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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Wayne County, Missouri

January 1, 1883

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1883 Wayne County, Missouri List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
214,708Barlow, ZachariahPiedmontg. s. w. lft. should.$4.00 June, 1882
107,480Bates, GeorgePiedmontloss rt. thumb$4.00 Jan., 1871
149,143Bess, RebeccaColdwaterwidow$8.00 Apr., 1871
193,867Bowen, George C.Piedmontminors of$19.00 Dec., 1881
81,657Brown, Joseph S.Greenvilleloss rt. eye$8.00 May, 1867
92,005Busby, ZachariahMill Springtotal loss both eyes$72.00 -
56,025Canterbury, SusannaWilliamsvillewidow$8.00 -
112,766Cole, ElizaColdwaterdepdt. mother$8.00 May, 1868
99,624Crandle, BenedictWilliamsvillelung disease$17.00 -
180,016Crowley, JohnBrunotinj. to lft. should.$4.00 Dec., 1880
149,882Dale, John M.Piedmontg. s. w. rt. forearm$12.00 -
130,687Dale, Nancy A.Piedmontwidow$8.00 June, 1869
122,045Duffield, Thomas A.Mill Springg. s. w. rt. arm$8.00 Mar., 1882
80,043Edwards, James R.Pattersonwd. of spine$10.00 -
134,346Forister, Francis M.Greenvilleg. s. w. rt. thigh$2.00 July, 1879
78,629Gilbreth, Ann E.Piedmontwidow$8.00 May, 1867
110,157Goad, Sarah A.Coldwaterwidow$8.00 Mar., 1868
168,937Gregory Joseph N.Coldwaterdis. of abdominal viscera$4.00 June, 1880
80,780Haddock, ThomasLowndesg. s. w. rt. leg$8.00 -
30,003Hargate, LouisaPiedmontwidow$8.00 -
220,038Harman, John F.Piedmontdis. of heart$4.00 Oct., 1882
199,102Harrison, BenjaminPiedmontg. s. w. left leg$2.00 June, 1881
28,815Hartley, John A.Piedmontrt. hand useless$14.00 -
193,337Hawes, LucindaGreenvilledep. mother$8.00 Sept., 1881
22,199Hill, ElizabethMill Springwidow 1812$8.00 Apr., 1879
223,057Hinman, Lorenzo W.Mill Springchr. rheumatism$2.00 Dec., 1882
104,870Hunter, HenryBrunotg. s. w. rt. arm$6.00 -
221,665Kirkpatrick, WallisGreenvilleg. s. w. lft. thigh, &c$4.00 Dec., 1882
111,878Lancaster, Thomas F.Piedmontinjury to abdomen$4.00 -
106,989Matthews, JoannaGreenvillewidow$8.00 Jan., 1868
96,670Mayfield, SarahPattersondepdt. mother$8.00 July, 1867
100,050Melton, DeliaPiedmontwidow$8.00 Oct., 1867
125,481Montgomery, MatildaGreenvillewidow$8.00 Mar., 1869
122,769Nichols, Mary J.Brunotwidow$8.00 -
92,829Nicholson, William U.Greenvilleg. s. w. lft. leg$6.00 -
13,475Perkins, MatildaGreenvillewidow$8.00 -
79,163Price, MaryPiedmontwidow$8.00 July, 1876
183,071Reed, Eliza A.Brunotwidow$8.00 Feb., 1879
187,470Richardson, Honor A.Williamsvillewidow$12.00 Mar., 1880
134,630Rook, Chester C.Mill Springg. s. w. & loss mid. finger r. hand$2.00 July, 1875
173,434Russell, RosillaPiedmontdepdt. mother$8.00 May, 1876
107,994Short, JohnPiedmontdis. of lungs$8.00 -
33,344Sickels, Jabez R.Mill Springinjury to abdomen$8.00 -
143,675Steele, NathanielMill Springminors of$10.00 June, 1874
31,182Stevenson, CatherineBrunotwidow$8.00 -
61,505Ward, RuthaColdwaterwidow$8.00 -
89,121Wilkinson, John M.Coldwaterg. s. w. lft. side & lung$15.00 -
155,255Wills, DavidLost Creekchr. rheumatism$10.00 Sept., 1878
131,100Wilson, DorcasColdwaterwidow$8.00 -
178,699Winder, George W.Greenvilledis. of lungs & liver$8.00 Nov., 1880
128,367Wood, Eliza H.Williamsvillewidow$8.00 -

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