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Roger Hill Cemetery Records
Town of West Newbury
Orange County, Vermont

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Roger Hill Cemetery, is located in the Town of West Newbury, Orange County, Vermont.

Eastman, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Thomas, died Mar. 25, 1831, 90 yrs. of her age

Eastman, Thomas, died Oct. 11, 1828. 87 years of his age

Eastman, Thomas, Currier Co., Drake, N. H. Mil. Rev. War. no date

Eastman, Daniel, died Mar. 22, 1840, age 63

Eastman, Mima, wife of Daniel Eastman, died June 14, 1852, age 74

Eastman, Mary, dau. of Daniel and Mima Eastman, died Aug. 26, 1821 in the 17 yrs. of her age

Eastman, Susan, dau. of Daniel & Mrs. Mima Eastman, died Nov. 9, 1820. 1 yr. 8 mos.

Boyce, James M., died Sept. 14, 1833 in 24 year of his age

Boyes, John H. died Feb. 14, 1816, age 24

Boyes, a son of James & Mrs. Miriam Boyes buried here

Boyes, Abigail first consort of Mr. James Boyce who departed this life Mar. 5, 1803. in 36 yrs. of her age

Boyes, Miriam second consort of James Boyes died Aug. 29, 1828. age 47

Putman, Samuel, died July 17, 1817, age 35 years

Putman, Angelina, dau. of Samuel & Betsey Putman, died Apr. 11, 1816, age 3 yrs.

Tuxbury, William son of Gideon & Sally Tuxbury, died Feb. 23, 1803, age 5 yrs.

Aldrich, Laura, dau. of Edwin & Harriet Aldrich, died July 9, 1835, 4 mos. 6 days

_______, In memory of George J. son of Levi & Almira Haseltine, died Dec. 22, 1838, age 9 mos.

Chamberlain, Everett son of Abner & Mary Chamberlain died Dec. 20, 1831 age 7 mos. 15 days

Hazeltine, Martha, dau. of Levi & Mrs. Aldrich died Dec. 16, 1829 1 yr. 5 mos.

Wilson, Anna, wife of William Wilson, died Sept. 16, 1826 in 27 years of her age

Haseltine, Samuel, died Apr. 11, 1889 in 27 years of his age

Haseltine, Sally who died Sept. 19, 1817 age 16 yrs.

Haseltine, John who died June 3, 1817, age 27 yrs.

Haseltine, Jno. J. G. Baleys Co. Alcotts, Vt. Mil Rev. So.

Hasetline, Anna, wife of Capt. David Haseltine died Dec. 26, 182--. 57 yrs. of her age

Haseltine, Capt. David born Apr. 1759 settled in Newbury, Vt. died Feb. 6, 1824 in 65 year of age. post 64

Hazeltine, David, Steven Company Bedell's N. H. Mil.

Carter, Amos H. son of John & Elizabeth Carter, died Dec. 13, 1816. 24 years

Rogers, Lieut. Josiah died Nov. 1828 or 1829, 81 years U. S. Soldier, Rev. War

Rogers, William Patterson Co. Warner's Vt. Mil. Rev. Sol.

Wiggins, Mary Carter, wife of Enoch Wiggins, Feb. 9, 1799-Jan. 9, 1833

Wiggins, Chas. son of Enoch & Mary Wiggins, died July 29, 1826

Carter, Dea. William Carter, died Sept. 21, 1835. 73 year of age

Carter, Polly second wife of Dea. Wm. Carter died Jan. 21, 1850. age 83 yrs.

Carter, Anna, wife of Dea. Wm. Carter, died Dec. 18, 1797. age 33 yrs.

Ford, Paul Stevens Co. Alcott, Vt. Mil. Rev. War.

Oldfield, Simeon, U. S. Soldier, Rev. War.

Tapplin, Rufus, died June 25, 1831, age 26

Tapplin, Sally C., wife of Moses Tapplin, died Oct. 1, 1817. 43 yrs.

Wilton, Alfred son of Bethuel & Betsey Wilton, died Aug. 10, 1829. age 2 yrs.

Carter, Noah died June 22, 1819, age 25

* one stone marked P. P.

This has just had bushes cut, new fence, and stones reset. 9 flags but not all in markers

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