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1865 Massachusetts State Census Index
Town of Hull
Plymouth County, Mass.

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Please Note: This index is designed to be used with these 1855 Hull, Ma. Census Records

Allen, James48
Anderson, Harriet815
Anderson, Henrietta814
Anderson, Isabella813
Anderson, Luis812
Angelo, Mrs. Elizabeth213
Augustus, Adeline313
Augustus, Adeline M.316
Augustus, Eliza L.317
Augustus, George T.314
Augustus, John312
Augustus, John C.315
Bates, Abby S.818
Bates, Abby S.822
Bates, Annie L. A.820
Bates, David U.821
Bates, Lucy819
Bates, Marshal817
Bates, Martha J.638
Bates, Mercy V.637
Bates, Thomas636
Carney, E. Josephine326
Carney, Lizzie T.325
Carney, William B.324
Cleverly, Alphonso13
Cleverly, Amber14
Cleverly, Emma T.110
Cleverly, Francis U.16
Cleverly, John11
Cleverly, Mary B.12
Cleverly, Mary E.17
Cobb, Elisha T.218
Cobb, Eliza J.216
Cobb, Evelyn A.219
Cobb, Joseph215
Cobb, Joseph W.217
Cobb, Walter O.220
Cook, Effie321
Cook, Emeline D.320
Cook, Ina322
Cook, Orlando D.319
Coombs, Ezra V.723
Coombs, Nancy M.724
Crowell, Catherine F.828
Crowell, Jennie N.826
Crowell, Mary E.825
Crowell, Mary E.827
Crowell, William N.824
Crowell, Willie B.829
Curtis, Ella135
Curtis, Susan134
Dill, Annie526
Dill, Davis W.523
Dill, Jennie L.528
Dill, John L.527
Dill, Mary J.524
Dill, Mrs. Sybil530
Dill, Webster525
Ford, Angeline F.73
Ford, Lyman71
Ford, Mary S.72
Galiano, Alfred A.620
Galiano, Andrew615
Galiano, Elizabeth617
Galiano, Emily618
Galiano, Emily R.616
Galiano, Josephine T.619
Galiano, Thomas J.621
Given, Arthur39
Given, Georgiana38
Gould, Elizabeth32
Gould, Nancy R.240
Gould, Rebecca31
Gould, Robert239
Gould, Robert U.241
Hayden, John540
Hayden, Mary A.541
Hayes, Charles210
Hayes, Elizabeth211
Hayes, Maud212
Hilliar, James721
Hobbs, George H.740
Hobbs, George L.742
Hobbs, Jantha741
Hooper, Charles716
Hooper, Eliza718
Hooper, Lucy715
Hooper, Nathaniel714
Hooper, Wallace717
Hooper, Willie719
James, Abby A.427
James, Alice517
James, Catherine411
James, Esther414
James, Esther S.428
James, Fannie E.425
James, Francis520
James, John413
James, Joshua416
James, Joshua58
James, Laura H.424
James, Lillie R.426
James, Louisa59
James, Louisa L.510
James, Marrion519
James, Mary A.421
James, Mary E.417
James, Rinier516
James, Rinier, Jr.521
James, Samuel415
James, Samuel420
James, Samuel, Jr.422
James, Washington423
James, William 3d.518
James, William 4th.412
James, William, Jr.410
Kimball, Bridget711
Kimball, Noah710
Knight, Bitha B.223
Knight, Charles U.225
Knight, Edward G.228
Knight, Eliza J.224
Knight, Lizzie A.229
Knight, Martin222
Knight, Winthrop226
Loring, Lewis P.63
Loring, Lucy62
Loring, Miss Lucy64
Loring, Samuel61
Lovell, Mrs. Jane438
Lowe, Alonzo116
Lowe, Cordelia114
Lowe, George F.123
Lowe, Hannah117
Lowe, James112
Lowe, James, Jr.120
Lowe, Lydia113
Lowe, Mary A.122
Lowe, Stephen115
Lowe, Sybil A.121
Lucihe, Eliza A.437
Lucihe, Eliza T.436
Marsh, Josephine330
Marsh, Mary A.329
Marsh, Rev. Joseph328
Mathews, Catherine432
Mathews, David P.433
Mathews, Gideon431
McRann, Esther126
McRann, Francis125
Milekin, Angeline634
Milekin, Clement633
Mitchell, ------132
Mitchell, Alice131
Mitchell, Alice A.130
Mitchell, Alonzo53
Mitchell, Ambrose B.56
Mitchell, Annie U.55
Mitchell, Clara37
Mitchell, Euguene36
Mitchell, Harrison129
Mitchell, Henrietta52
Mitchell, John34
Mitchell, John L.18
Mitchell, Nicholas51
Mitchell, Susan35
Mitchell, Webster19
Mitchell, William B.54
Norcross, Ada F.84
Norcross, Frank M.83
Norcross, Frank W.81
Norcross, Margaret N.82
Norcross, Walter M.85
Packard, Margaret832
Packard, Samuel831
Perkins, William429
Pope, Andrew536
Pope, Arabella C.237
Pope, Benjamin F.512
Pope, Eben537
Pope, George B.514
Pope, James W.534
Pope, Jane235
Pope, Joseph234
Pope, Mary533
Pope, Rachel C.L.236
Pope, Rosannah513
Pope, Sarah J.538
Pope, William532
Pope, William, Jr. (Partly Insane)535
Quilty, Ann88
Quilty, Hannah810
Quilty, Jeffey87
Quilty, Mary A.89
Reed, Annetta L.338
Reed, Daniel D.334
Reed, Elizabeth232
Reed, Emma J.337
Reed, Esther B.335
Reed, Esther S.336
Reed, Fannie S.45
Reed, Hattie S.43
Reed, John41
Reed, Mary231
Reed, Mary E.42
Reed, Mrs. Emma44
Ripley, Hannah S.738
Ripley, Nehemiah737
Sawyer, Samuel U.138
Shore, Juliet641
Shore, Robert640
Shore, William T.642
Sirovich, Louis G.440
Sirovich, Nicholas127
Sirovich, Nicoletta441
Smith, Esther C.630
Smith, Franklin626
Smith, Frederick625
Smith, Jacob627
Smith, John628
Smith, John H.623
Smith, Lettecia624
Smith, Mary L.629
Smith, Nicholas S.631
Souther, Anna F.27
Souther, Daniel25
Souther, Edward28
Souther, Elijah21
Souther, Ella610
Souther, Francis24
Souther, George23
Souther, Irene26
Souther, Lester612
Souther, Martha22
Souther, Nathan69
Souther, Samuel611
Souther, Samuel C.67
Souther, Sarah68
Steele, John M.418
Tower, Jane B.47
Tower, John W.46
Turner, Ellen733
Turner, Frank735
Turner, George732
Turner, James726
Turner, James, Jr.728
Turner, Joseph734
Turner, Kate729
Turner, Margaret727
Turner, Margaret731
Turner, Mary730
Vining, Alexander118
Waters, John310
Wedlock, Mary331
Whitaker, Sarah139
Wilburn, James712
Woodfall, James H.75
Woodfall, James L.78
Woodfall, Lydia76
Woodfall, Willie H.77