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Old North Cemetery Records

Town of Guilford

Windham County, Vermont

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The Old North Cemetery, Town of Guilford, Windham County, Vt. Often Called "The Blanchard Cemetery" is the oldest cemetery in Guilford. It is near where the first settler. Micah Rice, lived Many grave stones of the early settlers are missing. It is not in use-grass covered many stones broken. It has little care. It has to be approached from the farm of Mr. Beals(1958). Perhaps Mrs. Mary Elliot, wife of Joseph Elliot, was one of the early burials 1704. I do not know where he died or where buried. Of later burials is Mrs. Betsey (Melendy) Maxwell, died 1847 in her 57th year.

Aldrich, Lyman, died Oct. 21, 1839, age 43 yrrs. 10 mos.

Aldrich, Otis. son of Mr. Otis Aldrich, died July 14, 1817 in his 17 year

Aldrich, Peter, died February 11, 1805, age 49 & 5 months

Aldrich, Otis, died Sept. 5, 1854

Aldrich, Susanna, wife of Otis Aldrich, died Dec. 6, 1816 in her 37 year

Aldrich, Mary, wife of Otis Aldrich, died June 28, 1852, age 77

Alexander, John, died Nov. 19, 1828. in his 62 year

Alexander, Polly, wife of John Alexander, died Nov. 3, 1836. age 65 year

Allen, Lieut. Josiah, died June 25, 1800 in the 86th year of his age

Ashcraft, Gilbert, son of Mr. Uriah & Mrs. Lucinda

Ashcraft, Ashcraft, died March 20, 1803, at 3 years, 3 mos. & 21 days

Baker, Silas, died April 28, 1802, age 25 years, 3 mos. 23 days

Balch, Mrs., died Feb. 3, 1798, age 80 yrs.

Balch, The wife of John Balch

Balch, John, son of Samuel and Mrs. Susanna Balch, died October - , 1797, age 17 years & 7 months

Barber, John, who died May 27th, 1776 in his 35th year. (The widow barber married Timo Root and is buried in the Root lot nearby.)

Barber, Reuben, son of Mr. Isaac Barber & Mrs. Rhoda, wife of John Barber, died Feb. 6th 1804. age 3 mos. 12 days

Barber, Abigail, daughter of Isaac & Rhoda Barber, who died February 27, 1797. age two years & 27 days

Barber, Luke G., son of John & Polly Barber, age 3 years

Barney, Sarah, wife of John Barney, Jr. died Oct. 28, 1775, age 18 years

Bixby, MaNaSSeh, died Dec. 19, 1828, age 83 years

Bixby, Mrs. Betsey, wife of Mr. Manasseh Bixby, died Nov. 14th 1808 in her 44 year

Bixby, Elizabeth, wife of Manasseh Bixby, died March 11, 1791, age 45 years

Bixby, Hannah, 2nd wife of Manasseh Bixby, died Nov. 22, 1825 (No stone for Manasseh Bixby, Jr.)

Bixby, Mary, wife of Solomon Bixby, died Aug. 18, 1827, age 91 years

Bixby, Thaddeus, died June 26, 1850, age 70 years

Bixby, ------, wife of Thaddeus Bixby, died Aug. 18, 1851, age 73 yrs.

Bowen, Hiram, son of Asa & Mehitible Bowen, who died September 18, 1798, age 2 weeks & 2 days

Boyden, Mr. Daniel, died Aug. 29, 1813 in his 72 year. (Revolutionary war marker.)

Boyden, Daniel, died Dec. 9, 1816, age 81 yrs. 9 mos.

Boyden, Mrs. Dolly, wife of Mr. Levi Boyden, died July 29, 1821, age 49

Boyden, Emily Amanda, died Sept. 15, 1869, age 39 yrs. 1 mos. 10 days

Boyden, Mr. James, Nov. 20, 1816 in his 58 year (Revolutionary War Marker)

Boyden, Susannah, died Mar. 8, 1844, age 85 year

Boyden, Tabitha, wife of Daniel Boyden, died Oct. 14, 1830, age 64 years.

Bullock, Charlotte, died young.

Bullock, Jennett, died Nov. 30th 1838, age 83

Bullock, Capt. Lovell, died Sept. 21, 1819, age 76

Bullock, Mary Ann, died young

Bullock, Sarah, wife of Ward Bullock, died Mar. 5, 1864, age 79

Bullock, Bullock, Ward, Esq. died Oct. 29, 1850, age 70

Bullock, William Esq. who died August 19, 1785 in 42nd year of his age

Eliot, Mrs. Mary, wife of Capt. Joseph Eliot, who died March 17th 1704

Goodwin, In memory of Mary, daughter of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Mary Goodwin, died August 25th 1776 in her 2d year

Goodwin, In memory of Sarah, daughter of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Mary Goodwin, died February 15th 1776

Gould, Mrs. Anna, wife of Mr. Thomas Gould, died February 12th 1804 in her 31 year

Gould, Lyman H., son of Thomas & Deborah Gould, died June 17, 1833, age 18 years & 9 months

Gould, In memory of Mrs. Stephen, died Nov. 1, 1805, age 59

Greenleaf, Daniel, native of Boston, died Dec. 30, 1845, age 83

Gurley, In memory of Mrs. Desiah, wife of Rev'd Mr. Ebenezer Gurley, who died July 26, 1776 in her 26th year

Gurley, Mr. Ebenezer Gurley who died July 26, 1776 in her 26th year

Gurley, Rev. Ebenezer, (Stone broken and illegible)

Gurley, In memory of Lieut. Israel, who died August 22 1776 in 31 year of his age

