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1840 Census of Pensioners
Fairfield County, Connecticut

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Fairfield County Connecticut Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

City of Bridgeport Pensioners

NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Stiles Nichols79Stiles Nichols
Dorcas Wordin76-
Abigail Hyde75-
Molly Smith83-
Anna Lord73-
Lucy Hawley75Lucy Hawley
Griswold Odell97-
Archibald Baldwin87-
Hannah Hilliard79-
Hannah Merritt82-
Joseph Polly82Joseph Polly
Sally Beardslee73-
Hannah Crawford72-

Bridgeport Pensioners

John Brooks, sr.76John Brooks, sr.
Abiah Lewis76Federal Ward
Eunice Saully74Russel Morgan
Thomas Stratton82Samuel Stratton
Elijah Pect79Elijah Pect

Westport Pensioners

Thomas Saunders79Thomas Saunders
Gillen Platt75Gillen Platt
Joseph Platt75Joseph Platt
Anna Nash68Keeler Nash
Josiah Gregory79Josiah Gregory
Edmund Tuttle76Edmund Tuttle
Joseph Downs75Joseph Downs
Nancy Taylor73Paul L. Taylor
Elizabeth Bennett73Marvin O. Bennett
Joshua Couch82Joshua Couch
William Allen75William Allen
Joseph Meeker80Silas Meeker
Betsey Hanford82Samuel Disbro
Samuel Wood82Samuel Wood
Daniel Dikeman83John Stephenson

Fairfield Pensioners

Thomas Brothwill74Thomas Brothwill
Samuel Wilson79Samuel Wilson
Joseph Hayes84Joseph Hayes
Caroline M. Wheeler79Nicholas C. Wheeler
Abraham Morehouse82Abraham Moorehouse
David Potter79David Potter
Aaron Hubbell79Aaron Hubbell
Margaret Beardslee78John W. Beardslee
Thaddeus Hubbell74Thaddeus Hubbell
Benjamin Brothwell81Benjamin Brothwell
John Wilson76John Wilson
James Penfield82James Penfield
Ann Morehouse83Ann Morehouse
Anna Mallett82Anna Mallett
Abel Turney75Abel Turney
Benjamin Bennett86Henry C. Graves
William Jennings74William Jennings
Sarah A. Burr78Sarah A. Burr
Catharine M. Burr40Catharine Mills
Thomas Turner55Thomas Turner
Abigail Sherwood80Samuel Perry
George Wakeman76Gershon Wakeman
Ephraim Nichols81Ephraim Nichols
Joseph Gray82Joseph Gray
Nathan Banks80Nathan Banks
Ruth Banks86Abraham Banks
Hyat Banks76Hyat Banks
Mabel Banks64Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Smith93Benjamin Smith
Joseph Buckley81William Bradley
Abigail Sherwood80Abigail Sherwood
Amelia Buckley86Timothy Buckley
Sally Ogden76Sally Ogden
Mary Sherwood79Burr Sherwood
Reuben Sherwood87Reuben Sherwood
John Osborn84John Osborn
Peter Jennings74Peter Jennings
Jeremiah Osborn77Jeremiah Osborn
Grace Darrow77Grace Darrow
Eleazer Buckley77Eleazer Buckley
John Alvord90Nehemiah B. Alvord
Mary Smith69Mary Smith
Sarah Robertson78Sarah Robertson
Nathaniel Perry84Nathaniel Perry
Lebius Brown83Charlotte Buckley
Mary Perry86David B. Perry

