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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Grundy County, Missouri

January 1, 1883

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1883 Grundy County, Missouri List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
107,500Allen, WilliamLindleyg.w. left elbow$8.00 -
177,570Arrasmith, AsaTrentong.s.w. rt. side face & neck$4.00 Oct., 1880
218,802Babb, James WTrentonrheumatism$8.00 Oct., 1882
190,766Bailey, ElizabethLindleymother$8.00 Jan., 1881
52,441Bender, AnnAlphamother$8.00 July, 1865
138,076Benson, Henry FTrentong.s.w. lft. arm$4.00 Feb., 1876
101,362Berry, William ATrentong.s.w. lft. arm$6.00 Dec., 1869
198,813Bevau, JamesCorneauchr. diarr., dis.of abd.vis$4.00 Dec., 1881
105,511Blanchard, AsaTrentoninjury to abdomen$8.00 -
66,027Bonner, Francis ASpickardsvillewd. rt. arm$6.00 -
178,892Bosley, GeorgeSpickardsvillechr. diarrhea & dis. abd. vis$4.00 Nov., 1880
43,724Bosley, ThomasEdinburghwd. lft. leg$6.00 -
90,422Brassfield, SerenaGaltwidow$8.00 Feb., 1867
158,243Brent, SamuelCorneauinj. rt. clavicle r. foot$4.00 Mar., 1881
48,947Bunn, George WTrentong.s.w. lft. leg$10.00 -
35,698Cake, ElizabethTrentonmother$8.00 Dec., 1864
94,675Cardwell, LurettaGrubbtownwidow$8.00 -
25,054Carrick, MargaretGrubbtownwidow 1812$8.00 June, 1879
67,694Casebeer, Jacob GAlphag.s.w. abdomen$4.00 July, 1866
118,424Casida, William STrentong.s.w. l. arm$6.00 -
78,739Cayton, William NSpickardsvilleshell wd. left thigh$8.00 -
21,677Caywood, PhilemonLindleyloss rt. leg$18.00 -
175,949Childs, William OTrentondis. of eyes$8.00 Oct., 1880
220,486Coble, JosephLindleychr. diarrhea$4.00 Nov., 1882
31,367Coffield, WilliamTrentonamp. rt. arm above elbow$24.00 -
26,925Colelasure, SarahLindleywidow$8.00 -
16,219Collier, SusanTrentonwidow 1812$8.00 Jan., 1879
120,407Cotteell, PeterAlphag.s.w. through r. lung$4.00 -
210,643Cowhick, John TLindleydis. lungs & result. in functional dis. Heart$4.00 June, 1882
147,795Cox, BetsyTrentonwidow$8.00 Feb., 1871
28,770Cox, SusanSpickardsvillewidow 1812$8.00 Feb., 1880
98,904Cox, SusannahSpickardsvillemother$8.00 Aug., 1867
205,384Crockett, James HSpickardsvilleinjury to abdomen$4.00 Mar., 1882
221,804Crump, Daniel JLindleychr. diarr.& dis.of abd.vis$6.00 Dec., 1882
19,385Daniels, HenryTrentonwd. lft. thigh$8.00 -
87,619Davidson, JamesTrentonfr'ct. rt. shoulder$6.00 -
93,300Davis, Henry KSpickardsvilleinj. of left ankle$18.00 -
89,122Davis, Moses HTrentondis. of lungs$10.00 -
89,461Dickens, Jason ATrentonloss 2nd finger$8.00 -
9,397Dillon, SarahLindleywidow$8.00 -
205,155Donaldson, Andrew JGaltchr. diarr., rheum., & dropsy.$4.00 Mar., 1882
115,205Doroho, RobertLindleyg.s.w. left lumbar region$2.00 Jan., 1872
204,758Dudley, Anderson RAlpharheum., dis. heart$4.00 Mar., 1882
220,086Egan, MartinTrentondis. of abdominal viscera$4.00 Nov., 1882
83,237Evans, James WTrentong.s.w. rt. thigh$10.00 -
180,354Evans, William BTrentonchildren$12.00 Mar., 1878
186,530Fisher, George WSpickardsvilledis. of kidneys$18.00 -
164,226Fisher, William HTrentonchildren$19.00 Mar., 1874
131,911Fleshman, James DGaltshell wd. left side$4.00 Feb., 1875
200,381Fleshman, Samuel PGaltinj. to spine & result'g aff'n of heart$8.00 Jan., 1882
