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Flamstead, Vermont Land Grants

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The Town of Flamstead, Vermont land grants copied from the New Hampshire Land Grants being transcripts of the Charters of Townships and minor grants of lands made by the Provincial Goverment of New Hampshire, within the present boundaries of the State of Vermont, from 1749 to 1764.

Flamstead is now the Town of Chester.

Names of the Grantees of Flamstead--Viz--

John Baldridge
Luke Brown
Samuel Dunkin
James Hambleton
Jacob Holms
Jeremh Rice
Isaac Sterns
Cornelius Stowell
Ebenezer Sterns
Jonas Rice
John Rickey
Jeremiah Beath
John Starns
James Carlile
James Stoodley
Daniel Haywood, Junr
Ebenezr Carlile
Alexander Clark
William Clark
David Bellows
Mathias Stone
Benjamin Flagg
Samell Clark Pain
Moses Peter
Thomas Wheeler
Charles Davenport, Junr
William Johnson
Thomas Cowden
Isaac Morse
John Kelsow
Daniel Haywood
*Nathaniel Adams
Charles Davenport
Francis Smith
Francis Smith, Junr
Israell Jennison
John Waters
Palmer Goulding
Abraham Wheeler
Charles Adams
Jacob Smith
William Mahan
Nathaniel Child
Ebenezer Wissall
John Roberts
Richard Ward
Abel Haywood
Mathew Livermore
Thomas Bell
Richard Wibird
Daniel Warner
John Wentworth
Samuel Smith
Samuel Solley
Theodore Atkinson
John Downing
Sampson Sheaffe
Jonathan Gates

One Share His Excellency Benning Wentworth, Esq. Two Shares which Three Last mentioned Shares Are to be Laid out togeather in one Tract on the East Side of the Said Town to begin four hundred and Eighty Rods North Ten degrees East of the South East Corner of the Said Township and Measure these Two hundred and forty rods and Carry that breadth Back West Seven hundred and Twenty Rods one whole Share for the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in forreign Parts, one whole Share for the first Settled Minister of the Gospel in Said Town One Share for A Glebe for the Ministry of the Church of England as by Law Established--

Recorded from the Back of the Charter of Flamstead this 23d Day of Febry 1754

Theodore Atkinson, Sery

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