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1813 Pension List
Revolutionary Pensioners

The 1813 Pension List Letter from the secretary of war communicating a transcript of the pension list of the United States shewing the number of pensioners in the several districts. Also the amount allowed to each pensioner. June 1, 1813, Referred to the Committee of Claims.

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WAR DEPARTMENT - May 28th, 1813

IN obedience to a resolution of the House of Representatives of the United States, bearing date the 12th of February, 1812, the Secretary of War has the honor to present a transcript of the pension list of the said states, (contained on four sheets in folio, paged from one to sixteen) exhibiting the number of each pensioner as he stands on the roll of the respective districts or agencies, his rank or quality, and the anount of the annual stipend at present allowed by law.

All which is respectfully submitted.


1813 Pension List

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