112,877Folbert, JohnTrentonwidow$8.00 May, 1868
205,422Frasher, CalvinEdinburghg.s.w. rt. forearm$8.00 Mar., 1882
23,944Gardner, MargaretGrubbtownwidow$8.00 -
66,885Gilmore, GeorgeTrentonloss right leg$18.00 June, 1866
19,918Glenn, JohnLindleysurv. 1812$8.00 Dec., 1872
183,481Griffin, JamesTrentonchr. diar., dis. of abd.visc$6.00 Mar., 1881
192,990Griffin, John CTrentonasthma & rheumatism$15.00 July, 1881
92,591Haley, George WTrentonpulmonary, &c$8.00 -
198,964Harrison, BoylenTrentoninjury to abdomen$6.00 Dec., 1881
5,197Harvey, EleanorEdinburghwidow 1812 $8.00 May, 1873
169,392Havens, SamuelTrentonchr. bronchitis & diarrhea, & disease of eyes$18.00 June, 1880
66,418Hedges, James AGaltg.s.w. rt. hand & wrist$14.00 -
69,036Henderson, Harriet ATrentonmother$8.00 Apr., 1866
154,501Hicks, William HSpickardsvilledis. of lungs$12.00 July, 1878
183,485Horton, Edward FTrentonmalarial poisoning & resulting dis. Of spleen & heart$20.00 Mar., 1881
33,415Huggins, James WTrentong.s.w. rt. arm$4.00 -
25,132Humphreys, GarrettLindleyg.s.w. of eye, cheek, breast, & Shoulder, & results$24.00 -
9,731Husted, ElizabethTrentonwidow 1812$8.00 Oct., 1878
199,468Ishmael, SolomonLindleydis.liver, diar., & dis. abd. vis.$8.00 Dec., 1881
107,588Jackson, William RCorneaug.s.w. l. thigh$8.00 -
217,659Johnson, AndrewGaltdis. of lungs$8.00 Sept., 1882
43,722Johnson, Andrew JTrentonwd. lft. leg$12.00 -
119,884Keith, A??usa ATrentonmother$8.00 Oct., 1868
121,832Kislig, JohnMuirtong.s.w. rt. hip$6.00 -
148,218Knight, RobertCorneaug.s.w. left arm$3.00 Sept., 1877
103,651Knowlton, ElizabethTrentonmother$8.00 Apr., 1863
209,568Lamme, JacobTrentong.s.w. lt. foot$2.00 May, 1882
52,432Leabo, MaryTrentonwidow$8.00 -
14,509Limbu??, Elizabeth ATrentonwidow$8.00 -
120,923Link, UriahLindleyg.s.w. rt. thigh$6.00 -
61,236Long, Joel JeffersonEdinburghwds. rt. arm, shoul., & chest$10.00 -
24,199Long, Levi RLindleyloss left leg$18.00 -
46,515Long, LewisLindleyg.s.w. l. hand, loss index fing$12.00 -
216,243Long, Robert SLindleydis. of eyes$8.00 Aug., 1882
118,539Lowman, Leroy BTrentong.s.w. l. thigh$2.00 May, 1872  
174,978Masters, NicholasSpickardsvilleinj. left arm$8.00 -
148,857Maxson, John ETrentong.s.w. rt. leg$4.00 Oct., 1877
172,251McCall, Samuel RCorneauchr. diarr$6.00 -
194,890McCary, ElizabethTrentonmother$8.00 Mar., 1882
196,906McGriff, JaneLindleywidow$8.00 Aug., 1882
201,557Meek, Henry HGaltg.s.w. left thigh$4.00 Jan., 1882
141,999Metsker, MaryTrentonwidow, mother, &c$10.00 Apr., 1870
29,409Miller, JohnAlphaanchy. wrist$10.00 -
124,986Milton, George WTrentondis. of abdominal viscera$8.00 -
151,427Monroe, OsbornAlphag.s.w. l. hand$2.00 Mar., 1878
194,374Moore, MarySpickardsvillewidow$14.00 Feb., 1882
94,141Moore, ThomasAlphag.s.w. l. thigh$6.00 -
173,967Morgan, MargaretTrentonwidow$8.00 June, 1876
102,433Mullins, Henry DTrentoninjury lft. shoulder$4.00 Mar., 1870
22,280Munn, Oliver KSpickardsvilleheart dis$12.00 -
216,276Murphey, John WCorneaug.s.w. rt. leg$4.00 Aug., 1882
205,522Nash, WilliamTrentong.s.w. lft. thigh$4.00 Mar., 1882
79,601Nichols, EliTrentondis. of eyes$4.00 -
194,991Nichols, Eliza JGrubbtownwidow, mother, & child$20.00 Mar., 1882
113,621Odorn, CynthaSpickardsvillewidow$8.00 -
