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1779 - 1799

Marriage Records

Town of Clarendon

Rutland County, Vermont

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Record of Marriages

Holland, Caleb		May 23, 1779		Parents,John Howland, Scituate, R.I.
Simonds, Mary		Nedebiah Angel J.P.	John Seamonds,Clarendon

Whitman, Benjamin	June 13, 1779		Benjamin Whitman
Rounds, Barbery		Nedebiah Angel J.P.	James Rounds

Mosely, Increase	Aug. 18, 1779		Washington, Conn.
Potter, Mary		Joseph Bowker J.P.

Rattes, Jacob		Jan. 12, 1780		married at
Mrs. Jerusha Smith	Jesse Belknap J.P.	Castleton, Vt.

Ives, Amos
Wilber, Sarah of Shrewsbury legally cried Apr. 13, 1782
				Stephen Arnold, T.C.

Ransdell, Ichabod	May 31, 1781
Arnold, Mary		Elipher Rich, Elder

Reed, John		Mar. 18, 1783
Webster, Webster	-

Clark, William		Aug. 0, 1780
Smith, Elizabeth	Elisha Smith, Elder

Colvin, Jeremiah	March 18, 1784
Robinson, Zilpha	Increase Mosely J.P.

Arnold, John		Jan. 30, 1783
Palmer, Zepponah	Increase Mosely J.P.

Palmer, George		Jan. 29, 1784
Place, Sarah		Increase Mosely J.P.

Crary, Nathan		May 8, 1783
Arnold, Lydia		Increase Mosely J.P.

Briggs, Phillip		Feb. 25, 1779
Steward, Content	Elisha Rich, Elder

Crary, Elias		April 22, 1784
Palmore, Elizabeth	Increase Mosely

Westcot, George		Sept. 9, 1784
Salsbury, Phebe		Increase Mosely J.P.

Walton, George		Nov. 9, 1783
Bates, Mary		Increase Mosely J.P.

Eastman, Eli		June 3, 1784
Seers, Rebecka		Increase Mosely J.P.

Robinson, Stephen	Sept. 16, 1784
Butler, Phebe		Elihu Smith J.P.

Chipman, Darius Esq.	Aug. 4, 1782		Tinmouth
Dickinson, Lydia Mis.	married by David Avery Bennington

Chalsey, Richard	Aug. 8, 1787
Rose, Marcy		Abel Cooper J.P.

Buck, Moses		Feb. 12, 1790
Crary, Cynthia		Isaac Bealls N.D.M.

Eddy, Thomas		Jan. 23, 1777
Colvin, Rebecker	Benjamin Spencer J.P. Hampton, Conn.

Carpenter, Aaron	Jan. 21, 1788
Holt, Mrs. Hannah	Ebenezer Mosely J.P.

Edgerton, John		1781
Babcock, Lydia		Obadiah Noble

Russell, Isack		Dec. 29, 1788	married in Wallingford
Lousher, Sarah		Henry Green, Elder

Palmer, James		May 12, 1788
Bolend, Nancy Mrs.,Castleton married in Castleton, 
			by Eli Cogswell J.P.

Green, Jobe		Jan. 8, 1787
Potter Freelove		Increase Mosely J.P.

Congdon, John		Jan. 4, 1789
Eddy, Thankful		Ezra Cady J.P.

Kimbel, Joseph		Jan. 15, 1789
Mallery, Sarah		Joseph Randall J.P.

Olds, Jasper		Nov. 1789
Moon, Lyday		Ezra Crary J.P.

Scovel, Matthew		1789
Jenks, Moley		Abel Cooper

Wench, Abijah		June 4, 1789
Warner, Rebecker	Elisha Smith J.P.

Perrigo, Elijah		Mar. 4, 1791
Steward, Abigail	Joseph Randall J.P.

Pratt, Edmond		Dec. 2, 1784
Fitch, Sibel		-			Tinmouth

Walker, Simon		Jan. 13, 1793
Goff, Ruth		Isaac Beall, Elder

Westcott, Johnson	Oct. 1795
Simonds, Rhoda		Lewis Walker J.P.

Bowman, Ebenezer	Aug. 21, 1791
Hamond, Hannah		Ezra Crary J.P.

Robinson Amos		Oct. 3, 1797
Hudson, Hannah		Isaac Beall V.D.M.

Fish, Azariah		Dec. 7, 1797
Ide, Esther Mrs.	Isaac Beall V.D.M.

Walker, Ichabod		Feb. 20, 1799		Worthington
King, Penelope		William Herrinton V.D.M.

Rice, Randall Rice	May 27, 1790
Hodges Polly		Elihu Smith J.P.

Curtis, Philo		Feb. 7, 1791
Spring, Asenath		Elihu Smith J.P.

Curtis, Thadeus, Jr.	Mar. 28, 1799
Parker, Elen		Jonathan Parker J.P.

Goff, Daniel and Lucy---- were married in Coventry R.I.
	July 20, 1775

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