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1813 Pension List: Georgia

June 1, 1813

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1813 Georgia Pension List: Letter from the secretary of war communicating a transcript of the pension list of the United States shewing the number of pensioners in the several districts. Also the amount allowed to each pensioner. June 1, 1813, Referred to the Committee of Claims.

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1Andrews, Williamsergeant60
2Bird, Hermanprivate30
3Conner, Daniellieutenant160
4Cameron, Alexanderprivate30
5Dabney, Austinprivate60
6Damron, Charlesprivate60
7Davis, Thomas L.private30
8Edmondson, James P.private50
9Fry, Benjaminprivate60
10Green, Thomasprivate30
11Guthrie, Johnprivate30
12Garner, Johnprivate30
13Henshaid, Thomasprivate60
14Jones, Harrisonprivate50
15Kerr, Henrycaptain120
16Odam, Seybertprivate60
17Odam, Danielprivate55 68
18Pentecost, Williamlieutenant50
19Shackleford, Johnprivate40
20Shirley, Jamesprivate60
21Thornton, Presleycorporal30
22Whately, Samuelprivate60

Total of annual stipends. . . .1,215 68

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