199,663Ordway, James TTrentondis. of lungs$12.00 -
163,324Overman, JamesLindleychr. diarrhea$8.50 -
52,245Owen, Elizabeth GAlphawidow$8.00 -
174,761Partch, Augustus JTrentonchr. diarrhea$8.00 -
104,766Patten, Orville, HGaltg.s.w. left leg$6.00 -
182,146Patterson, JohnLindleychr. rheum., & res. dis. heart$6.00 Feb., 1881
51,885Pennock, ThomasTrentong.s.w. lft. leg$8.00 -
141,416Peterie, James AAlphag.s.w. left arm$4.00 -
184,043Phipps, JesseLindleyg.w. rt. leg$4.00 Mar., 1881
9,698Poteet, JamesGrubbtownsurv. 1812$8.00 Dec., 1871
50,541Purnell, William TTrentong.s.w. lft. thigh$6.00 -
139,627Rains, EliasLindleyg.s.w. left thigh$6.00 -
176,708Ralston, JohnSpickardsvilledis.of lungs & chr.diarr.,& resulting dis. Of abd. Vis.$10.00 Oct., 1880
190,833Reed, AmandaTrentonmother of David$15.00 Jan., 1881
217,154Rettich, ConradTrentong.s.w. rt. foot$4.00 Aug., 1882
220,058Rice, DanielTrentonbronchitis & dis. of lungs$8.00 Oct.,1882
222,468Rinker, James HAlphag.s.w. rt. thigh$4.00 Dec., 1882
16,192Roberts, George ISpickardsvilleg.s.w. head$12.00 -
84,190Rodarmel, William LTrenton amp. rt. leg$18.00 -
93,404Rogers, Noble HTrentong.s.w. rt. iliac region & injury to abdomen$15.00 -
119,331Rooks, Samuel ELindleyg.s.w. left breast$6.00 -
195,274Rooks, William HGaltinj to rt. should., arm, & leg, from stroke lightning$4.00 Sept., 1881
121,131Root, John WGaltg.s.w. left hand$6.00 -
210,922Rusk, William HLindleysunstroke$4.00 June, 1882
35,905Schmidts, AdamTrentonwd. lft. hand$18.00 -
102,645Schooler, JobSpickardsvilleloss sight lt.eye from wounds$4.00 -
220,734Shelton, Henry HSpickardsvillechr. diar., dis.ab.vis. & scurvy$4.00 Nov., 1882
133,456Shipley, Isaac FCorneaug.s.w. rt. foot$4.00 May, 1875
50,572Smith, ElizabethEdinburghwidow$8.00 -
50,920Spencer, William RTrentonloss rt. arm$24.00 -
31,590Sprout, Francis MCorneauloss r. arm$18.00 -
100,156Stuller, Hezekial LTrentonophthalmia$16.00 -
26,450Styles, George WEdinburghinj. to lft. shoulder, forearm, & hand$8.00 -
37,629Taylor, ElizabethTrentonwidow$8.00 -
26,419Thaxton, Malinda LSpickardsvillewidow 1812$8.00 Aug., 1879
119,907Toll, William RTrentong.s.w. rt. hand, arm, & sh'd'r$12.00 -
212,956Tolle, DanielLindleydis. of heart & lungs$8.00 June, 1882
119,274Totten, HarveyEdinburghdis. of lungs$8.00 -
90,256Trussell, LucindaSpickardsvillewidow$17.00 -
83,881Tunnell, MiltonTrentonchr. bronchitis$8.00 -
166,933Vincent, AnselTrentonrheumatism$8.00 -
31,260Voris, William TTrentonwd. rt. heel$6.00 -
35,577Waddell, JosiahLindleyloss of l. arm  - - - - -
96,424Waddle, GeorgeTrentonchr. diarrhea$6.00 -
25,108Watson, John ETrentoninjury to abdomen$8.00 -
188,401William, Martha MGaltmother$8.00 May, 1880
27,794Williams, AnnieGaltwidow 1812$8.00 Nov., 1879
23,416Williams,  Elizabeth TSpickardsvillewidow 1812$8.00 Apr., 1879
34,150Wilson, ElizabethGrubbtownwidow$8.00 -
162,984Winters, Nathan ATrentonfracture of lft. arm$20.00 Oct., 1879
164,504Winters, Nathan TGaltsunstroke$6.00 Feb., 1880
32,963Wisdom, William TTrentonwd. left leg$10.00 -
66,666Wolf, Isaac HLindleywd. left ankle$6.00 June, 1866
113,201Wood, MargaretTrentonmother$8.00 -
183,204Young, Robert CTrentonscurvy, & res.cont. of 2d,3d, 4th fingers rt. Hand$6.00 -

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