Houghton, Lieut. Edward, who died 1782 in the 52nd year of his age. (A small foot stone)

Jacobs, died Feb. 10, 1833 Betsey, wife of Mr. William Jacobs and dau. of Mr. John & Mrs. Polly Alexander, age 42

Jacobs, Sacred to the memory of Mr. Elnathan Jacobs, who died Feb. 13, 1813 in 31 year of his age

Joy, Mememo Mori Mrs. Susannah, the amiable consort of Capt. Lewis Joy retired to a better world on the 11 of June AD 1799, age 27

King, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. James King, died Feb. 7, 1806 in the 60th year of her age

Lynde, In memor of Mr. Daniel, who died Aug. 7, 1794, age 77 years

Marsh, Mrs. Lucy, wife of Mr. Hosea Marsh, died July 16th, 1799, age 24 years 3 mos. 10 days

Maxwell, Mrs. Betsey, wife of Leonard Maxwell, died May 28, 1847, in her 57th year

Melendy, Emoline daughter of Capt. Jonathan and Mrs. Lydia Melendy, died Sept. 10th 1813, age 9 months

Melendy, Noah, son of Capt. Jonathan and Mrs. Lydia Melendy, died Oct. 15th 1815, age 1 year and 18 days

Melendy, In memory, who died May 2nd 1795, age 16 years 8 months and 8 days

Nichols, In memory of Abigail Nichols, wife of Capt. Ephraim Nichols, died April 17, 1821, age 66

Nichols, Anna, wife of Samuel Nichols, died March 24, AD 1816, age 79

Nichols, Betsey, daughter of Jonas & Elizabeth Nichols, who died February 8th ----, age 8 years 3 months & 17 days

Nichols, Capt. Ephraim, died April 10, 1834, age 48

Nichols, Memory of Ira, son of Jonas & Elizabeth Nichols, who died February 26, 1803(?), age 11 years 1 month & 10 days

Nichols, In memory of Samuel Nichols who died Sept. 31st 1777 in his 49th year (Rev. War Marker)

Orr, Miriam, died Jan. 29, 1825 in her 74th year.

Packer, Willard, He was Drowned in the act of bathing in the Sexton River Rockingham June 18, 1842, age 28 years 6 mos.

Palmer, In memory of Mr. Humphrey Palmer a native of Devonshire G. Brittan. came to America 1770 and died Jan. 14th 1807, age 66

Palmer, Mary, wife of Humphrey Palmer, died 27th Sept. 1842, age 86

Parsons, Andrew, a Revolutionary Soldier died Sept. 23, 1849, age 87

Parsons, Mrs. Esther, wife of Mr. Andrew Parsons, died Sept. 17, 1821, age 48

Parsons, Francis T. son of Sam'l & Deborah Parsons, died April 8, 1845

Parsons, Mrs. Rebekah, wife of Mr. Andrew Parsons of Vernon, died April 25, 1811 in her 44 year

Ramsdell, Mr. William, died Oct. 22, 1800 in the 63rd year of his age

Rice, Capt. Asa, died Aug. 16th 1806, age 74

Rice, In memory of Mr. Francis Rice who died Sept. 11th 1777 in 35 year

Rice, Salvanus, died Sept. 26 in his 5th year

Rice, Abigail, died Sept. 27 in her 3 year Children of Francis Rice

Rogers, Mr. Abigail, died Sept. 4, 1802 in his 69 year

Rogers, Here lies buried Mrs. Anna, wife of Mr. Anna, wife of Mr. Abijah Rogers, who died May 31st 1784 in the 44 year of her age

Rogers, Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Abijah Rogers, died August 26th 1798 in the 54th year of her age

Root, In memory of Mrs. Mary, wife to Mr. Timothy Root & Daur to Capt. Joseph and Mrs. Thankful Stebbins, who died Oct. 14, 1774, age 27 years 3 months & 16 days

Root, In memory of Mrs. Patience, wife of Dea. Timothy Root, who died Oct. 12th 1821 in the 75th year of her age

Root, Dea. Samuel L. formerly of Northfield Mass., died July 30, 1800 age 87 (Rev. War Marker)

Root, Dea. Timothy, died Dec. 12, 1843, age 100 yrs. 4 mos. & 15 days

Salisbury, James, died June 1, 1842, age 91

Salisbury, In memory of Lovina, wife of James Salisbury who died Dec. 4, 1824 in her 68 year

Salisbury, Susanna, wife of James Salisbury, died Jan. 25, 1780, age 24 years

Smalley, Memente Mori Here lies Buried Mrs. Hannah, wife of William Smalley Esq. who died Octr. 10th 1786 in 45 year of her age

Stevens, Louis, the amiable Consort of Doct. Simon Stevens who left a disconsolate Husband the three small children to lament their loss on 20th of August AD 1793 Atatis suae 32

Stevens, Doct. Simon, died Aug. 15, 1824, age 65 years

Stevens, Susannah, widow of the late Dr. Simon Stevens, died Jan. 5, 1847, age 80

Stowell, In Memory of Mr. Levi, son of Mr. Hezekiah & Mrs. Persis Stowell, he died Dec. 27th (year unknown)

Weatherhead, Mr. Jeremiah, died May 5th, 1789 in the 74th year of his age

Weatherhead, Mrs. Rachel, wife of Mr. Jeremiah Weatherhead, died May 14, 1799 in her 54th year. (Double stone)

Weld, Mrs. Elnor, wife of Mr. Noah Weld, she died Feb. 25, 1799 in the 49th year of her age

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