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1835 - 1850 Marriages
By Rev. Cornelius Thomas
City of Rutland
Rutland County, Vermont

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These Marriage Records were found in the unpublished research material gathered by the late Lawrence Chamberlain who planned to write a Civil War novel based on facts. He gathered much valuable material from many old Records and people that are no longer with us.

Mr. Chamberlain died before his mission was accomplished but his unpublished papers dealing with many Rutland and Addison Co. towns are at the Brandon, VT library.

September, 1983.

1835 Marriages

Dec. 15, Jenney, E. B. of Leicester and Sarah Ann Kelsey of Brandon.

Dec. 23, Wood, David N. of Hubbardton and Hannah Morehouse of Brandon.

1836 Marriages

Jan. 21, Stuart, Marvin and Sophronica Allen, both of Brandon.

Feb. 4, Benson, Justus, of Benson and Eliza Knowlton of Brandon.

Mar. 22, Schofield, John J. and Laura L. Gray, both of Brandon.

Apr. 6, McConnell, Barnard of Rutland and Almira Keller of Brandon.

Apr. 19, Leonard, Josiah and Olive P. Hendee, both of Pittsford.

June 1, Jenney, Leonard D. of Leicester and Eleanor M. Merriam of Brandon.

July 14, Cheney, David H. of Laroy, NY and Nancy A. Cheney of Brandon.

Oct. 26, Gray, William P. and Juliet Stuart, both of Brandon.

Nov. 24, Roberts, Oscar F. and Anna A. Buell, both of Brandon.

Dec. 2, Hill, John and Rosella Cole, both of Brandon.

1837 Marriages

Feb. 12, Fairman, James of Goshen and Mrs. Lucinda Steward of Brandon.

Feb. 28, Hancock, Marshall of Barre, MA and Sarah Tolman of Brandon.

Mar. 30, Cheney, J. W. and Mary A. Gray, both of Brandon.

Aug. 17, Plumley, Oliver and Lucinda Landon, both of Brandon.

Sept. 12, Dow, Isaac of Leicester and Mariett Dodge, both of Salisbury.

Oct. 18, In Salisbury, Cook, Alonzo L. and Marilla Smith, both of Salisbury.

Nov. 8, Powell, Phillip of Pittsford and Drusilla Sweet of Brandon.

1838 Marriages

Feb. 13, Barit, John and Victoria Forthier, both of Brandon.

Mar. 1, In Leicester, Hitchcock, Joseph M. and Louise Dutton, both of Leicester.

May 13, Bentley, Mr. William T. of Ripton and Lucy Howard of Brandon.

July 4, Young, Alexander and Julia Fountaigne, both of Brandon.

July 21, Gonyaw, George of Sudbury and Rosetta ____ of Brandon.

Aug. 7, Clark, Ralph B. and Maria Halping, both of Brandon.

Nov. 27, In Pittsford, Sargent, Junia of Cambridge, MA and Harriet S. Spencer of Pittsford.

Dec. 6, In Pittsford, Smith, Caleb of Leicester and Eliza Hendee of Pittsford.

1839 Marriages

Jan. 1, Murray, David S. and Jane A. Parks, both of Brandon.

Feb. 5, In Pittsford, Woodcock, Roswell and Olive Hendee of Pittsford.

Feb. 17, Brooks, L. and Amelia Parker, both of Brandon.

Apr. 5, Chandler, Orson and Catherine Rock, both of Brandon.

Apr. 29, Smith, O. M., Jr. and Lucy Ann Wyman, both of Brandon.

Sept. 10, Scofield, David and Amanda Hitchcock, both of Brandon.

Oct. 9, Townsend, Seneca D. and Abigail Wyman, both of Brandon.

1840 Marriages

Jan. 1, Kingsley, Chester, Jr. and Martha Knowlton, both of Brandon.

Apr. 19, Walker, Francis and Loretta Wheeler, both of Brandon.

June 2, Webster, Epenetus and Mary Knowlton, both of Brandon.

July 25, Shortsleeves, Peter and Angela Twodshia(?), both of Brandon.

Sept. 5, Gardner, Nelson and Juliana St. Jaque, both of Brandon.

Sept. 9, In Leicester, Conant, William of Brandon and Malissa White of Leicester.

Sept. 10, Sanderson, James M. of Berlin, OH and Ellen Buckland of Brandon.

Sept. 13, Fairbanks, Alvan and Anna Fisk, both of Brandon.

