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The Roll of Honor
Barrington, Rhode Island
Men Who Served In The War of The American Revolution

Transcribed by: Lynn Tooley

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Adams, Ebenezer
Adams, Edward
Adams, James
Adams, Joseph, Corporal
Adams, Nudigate
Adams, Samuel
Adams, William
Allen, Asa
Allen, Benjamin
Allen, Joseph, Captain
Allen, James
Allen, Joseph Viall, Fifer
Allen, Josiah, Corporal
Allen, Prince, Negro slave
Allen, Samuel, Major
Allen, Samuel, 2d
Allen, Viall, Captain
Allen, Richard, free Negro
Allin, Matthew, Captain
Allin, Thomas, Brig.-General
Allin, Jack, Negro slave
Andrews, James
Andrews, Jonathan
Andrews, William, Sergeant
Anderson, Thomas
Arnold, James
Arnold, Peleg
Bannister, Cato, Negro slave
Barnes, John, Sergeant
Barnes, Levi
Barnes, Samuel, Corporal
Bean, Thomas S.
Beers, Spicer
Bicknell, Asa
Bicknell, James
Bicknell, Joshua, Jr.
Bicknell, Pero, Negro slave
Bicknell, Winchester
Bishop, Ebenezer
Bishop, Comfort
Bishop, Sylvanus
Bosworth, Edward
Bosworth, Jonathan, Jr.
Bosworth, Samuel, Captain
Bowen, Henry
Bowen, Josiah
Bowen, James, Sergeant
Brown, Ichabod
Brown, James
Brown, James, Jr., Ensign
Brown, Samuel
Brown, William
Brown, Prince, Negro slave
Bullock, Joseph
Bushee, James
Bushee, Jonathan
Carey, Micah, Sergeant
Chase, Grindall
Child, Haile
Child, Hezekiah
Child, William
Clark, Nathaniel
Cole, Ambrose S.
Conant, Samuel
Drown, Benjamin, Jr., Sergeant
Drown, Caleb
Drown, Daniel
Drown, Jonathan J.
Drown, Simeon
Freeman, Scipio, Negro slave
Gladding, Joseph
Gladding, Ebenezer
Goff, James
Grant, Abiel, Ensign
Grant, Benjamin
Grant, Ebenezer
Grant, Joseph
Grant, Shubael
Grant, Thomas, Corporal
Handy, Samuel
Harding, John, Captain
Harding, Richard, Sergeant
Harding, William
Heath, Nathaniel, Lieutenant
Heath, Peleg, Major
Hewes, Spicer
Hillman, George
Horton, Benjamin
Horton, Moses, Corporal
Horton, Moses, Jr., Corporal
Humphrey, Amos
Humphrey, Elkanah
Humphrey, James, Sergeant
Humphrey, John, Captain
Humphrey, Josiah, Major
Humphrey, Josiah, Jr., Sergt.
Humphrey, Nathaniel, Lieut.
Humphrey, Nathaniel, Jr.
Humphrey, Samuel, Corporal
Ingraham, Prince, Negro slave
Jones, Enoch, Sergeant
Jones, William, Sergeant
Kelley, Duncan
Kelley, Esek
Kelley, William, Corporal
Kent, James
Kent, John
Kent, Joseph
Kent, Joshua
Kent, Samuel
Kinnicutt, Daniel, Lieutenant
Kinnicutt, Edward
Kinnicutt, Hezekiah
LaDieu, (or Ladue) Curtis
Low, Samuel, Fifer
Luther, Daniel
Luther, David
Luther, Caleb
Luther, Josiah
Luther, Martin
Luther, Nathaniel
Martin, Anthony
Martin, Benjamin, Captain
Martin, Edward
Martin, James, Ensign
Martin, John, Captain
Martin, Luther, Ensign
Martin, Nathaniel, Colonel
Martin, Nathaniel, Jr.
Martin, Rufus
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Samuel, Captain
Matthews, Daniel
Mauran, Joseph C., Commander
Maxfield, Daniel
Medbury, Benjamin
Medbury, Daniel
Medbury, John, Lieutenant
Monroe, Squire
Mumford, Paul, Hon., Judge and Lieut.-Governor
Ormsbee, Isaac
Oxx, George
Oxx, Samuel
Paine, Nathaniel
Peck, Amos
Peck, Benjamin, Colonel
Peck, David
Peck, Ebenezer, Major
Peck, James
Peck, Joel
Peck, Lewis
Peck, Nathaniel, Major
Peck, Nicholas
Peck, Solomon, Captain
Read, David, Captain
Read, Samuel
Read, William, Corporal
Reynolds, Thomas
Sabin, Samuel
Salisbury, George, Lieutenant
Sheldon, John
Short, James
Short, John, Jr., Captain
Short, Samuel, Corporal
Smith, Nathaniel, Sergeant
Smith, Pomp, Negro slave
Smith, Simon, Ensign
Sochorose, Joseph
Stanley, Comfort
Thurber, John
Toogood, Samuel
Tiffany, Ebenezer
Tiffany, Prince, Negro slave
Titus, Simeon
Townsend, Solomon, Jr., Qmr.
Treffern, (or Trafton), Cromwell
Treffern, Philip, Captain
Tripp, Consider
Tyler, Moses, Lieutenant
Tyler, William
Viall, Allen
Viall, John, Captain
Viall, Joseph, Sergeant
Viall, Josiah
Viall, Nathaniel
Viall, Samuel, Lieutenant
Viall, Sylvester
Watson, John
Watson, Matthew
Watson, Pomp, Negro slave
Watson, Prince, Negro slave

Further studies of the Revolutionary period may add the names and services of other Barrington soldiers to the Roll of Honor.

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