Stratford Pensioners

Nathan Burrett77Nathan Burrett
Sally Burrett79Josiah Hubbed
Patience Lewis89Patience Lewis
Sally Curtis73Sally Curtis
Sarah Blakeman83Beard Blakeman
Joemna Blakeman79Gould Blakeman
Jabez H. Tomlinson79Jabez H. Tomlinson
Samuel Wells79Samuel Wells
Elnathan Willcox91Elnathan Willcox
Ellen Birdsey79Hepsibah Wooster
Naomi Judson81Naomi Judson
Samuel Ufford79Samuel H. Ufford
Mary Hubbell82Mary Hubbell
Charity Lewis78Charity Lewis
Dorothy Benjamin72Dorothy Benjamin
Daniel Jackson77Whitney Jackson
John McEwen96Aaron Beard
Massa Louthworth78Lewis Chatford
Phebe Tomlinson75David Plant
Alice Thompson76Alice Thompson
Jerusha Dayton84Denra Dayton
Ellen Peck90Job Peck
Mary Peck83Levi Peck

Huntington Pensioners

David Blackman82-
Nathan Fairchild78-
Thomas Gilbert85-
Dan Chatfield79-
Agur Tomlinson84-
Nathan Lewis85-

Monroe Pensioners

Eli Mitchel72-

Trumbull Pensioners

Hezekiah Edwards79-
Everard Curtis81-
Lewis Burton78-
James Beardslee83-
David Booth79-

Danbury Pensioners

Hannah Ambler77Thomas Ambler
Enos Nichols80Enos Nichols
Stephen Allen74Stephen Allen
Josiah Bennett74Josiah Bennett
Hezekiah Bailey85Hezekiah Bailey
David Weed92David Weed
Anna Weed78Anna Weed
Sarah Crofut81Mos. Crofut
William Patch79William Patch
Mary Peters85Uriel Gunn
John Gregory79John Gregory
Russell Hamlin85Russell Hamlin
Eli Taylor80Eli Taylor
Samuel Taylor78Samuel Taylor
Thaddeus Starr80Thaddeus Starr
Anna Platt67Nehemiah Gillett
Eliud Taylor82Eliud Taylor
Betsey Gunn71Betsey Gunn

Newtown Pensioners

Mary Botsford82Jabez B. Botsford
Abigail Davis78Zar Winton
Jerusha Crittenden80Eleazer Dancomb
Sarah Colburn77James Boyer
Kellogg Berry77Kellogg Berry
Eunice Taylor82Daniel Summers

Brookfield Pensioners

Lucy Ruggles76Lucy Ruggles
Clarina Northrop78Clarina Northrop
Anna Hawley81Benjamin Hawley
David Reeler87David Reeler
Abel Smith83Abel Smith
Anna Bostwick84Asa Reeler
Hannah Quintard70Cyrus Beers
Huldah Reeler82Albert Judson

New Fairfield Pensioners

Gideon Chase79Daniel Chase
James Wheeler81James Wheeler
Uriah Mead80Uriah Mead
Benjamin Treadwell77Benjamin Treadwell
Benjamin Peck78Benjamin Peck

Sherman Pensioners

Rumas Renedict74Hanley Hungerford
Hannah Hungerford81Uriel Hungerford
Mary Wakeman75Mrs. Pepper
Mercy Hinman73Thomas Bennett
Joanna Squires83Isaac Squires

Bridgefield Pensioners

Elisha Hawley83Elisha Hawley
Ezra Mead82Ezra Mead
Thomas Mead76Thomas Mead
Jeremiah Mead85Seth Mead
Matthew Olmsted80Jeremiah Olmsted
Thomas Hawley84Thomas Hawley
Wakeman Barrett87Wakeman Barrett

Reading Pensioners

Abiah Sanford95Zalmon Sanford
Joel Merchant78Joel Merchant
Ebenezer Sanford78Ebenezer Sanford
Sarah Gould83Aaron Gould
Zalmon Read81Zalmon Read
Isaac H. Bartram88Isaac H. Bartram
Abraham Couch73Abraham Couch
Stephen Baterson79Stephen Baterson
Asell Solomons82Asell Solomons
Jacob Packen76Jacob Pachen
James Sanford81James Sanford, jr.