Sept. 14, Bliss, E. J. and Rebecca Benson, both of Brandon.

Dec. 31, Rust, Horace and Rhoda Kingsley, both of Brandon.

1841 Marriages

Jan. 13, Howard, John F. of Benson and Jane L. Spaulding of Brandon.

Jan. 25, Cramet, P. G. and Mary Morehouse, both of Brandon.

Feb. 2, Bowen, Mark of Royalton and Sarah L. Harris of Brandon.

Feb. 13, Leslane, Solomon and Mary Shortsleeves of Brandon.

Mar. 16, In Sudbury, Thomas, Hoseh L. of Brandon and Mary A. Knowlton of Sudbury.

Apr. 8, Ingalls, Albert G. of Brandon and Nancy N. Gibson of Whiting.

Apr. 13, Longlear, Charles and Eliza Guard, both of Brandon.

June 20, Cutler, Elijah of Brandon and Roxanna M. Wescott of Hubbardton.

Oct. 4, Thatcher, A. H. of Sudbury and M. P. Lopen of Sudbury.

Oct. 27, Blackmer, Hiram and Marietta Knowlton, both of Brandon.

Oct. 31, Bullion, John of Rutland and Ellen Flagg of Brandon.

Nov. 22, In Sudbury, Smith, Wm. M. of Brandon and H. L. Thatcher of Sudbury.

Nov. 30, Arnold, H. H. of Essex, NY and L. M. Arnold of Brandon.

Aug. 3, Sawyer, Harrison of Leicester and Ellen M. Wood of Brandon.

1842 Marriages

Jan. 10, Chamberlin, Willard H. of Brandon and E. C. Gaige of Sudbury.

Feb. 20, Kollins, Charles H. of Redford, NY and Harriet A. Avery of Brandon.

Mar. 6, Husted, J. B. of Vergennes and Marion B. Arnold of Brandon.

Mar. 17, Morehouse, Sterling, Jr. and Eliza A. Nelson, both of Brandon.

Mar. 31, Fuller, Augustus R. and Mrs. Mary N. Johnson, both of Brandon.

May 10, Ellis, Horace, Jr. of Pittsfield and Prudence A. June of Brandon.

July 6, In Pittsford, Merriam, Daniel D. of Brandon and L. W. Spencer of Pittsford.

Sept. 15, Bacon, William L. and Harriet French, both of Brandon.

Nov. 6, Elliot, Charles J. of Kingsbury, NY and Ardelia A. Jones of Brandon.

Nov. 10, Clark, Hiram S. and Calista D. Jackson, both of Brandon.

Dec. 27, Bliss, Elijah A. of Goshen and Prudence A. Arnold of Brandon.

1843 Marriages

Jan. 24, Jones, Lewis C. and Almira G. Buell, both of Brandon.

Feb. 15, Morehouse, Sterling, Jr. of Brandon and Lucinda Lindsley of Hubbardton.

Mar. 9, Goodnow, Daniel and Charity Buckland, both of Brandon.

Mar. 30, Churchill, Amos of Hubbardton and Chloe Smith of Brandon.

May 2, Broughton, Chauncy W. of Brandon and Mary Churchill of Hubbardton.

May 16, Wood, Elmer R. and Lucretia Parmeter, both of Brandon.

May 23, In Orwell, Hall, Samuel of Brandon and Harriet Fenney of Orwell.

June 14, Palmer, Mr. Geo. W. of Boston, MA and Ellen H. Jackson of Brandon.

June 25, Farrington, Daniel (He over 70) and Lucy Hibbard (?), both of Brandon.

Sept. 15, Mason, Whipple and Jerusha Ann Ingalls, both of Brandon.

Sept. 21, Hall, Warren F. and Harriet N. Beson, both of Brandon.

Sept. 28, Button, Edward B. and Harriet N. Barnes, both of Brandon.

Oct. 9, Summer, Henry A. and Harriet E. June, both of Brandon.

Oct. 10, McDonald, Wesley and Harriet G. Harrison, both of Brandon.

Nov. 29, Blackmer, Ira R. and Harriet A. Hendee, both of Brandon.

Dec. 27, Bacon, William L. and Mary F. Kinsman, both of Brandon.

1844 Marriages

Jan. 1, French, Elan, Jr. and Louisa F. Potwine, both of Brandon.

Jan. 21, Bisbee, Aaron and Elvira F. Warren, both of Brandon.

Feb. 7, Briggs, Edward and Marcy Ann Briggs, both of Brandon.

