elkanah Chelsea
Stevens, Simeon, Capt. Newbury
Strong, Solomon Thetford
Temple, Chancy L. Randolph
Tenney, Asa Newbury
Tenney, David Newbury
Thayer, Isaac Randolph
Thompson, Job Williamstown
Throop, Nathaniel Randolph
Tice, William Newbury
Towle, Bracket Corinth
Tracy, Cyrus Tunbridge
Tracy, Elijah, Serg't Tunbridge
Tucker, Ansel Randolph
Tucker, Benjamin Strafford
Tyler, James Thetford
Tyler, Jeremiah Thetford
Tyler, Oliver Randolph
Upham, Samuel Randolph
Waldo, Edward Lieut. Randolph
Walker, Charles P. Newbury
Walker, Phineas, Capt. Strafford
Wallace, Richard Thetford
Wallace, William Newbury
Washburn, Abner, Serg't Randolph
Watson, Peletiah Newbury
Weston, Abner Randolph
Wheeler, Horace Randolph
Whitcomb, Francis West Fairlee
White, Joel Strafford
White, Thaddeus Washington
White, William Tunbridge
Whitney, Elijah Williamstown
Whitney, Peter Tunbridge
Wilcox, Elisha Brookfield
Wilder, Levi Randolph
Wilds, Jacob Topsham
Wills, Jonathan Randolph
Woods, Samuel Fairlee
Woodward, Asa Fairlee
Woodward, Benjamin Randolph
Wright, William Tunbridge
York, Gershom Brookfield
Young, Guy, Capt. Strafford

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