Weston Pensioners

Samuel Fairwether79Samuel Fairwether
John Knapp87Nathaniel W. Knapp
Betsey Lacey80Jesse Lacey
Nehemiah W. Lyon81Nehemiah Lyon
Ebenezer Seeley79Ebenezer Seeley
Joseph Seeley84Joseph Seeley
Justus Whitlook85Justus Whitlook
Wildman Hall75Wildman Hall
Eleanor Wilson80Walter Wilson
Hannah Whaley81Jonathan Whaley
Ezekiel Obanks81Ezekiel Obanks
Isaac Hubbell82Hannah Fanton
Hannah Robertson84Alanson Robertson
Elias Bennett88Elias Bennett
Jonathan Godfrey87Samuel Smith
Thomas Squairs79Thomas Squairs
Fanton Beers85Fanton Beers

Stamford Pensioners

Joseph Selleck81Joseph Selleck
Hezekiah Knapp90Hezekiah Knapp
Ezra Scofield84Ezra Scofield
Josiah W. Scofield77Edward Scofield
Samuel Provost75Samuel Provost
William Knapp84William Knapp
Enos Waterbury79Enos Waterbury
Jonathan Weed82Jonathan Weed
Jared Scofield84Jared Scofield
Ebenezer Dean74Ebenezer Dean
Samuel Dean77Samuel Dean
David Raymond80Gould Raymond
Hait Scofield84Hait Scofield

Greenwich Pensioners

Noah Lockwood73Noah Lockwood
Messenger Lockwood75Messenger Lockwood
Ebenezer Jessup77Ebenezer Jessup
Joshua Lyon87Joshua Lyon
Smith Mead80Seely Mead
Phineas Rundle81Gilbert Close
Charles Smith73Charles Smith
Solomon Mills84Solomon Mills
Mary Weed76Samuel Bates
John Little79John Little
Samuel Matha75Samuel Matha
Jonathan Bell85Jonathan Bell
William Waterbury78William Waterbury
John Weed83Joseph H. Leeds
Thadeus Bell81Thadeus Bell
Henry Weed75Henry Weed
John Dibble81Frederic Waterbury
Benjamin Weed81Benjamin Weed
Abigail Darkam80William Howe
Ebenezer Hoyt76Ebenezer Hoyt

Norwalk Pensioners

Esther Ayatt77 -
Esther Finch77-
Esther Banks79-
Jacob Bishop85-
Stephen Hyatt79-
James Jelliff81-
Thomas Trowbridge77-
Thomas Aiken81-
Abigail Edwards79-
David Martin81-
Henry Chichester77-
Nathaniel Raymond87-
Nathan Odell79-
David St. John78-
Rebecca Seymond88-
Darius Benedict83-
Seth Seymond76-
Samuel Beers81-
Sarah Gregory73-
Hannah Murray87-
Hannah Macvin79-
Elijah Dingee82-
Sarah Bonton88-
Moses Webb84-
John Woolsey79-
Nathan Knapp77-
Daniel Hoyt82-
Ann Knight78-

Wilton Pensioners

Rebecca Dikeman90-
Phebe Whitlock75-
Deodate Gaylord80-
Seth Bonton86-
Eber Dudley87-
Clapp Rockwell77-
Mary Cole77-
Daniel Birchard80-
Samuel Stewart95-
Jesse St. John81-
Job Hodges82-
Zadok Raymond76-
Cato Treadwell74-
Thad. Mead76-
Daniel Wescott86-
Isaiah Betts75-
Daniel Betts84-

New Canaan Pensioners

Mary Waterbury75-
Warren Hoyt78-
John Conly41-
Elizabeth Wrid84-
Lavis Stebbins83-
Isaac Smith78-
Isaac Benedict89-
Ann Comstock85-
Enoch St. John75-
Aaron Abbott82-
Elias Gregory89-
Allen Clinton77-
Daniel Weed74-

1840 Connecticut Census of Pensioners

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