Feb. 22, Howard, Squire J. of Brandon and Mrs. Angeline Woodcock.

Apr. 7, Slason, Calvin L. of Hubbardton and Luceba Longley of Brandon.

May 1, Ward, William L. of Sudbury and Kezia C. Goddard of Brandon.

May 16, Howard, Wilder M. and Electa L. Howard.

June 6, Hall, Samuel J. of Brandon and Evaline P. Thayer of Orwell.

June 9, Lawrence, Archetus of Philadelphia, PA and Eliz. A. Mead of Brandon.

June 23, Curtis, Ira W. and Alma Ann Cheney, both of Brandon.

Sept. 23, Watkins, John G. of Whitehall, NY and Cyrena Tolman of Brandon.

Oct. 1, Brierly, Rev. Benjamin of Manchester, NH and Mrs. F. M. Smith of Brandon.

Oct. 3, Blackmer, Dennis and Sabra Kingsley, both of Brandon.

Nov. 8, Adams, William E. of ____, NY and Cordelia Janes of Brandon.

1845 Marriages

Feb. 20, Gill, John and Olivia June, both of Brandon.

Mar. 16, Edson, Elias F. and Anna Goodnow, both of Brandon.

Apr. 13, Taylor, L. M. and L. F. Heath, both of Brandon.

June 17, Parks, Josiah Rosseter and Adaline Chamberlin.

Aug. 23, Stevens, Jerome of Brandon and Charity M. Hewitt of Pittsford.

Sept. 11, Bush, Seymour and Mrs. Lucinda Plumley, both of Brandon.

Sept. 14, Rice, Moses W. and Betsey Ann Heath, both of Brandon.

Sept. 14, Dutton, Thomas J. and Mary C. Heath, both of Brandon.

Sept. 16, Thomas, Austin W. of Brandon and Achsa C. Bresee of Pittsford.

Sept. 25, Collins, Amasa and Almira Blackmer, both of Brandon.

Oct. 26, Case, Chauncey L. and Lydia G. Harris, both of Brandon.

Dec. 7, Wilson, Ebenezer R. of Shoreham and Charlotte Minerva Smith of Brandon.

1846 Marriages

Feb. 8, Vancor, Henry of Middlebury and Mary Ann Longley of Brandon.

Apr. 19, Brownson, Dean of Parishville, NY and Roxa Fales of Brandon.

June 29, Parmeter, Geo. W. of Brandon and Rosanna Spencer of Sudbury.

Oct. 6, Bates, Benjamin of Franklin, OH and Susan C. Hall of Brandon.

1847 Marriages

Jan. 13, Scofield, David and Nancy D. True, both of Brandon, 3.00.

Mar. 30, Kingsley, Horace of Clarendon and Rachel Bliss of Brandon, 2.50.

Apr. 2, Farr, Flavius J. and Chastina E. B. Parkhurst, both of Brandon, 3.00.

Apr. 15, Howland, Stephen and Sarah Howland, both of Brandon, 1.00.

Apr. 21, Sanford, Lucius A. of Barre, NY and Emma A. Hall of Brandon, 1.00.

Apr. 21, Ratelle, Joseph and Margaret Dion, both of Brandon, 1.00.

May 9, Gould, Erastus and Mahala A. Graves, both of Brandon, 1.00.

May 20, Ingalls, Ira, Jr. of Brandon and Clarissa R. Gibson of Cornwall, 1.00.

May 23, Tricker, Wm. J. of Bristol and Susan L. Walker of Brandon, 2.00.

June 27, Hovey, Amos W. of White Oak Springs, Ill. and Mary Jose (?), Phine Scofield of Brandon, no fee given.

July 6, Martin, Haskell C. of Ludlow and Jane Moulton of Brandon, 2.00.

Aug. 22, Cook, James and Anna O'Brien, both of Brandon.

Sept. 9, Nichols, A. H. and Susan A. Barnard, both of Brandon.

Sept. 16, Crampton, Enos L. of Salisbury and Louisa A. Gibson of Brandon, 5.00.

Oct. 17, Smith, Chauncey P. of Pittsford and Joanna Tolman of Brandon, 1.00.

Dec. 8, Parker, D. M. and Mary Ann J. Parker, both of Brandon, 2.00.

Dec. 15, In Pittsford, Scofield, Lewis L. of Brandon and Betsey Jane Gorham of Pittsford, 5.00.

