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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Onondaga County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Onondaga County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
Baldwin, Isaac 175212-22-1818Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYSgt. CT.
Ball, Major Lebbeus17381806Sweet Rural Cemetery, Pompey, NYAt Concord April 20, 1775, as Capt. in Col. Sheppard's Regt. and Col. Jamison's Regt. Col. Jamison's Regt. Promoted to Major.
Bartlett, Nicholas 17451836Clark Cemetery, Pompey, NYSol. Mass.
Barnes, Asa17601/18/1824Oran Pioneer Cemetery, Fayetteville, NYCo. Jonathan Ward's Regiment in Marlborough, Mass. On the Lexington Alarm.
Bookhout, James * 17612-25-1841Clark Cemetery, Pompey, NYNY Line
Brown, Isaac17568/16/1837Fairmont Cemetery, Camillus, NY Conn. and Mass. Census Rolls.
Bucklin, Benjamin12/176310/9/1849Old Cemetery, Camillus, NYCapt. Downing's Company, Col. Regt., Capt. Stone's Company, Brewers Regt.
Burr, Ozias 17642-20-1813Pease Cemetery, Pompey, NYAlbany Co. Regmt.
Cameron, James 17647-7-1819Baptist Church Cemetery, Delphi Falls, Pompey, NYNY Regmt.
Canda, Daniel2/9/17628/9/1831Oran Pioneer Cemetery, Fayetteville, NYSgt. at West Point 1781, in Connecticut Militia. Married Lydia Wilmot
Carr, Caleb, Jr. 5-7-17442-1-1818Watervale Cemetery, Watervale, Pompey, NYPvt. NY
Castle, Seely 11-24-17542-8-1817Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYLt. NY
Clark, (Clarke),Hezekiah 12-19-17573-2-1826Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYMedical Staff
Cleaveland, Jedediah1759, MA9/28/1831Oran Pioneer Cemetery, Fayetteville, NYSgt. In Capt. William White's Regiment, Berkshire Coiunty, Mass. Married Lydia Merrill.
Coats (Coates), Benjamin 174912-25-1839Baptist Church Cemetery, Delphi Falls, Pompey, NYSol. NY
Cook, William 17612-22-1841Pease Cemetery, Pompey, NYCpl. CT.
Cox, William 17631832Elbridge Rural Cemetery, Elbridge, NYPvt. NJ Regiment
Crandall, Jeremiah * 175510-30-1840Baptist Church Cemetery, Delphi Falls, Pompey, NYNY
Curtis, Daniel 176111-28-1828Clark Cemetery, Pompey, NYSol. NY
Cutting, Zahariah 17616-15-1808Pease Cemetery, Pompey, NYSol. Mass.
Dean, William -1836Dodge Cemetery, Pompey, NYSol. CT.
Dewey, Davidage 63 5/20/1827 North Manlius Center Cemetery, Onondaga, NYIn Massachusetts Rolls. Wife Margaret died 6/9/1855.
Dyer, Thomas 176311-24-1849Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYSol. In Capt. Bigelow Regmt.
Eaton, Aaronage 536/27/1816Manlius Center Cemetery, Onondaga, NYWife Tryphena.
Ferguson, Johnage 703/17/1834North Manlius Center Cemetery, Onondaga County, NYMassachusetts Rolls, Wife died 1857.
Foster, Thomas176212/4/1824Oran Pioneer Cemetery, Pompey, NYWife Sally.
Fort, Daniel J. 175710-9-1837Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYAlbany Co. Regmt.
Greenfield, Enos 174911-23-1824Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYPvt. CT.
Hart, Joseph176510/26/1837Orin Pioneer Cemetery, Oran, Town of Pompey, NYConnecticut Militia, Applied for pension 1831. Wife Matilda died 9/29/1857, age 64 yrs.
Harter (Marter), Capt. Lawrence-1832Shoemaker Family Cemetery, MInoa, Town of Manlius, NY4th Tryon County Company, New York Regiment, Lieut. in 1791. Capt. in 1793. Prisoner in Canada 2 yrs.
Hatch, Solomonage 389/23/1803North Manlius Center Cemetery, Onondaga County, NYIn Massachusetts Rolls, also Weissenfell's New York Levies.
Haywood, Thomasage 65 yrs.6/6/1829North Manlius Center Cemetery, Onondaga County, NY-
Hayes, Benjamin 7-28-17581842Baptist Church Cemetery, Delphi Falls, Pompey, NYCpl. CT. Line
Hoyt, Ezekiel 12-25-17588-19-1834Lafayette Rural Cemetery, Lafayette, NYCapt. CT.
Jerome, Levi 17616-11-1838Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYSol. Mass.
Keith, Barak-3/26/1833Oran Pioneer Cemetery, Oran, Town of Pompey, N YConnecticut Militia. Applied for pension 1831. Wife Matilda died 9/29/1857 - age 64 years.
King, James 17646-9-1837Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYSol. NY
Mastin, John9/5/175012/20/1834Lysander Cemetery, Lysander, Onondaga, County, NYUlster County New York Militia, 4th Regiment.
Olcott, Hezekiah 9-30-17599-17-1825Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYLt. CT.
Palmer, Noah 17346-28-1835Oran Cemetery, Oran, NYSol. Ct & NY
Parkinson, Aaron 17647-8-1835Oran Cemetery, Oran, NYNJ Somerset Mil.
Peck, Benjaminage 694/13/1829North Manlius Center Cemetery, Onondaga County, NYName in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts Rolls. 1790 in Dalton, Mass.
Peck, Enos1751
New Haven, CT
5/23/1835Oran Pioneer Cemetery, Fayetteville, NYCapt. Bigelow Lawrence's Company
Roberts, Abel 176211-16-1844Baptist Church Cemetery, Delphi Falls, Pompey, NYSol. CT.
Share, Andrew2/3/17631/9/1847Sentinel Heights Eastchester, Mt. Vernon, Onondaga County, NYPrivate
Sherwood, Samuel 17609-15-1811Baptist Church Cemetery, Delphi Falls, Pompey, NYCapt. & Maj. Mass.
Shields, John 17471832Baptist Church Cemetery, Delphi Falls, Pompey, NYCpl. PA & NY
Shults, Georgeage 839/7/1840Manlius Center Cemetery, Onondaga, NYNew York Militia, received Pension in 1833. Wife Catharine died 9/12/1830.
Smith, Elisha 17611837Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYColonel Mass.
Sprague, Calvin1744
Dalton, Ma.
Pompey, NY
Oran Pioneer Cemetery, Fayetteville, NYPrivate in George Gould's Company, Col. Paul Sargent's Regiment, 2 mo. 8 days. Also had 3 other enlistments.
Sweet, David 17503-11-1813Baptist Church Cemetery, Delphi Falls, Pompey, NYSol. NY
Todd, James 17631-26-1855Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYSol. NH
Wheelock, Ralph 17589-28-1847Watervale Cemetery, Watervale, Pompey, NYSol. Mass.
Wood, Moses 17484-18-1818Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NYSol. NY & Mass.

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