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Caledonia County Vermont Obituaries Extracted From North Star, Danville, Vermont, 1870-1879

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1870-1879 Obituaries from the North Star newspaper in Danville, Caledonia County Vermont.

ELKINS, Sarah, Obituary

DIED, In Guildhall, Nov. 17, widow Sarah Elkins, in her 81st year. [North Star, (Danville, Vt.), Dec. 10, 1875]

HICKS, Jesse, Obituary

DIED, In Woodsville, July 26, Mrs. Jesse Hicks, formerly of Lyndon, aged 77. [North Star, (Danville, Vt.), Aug. 6, 1875]

HOYT, John M., Obituary

DIED, In Lyndon, Aug. 21, John M. Hoyt, aged 66 years. [North Star, (Danville, VT), Sept. 15, 1876]

POWERS, Edmund C., Obituary

DIED, In Lunenburg, Nov. 17, of typhoid fever, Edmund C. Powers, aged 34. [North Star (Danville, VT), Dec. 10, 1875]

TURNER, Henry, Obituary

DIED, In Concord, July 24, Henry Turner, aged 89 years. [North Star, (Danville, Vt.), Aug. 6, 1875]

WARD, Ephraim, Obituary

DIED, In Guildhall, July 21, Ephraim Ward, Esq. aged about 57. [North Star, (Danville, Vt.), Aug. 6, 1875]

WEBB, Fred, Obituary

DIED, In Guildhall, July 18, of quick consumption, Fred, son of Greenleaf and Susan E. Webb, in his 20th year. [North Star, (Danville, Vt.), Aug. 6, 1875]