Dec. 16, Bulton, Wm. D. and Mary A. Schofield, both of Brandon, 5.00.

Dec. 30, Barnard, Joel and Lydia E. June, both of Brandon, 2.00.

1848 Marriages

Jan. 13, Clark, Zachariah of Sandisfield, MA and Mary Hinds of Brandon, 5.00.

Jan. 31, Kefler, Seth of Hammond, NY and Aldina Stevens of Brandon, 1.00.

Feb. 6, Luce, Curtis O. of Lowell, MA and Theresa A. Kimball of Brandon, 2.50.

Mar. 22, Morehouse, John F. of Brandon and Harriet E. Hayward of Leicester, 2.00.

Sept. 3, Knowlton, Daniel B. and Julia E. Scofield, both of Brandon, 2.50.

Sept. 6, Ingalls, John and Malissa M. Newton, both of Brandon, 1.00.

Sept. 19, Smith, O. M., Jr. of Dexter, Michigan and Maria Louisa Merriam of Brandon, 5.00.

Oct. 16, Andrews, Miner and Caroline A. Hall, both of Brandon.

Oct. 17, Scovie, L. N. of Auburn, NY and Almira A. Adams, 5.00.

Oct. 21, Leonard, Julius and Betsey W. Walker, both of Brandon, 1.00.

Nov. 16, Manchester, Arnold of Hubbardton and Eliza Morehouse of Brandon, 2.50.

1849 Marriages

Jan. 18, Cheney, Cyrus F. and Hannah S. Briggs, both of Brandon, 1.00.

Apr. 15, Chaffee, Wm. C. and Pamela E. Silvester, no fee given.

May 22, Burr, Mason of Sudbury and Hannah Ann Nelson of Brandon, 2.50.

July 4, Newton, Almon of Goshen and Eliza Ayer of Brandon, 1.25.

Sept. 11, Bishop, Geo. Henry of Brandon and Phila P. O. Ackerman of Sudbury, 2.00.

Sept. 11, Howland, Alonzo of Hubbardton and Sarah Howland of Brandon, 1.00.

Sept. 12, Burditt, John M. of Salisbury and Louisa D. Hatch of Brandon, 5.00.

Sept. 19, Keith, Sidney, Jr. and Julia C. Merriam, both of Brandon, 5.00.

Nov. 7, Richardson, Geo. W. of Poultney and A. Lovette Chaffee of Brandon, 3.00.

Nov. 21, Churchill, John Alvin and Mariette ____ E. Davison, 1.00.

Nov. 21, Dion, Mitchell and Angeline Charthier of Brandon, 1.00.

Dec. 13, Brown, Wm. of Rochester and Eliza B. Dutton of Brandon, 2.00.

Dec. 25, Weatherbee, Alonzo and Harriet M. Thomas of Brandon, 1.00.

1850 Marriages

Jan. 1, Nichols, D. H. and Lavina E. Wolcott of Brandon, 1.00.

Jan. 6, Hunt, Truman J. of St. Johnsbury and Mary A. Webb of Brandon, 2.50.

Mar. 26, Wing, Nathaniel of Rochester and Abigail Potwine of Brandon, 2.00.

May 4, Goslan, Francis and Lucinda Lepp, both of Brandon, 1.00.

May 7, Fuller, Wm. of Rutland and Mrs. Mary Ann Weller of Brandon, 5.00.

June 6, Briggs, David A. of Whiting and E. Ingalls of Brandon, 2.50.

June 22, Daigneau, David and Louise Goulai, both of Brandon, 1.00.

July 4, Martin, Wm. R. of Orwell and Lucy B. Thatcher of Brandon, 1.00.

Aug. 1, Hendry, Thomas and Mary Rogers, both of Brandon with permission, 1.00.

Sept. 20, Dutton, Nathan B. of Jamacia and Hannah Briggs of Brandon, 1.00.

Sept. 1, Welsh, John and Hannah Twomey, both of Brandon, 1.00.

Oct. 18, Lessore, Julius of Brandon and Mary Daily of Shoreham, 1.00.

Oct. __, Cahee, Junes (should be James) L. and Maria A. Nichols, both of Brandon, 2.00.

Oct. 28, Clark, George and Emily H. Johns, both of Brandon, 1.00.

Dec. 2, Allen, Wm. J. of Goshen and Lucy Ann Brown of Brandon, 2.00.

Dec. 29, Knapp, James of Starksboro and Emily A. Arnold of Brandon, 2.00.

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